Freedom Riders National Monument

The Freedom Riders National Monument commemorates a horrific act of violence against those engaged in an incredible act of bravery. In 1961, 13 "Freedom Riders" set out to challenge the segregation policies implemented at places like lunch counters, restrooms, and even bus travel. When the group arrived in Alabama, they encountered a mob of angry white citizens. The driver decided that stopping was unsafe and continued driving. The mob chased the bus in automobiles, catching up with the bus when the slashed tires finally blew. At that point, someone in the angry crowd tossed a bomb onto the bus, and the riders were forced off the flaming bus and into the surrounding mob, where they were assaulted with pipes, fists, and other makeshift weapons. Today the Freedom Riders National Monument is a work in progress that encompasses the Greyhound bus building and the site where the violence erupted. 

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The Freedom Riders National Monument is a new site within the National Park System, but the original bus station still stands. Visitors can see where the riders first encountered the angry mob and the spot where they bombed the bus. The Greyhound bus station is a stop on the Anniston Civil Rights Trail. The trail also includes nearby Anniston Memorial Hospital, where several of the injured riders attempted to seek treatment, and the Trailways Bus Station. In addition to a rich civil rights history, the area offers stunning vistas, hiking and biking trails, and activities for the whole family. 

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How To Get To Freedom Riders National Monument

From the East: Follow I-20 West to exit 185/Alabama State Hwy 21 North, and turn left at East Eighth Street. Then, go right onto Gurnee Avenue. The station is on the corner of East Eleventh and Gurnee Avenue. 

From the West: Follow I-20 to exit 179. Take exit 179. Turn left onto Alabama State Hwy 202. Then, turn left on Gurnee Avenue. 

From the North: Take US 431 South. Turn right onto Alabama State Hwy 21 North. Then, turn right on East Eleventh Street. 


1031 Gurnee Ave., Anniston, AL 36201

Fee: Entry fee $0

The Freedom Riders National Monument is a new and developing National Monument site that is part of the Anniston Civil Rights historical trail. The area offers visitors the opportunity to reflect on the deeper meaning of what occurred during those tensely violent moments in American history. Surrounded by stunning scenery and offering many activities, traveling in an RV is a great way to explore the Freedom Riders National Monument.