Top 7 Amusement Parks in Maryland

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Planning a trip to Maryland? Excellent choice! Not only is Washington, D.C. nearby, but you’ll also be treated to a variety of wonderful museums and even some outdoor recreation. Another great thing you’ll find while in Maryland? Maryland amusement parks. 

Yep, there are lots of great amusement parks in Maryland. This means you can add some thrill rides, water slides, and exciting family fun to your trip to the Old Line State, something your kids and the thrill seekers in your group are sure to appreciate. 

That said, you are probably going to want some help deciding which Maryland amusement parks to add to your lineup. That’s where this article comes into play. 

Maryland Amusement Parks

Below is a list of our absolute favorite amusement parks in Maryland. Visiting any one of these is sure to put a smile on the face of every member of your family. Throw in two parks and you might just get the award for planning the “best vacation ever!”

  1. Six Flags America and Hurricane Harbor
  2. Adventure Park USA
  3. Jolly Roger Amusement Parks
  4. Trimper’s Rides
  5. Baja Amusements
  6. Chesapeake Beach Waterpark
  7. Frontier Town OC Waterpark & Campground

As you can see, you have plenty of great parks to choose from. But how will you know which of them is best for you? In the next part of this article we will explain what each park offers and give you some tips for planning your trip. 

Six Flags America
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Six Flags America and Hurricane Harbor

Six Flags amusement parks are some of the most popular and well known amusement parks in the country. Knowing this, it should come as no surprise that Six Flags America in Baltimore is the biggest amusement park in the state of Maryland. This makes it an easy pick for a family looking for multiple days of amusement park fun, especially if you’ll be visiting during the summer and can throw in Hurricane Harbor (the park’s water park) as well. 

Rides in this park include thrill rides such as the BATWING Coaster and Firebird floorless coaster. Those looking for something a little gentler will appreciate the family rides such as the train and the carousel. Finally, we must mention the plentiful kiddie rides, which include some Looney Tunes-themed attractions. 

As far as the waterpark goes, you can expect plenty of amazing slides that could easily keep you busy for hours. The wave pool is another fun attraction in Hurricane Harbor, and the Wahoo River sure does add to the excitement of the day. 

RV Camping Near Six Flags America and Hurricane Harbor

RV camping is always the way to go when it comes to lodging. We love the ability to spread out and relax in our own space, and it’s pretty cool that we can be completely comfortable no matter where we roam. Fortunately, RV camping is available near Six Flags America. 

Patapsco Valley State Park, Hollofield Area — One of our favorite places to camp in the Baltimore area is Patapsco Valley State Park — Hollofield Area. This park is absolutely lovely, and the low camping fees cannot be beat. Power and water are available and a bathhouse and dump station are provided. Best of all, when you stay here, you are just minutes from all Baltimore has to offer. 

Rent an RV Near Six Flags America and Hurricane Harbor!

Planning Your Trip to Six Flags America and Hurricane Harbor

Day tickets to Six Flags America start at $34.99 and include access to Hurricane Harbor during the summer months. Parking does cost extra, but season passes are available and those include parking. These are the better deal if you plan to visit more than once or twice. 

It’s important to note that this park is cashless, meaning you will need a card to pay for everything. Outside food is not allowed, but food is sold onsite. 

Adventure Park USA

Next on our list of Maryland amusement parks is Adventure Park USA in Frederick. This is a much smaller amusement park, but is tons of fun nonetheless. It has been treating families to a good time since 2005, and considering what a great job they do, we don’t anticipate them stopping anytime soon. 

There is a wide variety of attractions at Adventure Park USA, meaning you’re sure to find something fun for every person in your family. 

Those who wish to stay inside can enjoy mini bowling, laser tag, and an XD theater. Prefer rides? The indoor bumper cars of Frog Hopper might be more your speed. Meanwhile, those who love a challenge are sure to appreciate the ropes course and rock climbing wall. 

If you’re looking for even more fun, make sure you head outside as well. There you will find roller coasters, go-karts, mini golf, and kiddie rides such as tea cups and a carousel. True thrill seekers will love the sky coaster, and the whole family is sure to enjoy gem mining together. 

RV Camping Near Adventure Park USA

Looking for lodging near Adventure Park USA? Look no further than the nearest campground. RV camping while visiting this amusement park is an excellent option that allows you to truly feel at home even when you’re on the road. 

Gambrill State Park — Not sure where the nearest campground is? Gambrill State Park is nearby and is a beautiful place to stay. Not only does this park offer amazing camping rates, it also has electric hookups at each campsite. Potable water and a dump station are available in the campground, and the staff is lovely. 

Rent an RV near Adventure Park USA!

Planning Your Trip to Adventure Park USA

We recommend buying the “Ride and Play Pass” when visiting Adventure Park USA. This pass is $46.95 when bought online and includes access to almost every indoor and outdoor attraction in the park, allowing you complete freedom as you explore and enjoy. Weekly specials and memberships are also available for those looking to save money. 

It’s good to note that no outside food is allowed in this park and minors must be accompanied by an adult. 

Jolly Roger Amusement Parks

When it comes to amusement parks in Ocean City, Jolly Roger has you covered. This company actually has multiple amusement parks in the area, meaning you’ll be able to fill several days with Jolly Roger fun. 

First on our list of Jolly Roger parks is Splash Mountain Water Park. This awesome spot is ideal for keeping cool while having a blast during the hot summer months. Kiddie pools and play areas ensure the little ones have somewhere to play. Meanwhile, the many slides cater to the older kids and adults in your group. Finally, we highly recommend relaxing in the lazy river after a busy day of play.

Next up is Speedworld. This is a go-kart focused park that is truly exciting for racing lovers of all ages. Here you’ll find kiddie carts for the little ones, a go-kart roller coaster, and a variety of other tracks. 

Jolly Roger at the Pier offers typical water-side amusement park fun and Jolly Roger at 30th St. is a family amusement center that includes rides, mini golf, games, and more. Finally, there is Jolly Roger Mini Golf, a well-themed family mini-golf spot that is sure to leave everyone smiling. 

RV Camping Near Jolly Roger Amusement Parks

With so many parks to visit, you are definitely going to want to spend a few nights in the city. The best way to do this? Bring your RV along, of course! Staying in your own space ensures you get good sleep in between days that are absolutely packed with amusement park fun. 

Sun Outdoors Ocean City — Looking for somewhere to park your RV while visiting the Jolly Roger Amusement Parks? Sun Outdoors Ocean City is an excellent pick. The park offers spacious full-hookup sites, bathhouses, and a laundry room. Amenities such as a pool, hot tub, splash pad, beach, tiki bar, mini golf, and arcade are also available to keep everyone happily busy during their stay. 

Rent an RV near Jolly Roger Amusement Parks!

Planning Your Trip to Jolly Roger Amusement Parks

While there are no entrance fees to most of these parks (Splash Mountain being the exception), you will need to pay to ride and play. To access all the excitement offered by the many Jolly Roger amusement parks, you will need a “Passport to Fun” card. These can be purchased onsite or in advance, and the amount you want to put on your card will depend entirely upon what you want to do while you’re there. 

Please keep in mind that no alcohol is allowed on Jolly Roger property. 


Trimper’s Rides

Another Ocean City amusement park, Trimper’s Rides may not be as flashy as Jolly Roger, but it is just as fun. In fact, some may argue that this vintage park is even more fun, and it definitely has a good amount of charm to offer guests. You see, the park has been around since 1887, meaning it carries with it all kinds of nostalgia. 

Attractions at this adorable oceanfront park include all kinds of classic rides such as a carousel and a tilt-o-whirl. Walk-through attractions—such as a haunted house and mirror maze—are fun for everyone. The giant Ferris wheel welcomes guests with its colorful lights, and the various kiddie rides keep little ones entertained. Of course, the park’s Tidal Wave coaster must not be missed. 

Want even more fun? Be sure to head to Playland to play some awesome arcade games and earn tickets to spend on prizes. 

RV Camping Near Trimper’s Rides

Obviously, lodging is still a factor to consider, and we still believe RV camping is the way to go when visiting Ocean City (or any other area of the country, really). Taking the RV is especially nice if you decide to stay in Ocean City to enjoy all the city has to offer, as you will be able to stay in complete comfort without breaking the bank. 

Assateague State Park — If the aforementioned Sun Outdoors Ocean City doesn’t look like your kind of place, you might check out Assateague State Park. Yes, this spot is a bit further from the Ocean City attractions, but it is also much more affordable, set on the water, and home to wild ponies. It’s important to note that this campground does not provide RV hookups, but the location is worth the lack thereof. 

Rent and RV near Trimper’s Rides!

Planning Your Trip to Trimper’s Rides

We recommend purchasing a Mega Pass when you visit Trimper’s Rides. This awesome pass allows you to stay from open to close and enjoy as many attractions as you like during that time. The cost of this all-inclusive pass? Just $38.84!

Feeling hungry during your visit? Don’t worry, the park sells plenty of fun food options such as popcorn, hotdogs, and some delicious-looking sweets. 

Baja Amusements

Yet another Ocean City park, Baja Amusements is a family amusement center that’s a bit different from Jolly Roger and Trimper’s Rides. You’ll find the vibe to be a bit more laid-back, and you could possibly spend a bit less time here, making this a good pick for filling just a few hours between other attractions. 

Attractions at Baja Amusements include things like climbing walls and mini golf, making this an awesome stop for those who like a bit of a challenge with their fun. The park also has go-karts and plays host to 8 different go-kart tracks, meaning you can mix it up during your time here. Of course, we mustn’t leave out the bumper cars, which have an extra fun twist to them at this amusement center. 

Have little fun-seekers in tow? For them, Baja Amusements runs three different kiddie rides. These include a tiny roller coaster, a frog hopper, and a classic carousel. 

RV Camping Near Baja Amusements

Our stance on RV camping while in Ocean City hasn’t changed since the last section; it is definitely still the thing to do. The question is, where should you park your RV? We’ve already mentioned two great options, and below is a third.

Sun Outdoors Ocean City Gateway — Another fantastic Sun Outdoors property, Sun Outdoors Ocean City Gateway is a good pick for those who want to stay on the outskirts of the action and save a bit of money doing so. This lovely park features full-hookup sites, a beautiful pool, an onsite store, and more. 

Rent an RV near Baja Amusements!

Planning Your Trip to Baja Amusements

Tickets for the attractions at Baja Amusements are sold in packs. You choose how many to buy based on what you wish to do while playing at the park. We recommend buying a small pack to start out and adding more tickets as you need them. That said, you will save money by purchasing a larger pack, so if you’re sure you will use the entirety of a pack, this may be the way to go. 

You should know going in that some attractions do have height and/or age restrictions, so be sure to check on these things before promising little riders anything in particular. 

Water slide

Chesapeake Beach Waterpark

Community water parks are some of our favorite places to have a great time without the overwhelm found in larger amusement parks. The Chesapeake Beach Waterpark in Chesapeake Beach is no exception and is a great Maryland amusement park. This is a super fun community water park that is actually quite extensive for what it is. In fact, we think it’s exactly the right size for families!

This park plays host to a variety of attractions. The lazy river winds its way around the whole park and even includes a float through a cave. Meanwhile, two large twisty slides invite those looking for an adrenaline rush to give them a ride.

For medium-sized kiddos, the park features smaller options like a pair of racing slides, a giant clamshell slide, and a pirate ship slide. And as you’d expect, the baby pool near the park entrance is ideal for babies and toddlers.

Looking to take a dip without riding a river or a slide? The lagoon is an ideal play area for kids. Meanwhile, the lap pool is a great place to get in some exercise. 

RV Camping Near Chesapeake Beach Waterpark

You’ll need a place to stay while visiting Chesapeake Beach. The best way to fully soak up the beauty of the area? Camping, of course! That said, if you want to be truly comfortable during your stay, you’re going to want to opt for RV camping over tent camping. 

Breezy Point Beach & Campground — Need to find a place to park that RV? Breezy Point Beach & Campground is your spot! This beautiful little park is very intimate and gives guests a chance to experience beachside camping. The cost is reasonable and does include electricity. A tank pump-out service is available on certain days of the week (for a fee).

Rent an RV at Chesapeake Beach Waterpark!

Planning Your Trip to Chesapeake Beach Waterpark

For out-of-county guests, tickets to Chesapeake Beach Waterpark range in price from $43.25 to $58.75, depending on what day you visit and how tall you are. If you happen to be a resident of the county or the town, you will get a discount. 

The park will close in case of inclement weather. Children under 13 must be accompanied by an adult, and kids who aren’t potty trained must wear swim diapers. Chairs and tubes are provided free of charge, and lockers are available for rent. While no outside food is allowed, food is sold onsite. 

Frontier Town Waterpark & Campground

We’ve mentioned two Sun Outdoors locations already, but we simply must mention a third: Frontier Town Water Park & Campground in Berlin. This property isn’t just a campground; it’s also an awesome Wild West town, a water park, an adventure park, and a mini golf spot that you really should check out while in Maryland. 

The water park in this campground features a wide variety of attractions, ensuring everyone can have fun while visiting. Five water slides mean hours of water fun, and the lazy river is an excellent place to chill after you’ve had your fill of sliding. There is also a splash pad and a shallow, covered wading pool with tiny slides for younger guests. 

The Western Experience section offers even more fun. Attractions in this area include a carousel, a train ride, pony rides, panning for gold, a shooting gallery, and a variety of themed buildings you can walk through and enjoy. Be sure to catch a Wild West show as well!

We mentioned there is also an adventure park onsite. This isn’t the biggest adventure park in the world, but it still offers plenty of excitement. The ropes course is both challenging and thrilling, and the zip line offers a ride you won’t soon forget. 

Finally, there is the Wild West-themed mini golf course. This is the perfect place to end one of your days exploring this amazing amusement park and campground. 

RV Camping Near Frontier Town Waterpark & Campground

Obviously, you are going to want to camp in the onsite campsites so you can stay right in the middle of the action. While you can tent camp, we recommend taking an RV instead. After all, who wouldn’t want to be able to walk home after a long day of theme park adventures and relax in their very own home-on-wheels?

Sun Outdoors Frontier Town Campground — All RV sites at Frontier Town Campground include water and electric, and many of the sites include a sewer hookup as well. Sites are large, level, and either paved or gravel. All campers have access to bathhouses and laundry facilities, and campsites include free admission to most onsite attractions. 

Rent an RV near Frontier Town Waterpark & Campground!

Planning Your Trip to Frontier Town Waterpark & Campground

As mentioned above, those who choose to camp at the Frontier Town campground have access to the water park and Western Experience. Those who plan to visit as day guests should expect to pay between $24.95 and $29.95 for the water park. 

Mini golf costs $5 to $10 per guest for the general public, and $3 to $5 per guest for registered campers, depending on age. Ages 3 and under golf for free. Lockers and cabanas are available for rent, and no outside food is allowed. 

As you can see, amusement parks in Maryland definitely aren’t difficult to find. In fact, you might be able to find even more theme park fun by searching for “amusement parks near me” once you get settled into your Maryland campground. 

Another option? Add to your Maryland getaway by throwing in a few of the attractions mentioned in the articles below. These, in addition to whatever Maryland amusement parks you choose, will definitely make for a magical trip:

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