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YWCA Camp Sloggett

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Camp Slogget is an unusual lodge, cottage, campground, and hostel located in the stunning Kokee State Park. It features over 45 miles of trails for hikers, mountain bikers, and nature lovers. The area is secluded, in a tropical evergreen forest at the top of Waimea Canyon. You’ll see rare birds such as the beautiful red fiwi bird and other endangered species.

Why You’ll Love YWCA Camp Sloggett

Camp Sloggett is inland in the tropical forest of Hawaii. It is close to the Waipo’o Falls, the Alakai Swamp Trail, and Canyon Trail. There is a barbeque area, covered lanai with a ping-pong table, volleyball, and other activities.

What People Are Saying About YWCA Camp Sloggett

“Wonderful camping area with lots of shade, great facilities. $10 per a night, per a person. If you are lucky someone will be staying in the sloggett lodge, therefore doors are left unlocked so you can use that kitchen and bathroom., or you can pay the extra $10 a night, a person. Otherwise they lock it up and you have to use the bunkhouse, which isn’t really clean and is used by local hunters. There is a frig for your food that everyone can use. Also a cabin that looked nice… but with all camping on Kauai.. the roosters are everywhere and will wake you up not bright, but really, really early. Great location in the park, walking distance to numerous trails, the Koke’e lodge and museum… has a creek to the left that was great to listen to. Also a HUGE temperature relief compared to other camping on Kaua’i.. it was in the 50’s at night.. so bring a warm blanket.” – E-lizard, TripAdvisor.com

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