Dinosaur National Monument

Ancient history comes alive at Dinosaur National Monument. In one day, you can examine enormous stegosaurus bones preserved in a rock cliff, examine petroglyphs and pictographs made 1,000 years ago by the Fremont people, and touch fossils from creatures that lived 149 million years ago. The monument is also an adventurer's paradise — it stretches from the northeastern corner of Utah across the border, offering more than 200,000 acres of wild canyons, breathtaking rock cliffs, and fast-flowing rivers. Hike through the rock formations, take a thrilling whitewater rafting trip, or relax at one of the monument's campgrounds and enjoy the view. The area is open year-round; the cliffs are stunning any time, but they are especially so after a dusting of snow.

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Dinosaur National Monument features some of the most spectacular scenery in Utah and Colorado. RV camping is the best way to stay in the heart of the wilderness without giving up a good night's sleep. If you don't have an RV, why not consider a rental? RVshare makes it easy to pick the perfect model so that you have the freedom to camp anywhere in comfort.

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Things To Do Near Dinosaur National Monument

Dinosaur National Monument is located in a remote, isolated part of Utah and Colorado; getting to restaurants and shops requires a minimum of 20-30 minutes in the car. You won't miss them — the wilderness is an attraction all on its own, and your RV ensures that everything you need is right at hand. Whether you want to hike through the canyons or enjoy world-class stargazing after dark, the spectacular landscape has a surprise around every corner.

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How To Get To Dinosaur National Monument

Most visitors to Dinosaur National Monument start their trip at the Quarry Visitor Center in Jensen, Utah. To get there, take US Highway 40 from Utah or Colorado. When you reach Jensen, turn north on UT-149; it takes you right to the parking area. If you want to reach the Canyon Visitor Center in Colorado, take Highway 40 to Dinosaur, Colorado. The center is located about 2 miles east of town on the north side of the highway.


11625 E. 1500 S., Jensen, UT 84035

Fee: Entry Fee (Per Vehicle) $25.0

Entry fee is $25 per vehicle with 1 to 14 people.

Fee: Entry Fee (Per Motorcycle) $10.0

Fee: Entry Fee (Per Person 16 years and older) $15.0

Entry fee is $15 per one individual walk-in or on a bicycle.

Fee: Entry Fee (Per Person 15 years and younger)

There is no entry fee for individuals 15 years old and younger who walk-in or bike.

With its remarkable fossils and stunning scenery, Dinosaur National Monument is a memorable destination for travelers of all stripes. Whether you prefer to take in the landscape from the visitor center or you're up for a backcountry hike or rafting trip, the monument's remarkable tilted cliffs add an element of adventure to any visit. An RV is one of the best ways to enjoy the area — wake up to the sunrise over the red rocks, and spend your evenings surrounded by glittering stars and the silence of the wilderness.