Cumberland Gap National Historical Park

The Cumberland Gap is a historic pass through the Cumberland Mountains, sitting right where Kentucky, Tennessee, and Virginia meet. This area was known in colonial history for being a key passageway through the mountain range for settlers traveling west. Today, it is a national historical park where you can enjoy spectacular scenery and diverse animal and plant life. 

Things to Do

Things To Do Near Cumberland Gap National Historical Park

There is plenty for RV travelers to experience at Cumberland Gap National Historical Park. Hike up to the top of the mountain to see impressive vistas or explore unique formations of sandstone in the park. You will also find underground caverns to check out. 

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How To Get To Cumberland Gap National Historical Park

The Cumberland Gap National Historical Park is south of Lexington, Kentucky. From Lexington, travel on Interstate 75 going south. Pass London and keep south to Exit 29. Take Exit 29 for US-25/US-25E/Cumberland Gap Parkway. Use the two left lanes to turn left onto Cumberland Gap Parkway/US-25 E S. Continue onto US-25E Scenic S. Continue onto Bob Madon Bypass at Pineville. Then, continue back on US-25E headed south. Turn left on State Highway 188. Turn onto State Highway 988, and it will take you right into the park.


91 Bartlett Park Road, Middlesboro, KY 40965

Fee: Entry fee $0

The Cumberland Gap National Historical Park is an awe-inspiring area with breathtaking views and rich history. You will enjoy hiking up to scenic overlooks. Explore caves, waterfalls, and natural beauty. Since the park covers a huge rural area, traveling by RV gives you the freedom and convenience to enjoy this entire area as you explore the famous Cumberland Gap.