Considering State Quarantine Rules While Traveling

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Summer is here, and that means it’s time for travel. Unfortunately, with the current situation, most travel is not what it used to be, and in many cases it isn’t recommended.

Not to worry though! This doesn’t have to mean you don’t get a vacation this year, and it certainly doesn’t mean that more essential travel is out of the question. It just means you’ll need to do your research and get a little bit creative.

Not sure where to begin your research? Or need ideas for ways to get out and have fun while staying safe and responsible? If so, this is the article for you!

Considering State Quarantine Rules While Traveling

The first thing to consider when planning any sort of travel during this time are the state quarantine laws, as well as any other restrictions a state might have in place. These might help you choose the best destination, plan your travel route, and manage your expectations.

Examples of Restrictions and State Quarantine Laws

Wondering what kinds of state quarantine laws and other types of restrictions you may come across? The following are some examples of rules you might be expected to comply with while traveling:

  • 14-day quarantine — Some states require those traveling from out-of-state to quarantine for two weeks, making short-term travel impossible.
  • Mandatory face masks — Some states, counties, and individual businesses require face masks when in public.  
  • Non-essential businesses closed — While some states are opening back up, there are also areas where non-essential businesses are still completely closed.
  • Limited offerings — Even in the areas that have begun opening up, many businesses are still not allowed to open, and some that are allowed to have chosen not to open anyway. Most businesses that are open have changed the way they operate, and many have limited offerings at this time.
  • Restricted usage of hotels — In a few states, hotels and other short-term rentals are closed, or can only accept certain essential travelers.
  • Closed campgrounds — Campgrounds are also closed in some states.

Choosing Local Travel

It should be noted that we don’t advocate out-of-state travel unless absolutely necessary. Instead, we recommend turning to local travel for your 2020 summer getaway fun.

There are many benefits to choosing a local road trip, and we’re sure you’ll have an absolute blast exploring a little closer to home

Benefits of Local Travel

Below we’ve listed the top benefits of traveling in your home state this year. If these aren’t enough to convince you to travel closer to home, we don’t know what will be.

  • Stay Safe and Be Responsible — The number one reason to travel close to home during the pandemic is to stay safe and be responsible. Staying nearby means fewer communities visited and fewer pit stops. Therefore, there is less chance you will pick up the virus during your adventures. It also means the virus has fewer opportunities to spread from you to someone else should you be a carrier.
  • Avoid Restrictions and Quarantines — Staying within your own state means you will be well aware of and accustomed to the rules, meaning no extra research or preparation is required. Additionally, staying near home will allow you to avoid quarantines.
  • Road Trip It — An airplane is one of the worst places to be during a pandemic. They pack passengers in shoulder-to-shoulder, and flying in one means breathing recirculated air for the duration of your flight. Hotels are also less than fantastic, considering that travelers are in and out of the rooms constantly. Staying close to home makes a local road trip possible, meaning you can skip the airplane, rent an RV, and hit the road without ever needing to stop at a hotel.
  • Easier Planning — Besides relieving you of the need to research restrictions, local travel is also easier to plan, thanks to the resources that you likely already use regularly. Local travel advisory alerts likely already pop up on your phone, the weather in surrounding areas is probably similar to the weather at home, and local travel conditions are something you might see each morning when watching the news.

Local Road Trip Ideas

Ready to take a local road trip and explore your home state for your 2020 summer vacation? If so, you might be looking for ideas of things to do. What might be available right now, and what is safe?

Here are our favorite ideas:

  • Plan a Camping Trip — As mentioned before, you might want to avoid hotel rooms. This is where RV rentals and family camping trips come into play. Not only will you be staying in your own self-contained space, you’ll also be surrounded by plenty of outdoor fun with plenty of opportunity for social distancing.
  • Check Out a National Park or State Park — While some national and state parks are closed at the moment, there are also several that are open. If you have a state or national park open near you, make a point of going there and exploring the beautiful nature your state has to offer. Check out our park closure page for daily updates on state and national park openings.
  • Take Some Hikes — Even if no parks are open, you should be able to find a hiking trail or two. Plan trips to see these and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine, along with the sights and sounds of nature.
  • Visit a Beach — Many states have started to reopen their beaches, providing you with yet another getaway option that allows for social distancing. Sure, you won’t want to visit the most popular beaches, but there are likely some lesser-known areas for you to check out.
  • Find Drive-In Attractions — Drive-in attractions are the perfect way to have a good time while remaining relatively isolated. Drive-in theaters, drive-through safari parks, and drive-in eateries are all great options.

Want even more ideas? Our local travel guides might be of some assistance. Pick a place with a few different outdoor adventures and drive-through activities available, rent an RV, and hit the road for a fabulous trip that is right around the corner!