Urban Camping in New Hampshire

Published on September 24th, 2021

New Hampshire should be at the top of your list for an incredible urban camping vacation as it is home to one of the largest bodies of freshwater in the Granite State, Lake Winnipesaukee. The state also features several mountains, such as Mount Washington, the Appalachian Mountains and Mount Monadnock. Campers will enjoy the luxury of camping near mountains and lakes while still being near several bustling city centers. Read on to learn about where to go for the best urban camping New Hampshire style.

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Urban RV Parks in New Hampshire

Strafford / Lake Winnipesaukee South KOA Holiday

Strafford / Lake Winnipesaukee South KOA Holiday in Strafford, a mere 10 minutes from Rochester, is one of the most family-friendly urban RV parks in New Hampshire. It is in the beautiful Lakes Region of the state that covers 46 acres on a wooded lot. This RV park is well positioned for quick access to the White Mountains, the Coast of Maine, the Seacoast and Carry Beach. Campers also can participate in scheduled events, like comedy and juggling acts. It offers several amenities, including a camp store, a swimming pool, wagon rides, a playground, a horseshoe pit, a basketball goal, an activity center, gaga ball, cable TV, a laundry room and a propane filling station.

Clearwater Campground

Clearwater Campground in Meredith, New Hampshire, describes itself as the ideal campground for someone who loves watersports. This urban RV campground is nestled next to Lake Pemigewasset, which features a sandy beach and fishing platforms. You can also rent canoes and kayaks to explore the lake while enjoying a scenic, tranquil wooded area. This campground is a short drive from several New Hampshire urban cities, such as Manchester, Nashua and Concord. Several amenities are available, including a game room, a security gate, a free lending library, a general store for RV supplies, dock slips and boat launch, a dog park, a game room, and laundry facilities.

Cascade Campground

Cascade Campground in Loudon, New Hampshire, is an excellent place for families wondering where to urban camp in New Hampshire since it provides countless opportunities for exploration and is about an hour away from the Atlantic Coast. It is on the Soucook River in the Coastal Lowlands and is surrounded by vast forests and peaceful lakes. This urban campground in New Hampshire is close to Concord, the New Hampshire State House, Manchester, the Currier Museum of Art and the Palace Theatre. It features several amenities, including a camp store, shower facilities, a beach area, a large pavilion and a pet-friendly campground.

Wakeda Campground

Wakeda Campground in Hampton Falls, New Hampshire, is a family-friendly campground with over 180 acres of woodland and eight miles from Hampton Beach. This is a great place for urban RV camping in New Hampshire because it is near shopping outlets, movie theaters and several museums. It has several amenities, including a dog park, dump stations, a convenience store and laundry facilities.

Paugus Bay Campground

Paugus Bay Campground in Laconia, New Hampshire, is on the shore of Paugus Bay and a short drive from the Atlantic Coast. Nearby are gift shops, restaurants, mini golf courses and other attractions. It provides various amenities such as a camp store, hiking trails, laundry facilities, the Chattle Cove for water activities, a pet area and a recreational room.

Where to Urban Camp in New Hampshire

The Granite State provides a diverse camping experience because of its different landscapes and activities, making it worthwhile to learn about where to find urban RV camping in New Hampshire. You can set up camp in the Pemigewasset Wilderness among the trees and in the heart of the White Mountains. Manchester, Nashua and Concord are some of the best cities for urban camping New Hampshire. Nashua is home to Mine Falls Park and Lowell-Dracut-Tyngsboro State Forest, which offers plenty of outdoor activities. Manchester also has a tasty food culture with killer vegetable momos, goulash, Mayan hot chocolate, Hungarian stuffed cabbage and more.

Urban RV Camping in New Hampshire

New Hampshire has warm temperatures in the summer, but the winters tend to be freezing cold, wet and windy. You will need to prepare for camping in cold temperatures. It helps to bring warm clothes, a heavy-duty jacket, a heated water hose, boots, heavy-duty winter shoes, RV antifreeze, heat tape, an ice scraper, an RV skirt and a mini-indoor space heater. You should only use dead wood for firewood and avoid cutting down snags. Many standing dead trees provide homes for the animals living in the forest.

When you get ready to break camp, it is important to drown your campfire. You can make sure the fire is out by feeling the ashes. If the ashes are warm, then you should put more water on them. It is also important to remove any trash from your campsite and put it in the dumpster. If you camp in the White Mountains, you should be aware of the bears. The White Mountains are home to the American black bear. It would be best to not feed bears, especially human food, because it leads to conflicts between both groups.

However, New Hampshire makes for a joyous experience when it comes to urban camping as the state has hundreds of campsites near mountains and lakes while also being close to big cities and the activities they feature. You can also enjoy a serene camping experience in the backcountry. Mount Monadnock also has isolated peaks that make for an extremely scenic hike with fantastic views. Before you head out on your trip, check out our blog for more RV travel tips and ideas.

With an RV rental, your urban vacation will be a little more comfortable! After you’ve spent a long day exploring the city, you can relax around the fire at your campsite. Then retire inside to enjoy all the comforts of home on board your RV. Plan your perfect urban getaway with an RV rental from RVshare.

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