Russell Cave National Monument

Russell Cave National Monument is a significant historic location that tells a story of prehistoric people and their cultures. It's an archaeological site that sits on what's known today as northeastern Alabama, displaying cultures that dominated the southeastern United States. Native Americans from about 10,000 BC to 1650 AD used the cave's particularly large entrance when seeking shelter, especially during the winter. In addition, the people turned to the adjacent forest for hunting wild game, finding raw materials to create tools, gathering produce, and collecting fuel for their fires. Visiting Russell Cave National Monument will let you view the past while in the present, thanks to the archaeological remains and artifacts on display at the site.

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Things To Do Near Russell Cave National Monument

Russell Cave offers many fun adventures for visitors, from exploring the mysteries surrounding the prehistoric natives to discovering the cave's natural significance. You'll also have the chance to explore about 115 bird species that call Montague Mountain home. Touring the cave and surrounding area means you can take scenic walks on the short boardwalk trail or the nearby hiking trails. Whether you drive your RV through the park or choose to explore the surrounding land on foot, you'll get to experience breathtaking nature views.

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How To Get To Russell Cave National Monument

Russell Cave National Monument sits south of the Tennessee state line at the northeastern Alabama corner. If you're traveling from Scottsboro or Huntsville, head east on US-Highway 72 towards County Road 75. Turn to your left to get on County Road 75 and then make a right and drive for 4 miles on County Road 98. Finally, make a left turn to head into Russell Cave National Monument's entrance. Russell Cave National Monument is closed on Christmas, Thanksgiving, and New Year's Day.


3729 County Road 98, Bridgeport, AL 35740

Fee: Entry fee $0

When you tour Russell Cave National Monument, you'll have a unique experience walking through the grounds that sheltered people thousands of years ago and discovering the methods and inventions that native people created to survive. Despite Russell Cave National Monument's decline as a residential place, its contribution to creating early cultures and societies makes it a vital historic landmark. An RV tour is a classic way of visiting the site, bringing about the opportunity to camp nearby and explore the area to your heart's fill.