Fort Pulaski National Monument

Situated on Cockspur Island between Savannah, GA, and Tybee Island, Fort Pulaski National Monument encompasses the entire 5,623 acres of an island on which the structure sits. Nearly 4,500 acres of that island are designated as Eligible Wilderness, which means as little contact with humans as possible. Thus, visitors who hike the trails must stay on the paths — any violators are cited. Construction of the fort began in 1827 and finished in 1843. During the Civil War, it was the first brick fortification attacked by rifled artillery — effectively ending the viability of such forts. Fort Pulaski covers 260 acres of the monument and is visited each year by more than 400,000 guests. 

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Things To Do Near Fort Pulaski National Monument

Four trails of different lengths grace the island. Many local bird watchers come to the monument to watch waterfowl lay claim to a section of Cockspur Island. Fishing is allowed on the shores of the Savannah River on and around the beaches of the island; angling is also permitted on the Cockspur Island Bridge but only after the monument's hours of operation. Many guests spend extra time exploring the fort, its moat, and the tidal barriers. A 20-minute film, shown at the Fort Pulaski National Monument Visitor Center, explains the entire history of the fort and much of the area surrounding Savannah's port. 

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How To Get To Fort Pulaski National Monument

The Fort Pulaski National Monument attracts visitors from around the country. Many of these travelers come through Charleston, SC. To get to the fort from Charleston, get onto South Carolina Highway 61 (SC-61) and drive for 1.1 miles. Turn left to get onto South Carolina Highway 171 (SC-171) and go for 0.1 miles; turn right to access United States Highway 17 South (US-17 S). Drive US-17 S for 88.3 miles. At this point, the name of the road changes to United States Highway 17A South (US-17A S) or Speedway Boulevard. Drive for another 0.7 miles to enter Georgia. Go for 2 miles and turn right to access the Georgia Highway 25 Connection (GA-25 Conn). Keep straight for 1 mile until you reach Savannah. Once in Savannah, follow the signs to Fort Pulaski National Monument.

The Fort Pulaski National Monument is open year-round. There is a vast parking lot from which you can access the fort, Fort Pulaski National Monument Visitor Center, or any of the trails that run around the defense and across Cockspur Island.


101 Fort Pulaski Road, Fort Pulaski Visitor Center, Savannah, GA 31410

Fee: Entry fee per day (ages 16+) $10.0

Fee: Entry fee per day (ages 15 and younger) $0

The Fort Pulaski National Monument includes a relic from the past, an ongoing ecological project that provides information essential to the present, and an expansive natural space that gives hope for the future. An RV trip to this monument leaves you with knowledge that lasts a lifetime.