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Caspers Wilderness Park Campground

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Ronald W. Caspers Wilderness Park Campground provides a serene setting for anyone who wants to get away from city living for a little while. Just a short distance from Garden Grove, this park is filled with nature trails to explore and unique plants that are native to the area. As a nature preserve, Caspers Wilderness Park is also home to many types of wildlife.

Why You’ll Love Caspers Wilderness Park Campground

Escape the city chaos with a stay at Caspers Wilderness Park Campground. This park offers an all-natural setting filled with the sights and sounds that only Mother Nature can provide. View native plants and animals that you don’t see every day. The park is surrounded by mature trees in all shapes and sizes, so you’ll be able to relax without rushing to meet deadlines.

What People Are Saying About Caspers Wilderness Park Campground

“Adventures fun place to take the Family to spend time in wild outdoors they have a nice hiking trail that teaches you things along the way which is fun for the whole family!” – Trista, Google Review

“Lovely trails and views. Didn’t see another soul after the gate. Definitely lives up to the ‘wilderness’ name.” – Jessica, Google Review

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