Little River Canyon National Preserve

The Little River Canyon National Preserve covers 15,288 acres in northeastern Alabama. The Little River is the only substantial stream in North America to run across the entire length of a mountain top. Along its course, the Little River carves out canyons, caverns, and valleys, forming spectacular vistas. As the river crashes, tumbles, twists, and turns through the preserve's forests, three waterfalls provide excitement for kids and adults while languid pools serve as excellent swimming holes. Wildlife abounds in the preserve, with several protected species reclaiming the area as their own. Most visitors approach the area from nearby Fort Payne, AL, and traverse the preserve via a bisecting highway.

Where to Stay

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Many visitors prefer to use a motorcoach to stay overnight at Little River Canyon National Preserve. A motorcoach is the ideal RV to use when staying beside a small preserve like Little River Canyon National Preserve, where camping is prohibited. After parking their motorcoach in a nearby campground, most visitors use a towed vehicle as transport to the preserve’s trailheads and then return to a comfortable welcome in the evening hours. Motorcoaches are available to rent from RVshare.

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Things to Do

Things To Do Near Little River Canyon National Preserve

The incredibly diverse topography of Little River Canyon National Preserve provides a fantastic array of activities for visitors to enjoy. Activities on the river include fishing, swimming, and whitewater rafting. Some of the rapids in this park reach category five and should only be attempted by expert whitewater rafters. The river has carved its way through the mountain, leaving plenty of opportunities for rock climbing, hiking, or even sitting back and watching the river flow. For ecologists, biologists, and naturalists, this preserve is a dream with many endangered plants occupying several different types of environments.

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How To Get To Little River Canyon National Preserve

The nearest city to Little River Canyon National Preserve is Fort Payne, AL. To approach the preserve from Fort Payne city center, travel northeast of Gault Avenue toward 5th Street. Turn right onto 5th Street and drive for 0.4 miles. Turn left onto Alabama Highway 35 South (AL-35 S). Stay on AL-35 S for 7 miles where you will find the preserve entrance. 


4322 Little River Trail NE, Suite 100, Fort Payne, AL 35967

Fee: Entry fee $0

Most Americans are surprised to find natural beauty like Little River Canyon National Preserve in Alabama. It is a pleasant area that deserves exploration. To see it all, take your trip in an RV to use as a home base while you explore the park. When you return to your RV, you will be happy you have a comfortable place after a day of exercise where you can relax and reflect on a life surrounded by nature.