Top 10 Campgrounds and RV Parks Denali National Park And Preserve

The majestic peaks and snow-covered summits of Denali National Park and Preserve are a sight to behold—when they decide to come out of the clouds. Known as the “roof of North America,” Denali rises to an awe-inspiring 20,310 feet. Enjoy the sight from one of our recommended Denali RV sites.

More than 400,000 travelers visit Denali National Park each year, most during the summer season from May 20 through the middle of September, but there is plenty to see and do year-round.

The interior of the park is closed to vehicle traffic, so you need to hike or take one of the many bus tours to see the interior of the preserve, but you don’t want to miss it. You’ll likely be rewarded by sighting some of the abundant wildlife that call the park home. Look for moose, caribou, wolf, Dall sheep, and the brown, or grizzly, bear. If you can find all five, you’ll score the much coveted “Denali Slam.”

When planning your trip, consult the Denali National Park and Preserve Website and the park newspaper. These top ten RV campgrounds offer the best RV Camping near Denali National Park and Preserve. For more information on RV trips and attractions in Alaska, see our list of Top Ten RV Trips in Alaska. To find an RV rental near Denali National Park, search through our listings here.

Riley Creek Campground

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Staying inside the park at Riley Creek Campground is one of the best ways to see Deli tiol Park & Preserve. It offers only basic amenities, but you can’t beat the location and the views. The campground is mostly wooded with privacy screening wherever possible. Campers have nearby access to all the amenities of the Deli Park entrance area.

Why You’ll Love Riley Creek Campground

Riley Creek Campground is a very tural campground with close access to all of Deli tiol Park. Walking trails connect the campground with the Deli tiol Park Visitor Center. Small animals are often seen and occasiolly larger animals like moose or, rarely, bear.

Savage River Campground

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Savage River is part of the tiol Parks system and located 13 miles into Deli tiol Park. It is a quieter park than Riley Creek since it is located away from the noisy park entrance. If you are lucky, you’ll see moose, grizzly bears and other wildlife. Don’t expect any luxuries here, but the scenery more than makes up for it. The Savage River Shuttle provides free transportation to and from the park entrance.

Why You’ll Love Savage River Campground

Why you’ll love Savage River Campground Located in a spruce forest within Deli tiol Park and Preserve, Savage River Campground has moderate screening between sites. When Deli decides to show itself, great views of the mountain are found just a short walk from the campground. Savage River Campground is as far as you can go into the park while still using your vehicle.

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Teklanika Campground

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A short walk west of Teklanika (Tek) Campground is Tek River, which flows northward from the Alaska Range.

Why You’ll Love Teklanika Campground

Teklanika Campground is for the true ture lover who wants a remote experience. You’ll enjoy a more close-up experience with ture in the restricted area of Deli tiol Park and Preserve. The park is quiet and relaxing with many encounters with wildlife. You’ll delight in the fantastic scenery, friendly hosts, and nightly ranger talks.

Denali Grizzly Bear Cabins and Campground

Located just 2 miles north of the boundary to Denali National Park, this park offers hook-ups and relaxing scenery. This privately-owned park overlooks the scenic Nenana River and the snow-capped peaks of Denali.

Why You’ll Love Denali Grizzly Bear Cabins and Campground

Why you’ll love Denali Grizzly Bear Cabins and Campground Denali Grizzly Bear Cabins and Campground is the best campground just outside of the park. It’s set in the woods and spaces are generously sized. From the campground, walk down to the Nenana River where you’ll find picnic tables and fire rings for a scenic meal or some relaxing family time. Nearby, you’ll find hiking trails, activities and a gift shop.

Denali RV Park & Motel

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Denali RV Park & Motel is a good choice for RVers wanting full hook-ups near the park. The sites are close together with a few trees and bushes, but they offer a great view. Located about 7 miles from the entrance to Denali National Park, this privately-owned park is designed to give RVers a good experience.

Why You’ll Love Denali RV Park & Motel

Denali RV Park is a basic RV park, and its proximity to Denali is its main attraction. It is just a short drive to the main entrance of the park. There is one trail near the RV park and fantastic views of the mountains.

K’esugi Ken Campground, Denali State Park

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K’esugi Ken Campground is a new campground in Denali State Park, just 70 miles north of Denali National Park and Preserve. Opening in May of 2017, it is destined to become a favorite. The site offers a full-time interpretive ranger with daily campground presentations. There is plenty to explore here, including 2 miles of hardened gravel walking trails that take full advantage of the spectacular views. K’esugi Ken Campground is an excellent place to enjoy the wildlife, scenery, and commune with nature.

Why You’ll Love K’esugi Ken Campground, Denali State Park

The K’esugi Ken Campground is new (opened May 2017) and still under construction, but it is evident that they are making the best use of the stunning scenery. The sites are spread out, offering plenty of privacy and natural views.

Nenana RV Park & Campground Roverpass Logo

The Nenana RV Park & Campground is a little over an hour away from Denali National Park, but worth the drive if your trip includes more than the Park. It is a full-service RV park in a rural Alaska setting. The town of Nenana is a native Alaskan village with a variety of small town attractions. It is a bit of a drive (75 miles) to Denali National Park but well situated for other attractions as well.

Why You’ll Love Nenana RV Park & Campground

Located half-way between Fairbanks and Denali National Park, Nenana RV Park is a good stopping place. There is plenty for kids to do: mini-golf, visit the Alaska Railroad Depot Museum, Take the Taku Chief River Boat, visit with the Bill Cotter Sled Dog puppies, and more. You’ll also enjoy the services and atmosphere of the small town of Nenana.

Riverside Park City Campground

Just over 52 miles from Denali National Park and Preserve, this park is off the beaten-path. This campground fills up on the weekends, but you may have it to yourself during the week. The setting is rural, RV sites are spacious and walking trails are nearby. There is a sports field and amphitheater in the park, as well as riverfront access.

Why You’ll Love Riverside Park City Campground

Riverside Park City Campground is located in the Anderson City Park. It has a family atmosphere and is perfect for a relaxing vacation. It attracts many ATV enthusiasts on its 616 acres of ATV trails and host shooting matches on the gun range. There is a playground and sports field for the kids, and plenty of nature for everyone. Quick Tip for this Campground: Bring cash for this campground, there is no ATM available nearby.

Byers Lake Campground

Nestled at the foot of Kesugi Ridge on Byers Lake, the Byers Lake Campground offers the spectacular views that Alaska is known for. Canoeing and kayak rentals are available, but the lake is closed to motor boats to preserve its peaceful atmosphere. Located 90 miles from the entrance to Denali National Park, you’ll have a bit of a commute, but the scenery makes the trip.

Why You’ll Love Byers Lake Campground

Byers Lake Campground is a quiet campground with a natural setting. The sites are separate with lots of privacy. Each site has a fire ring and picnic table. You can purchase firewood from the campground host. There is a hiking trail, fishing, canoeing, and kayak rentals available at the park.

Denali Rainbow Village RV Park

Denali Rainbow Village RV Park, at just 1 mile north of Denali National Park is the closest full-service RV park. A shuttle provides transportation into the park at 7 am every morning and a ride back at 7 pm. Denali Rainbow Village RV Park is a convenient place to park while visiting the national park, but it doesn’t offer much more. There is a shopping mall within walking distance, but no on-site entertainment. Many RVers felt that Denali Rainbow Village RV Park was over-crowded.

Why You’ll Love Denali Rainbow Village RV Park

If location is everything, you’ll love this park. Its close proximity to Denali National Park makes it a popular spot for nature lovers. Hookups are available, but not a lot else. This is a very basic RV park with close access to Denali National Park and Preserve.

In Summary

Three of the parks listed here are Good Sam Parks and eligible for the Good Sam 10% discount: Nenana RV Park & Campground, Denali RV Park & Motel, and the Denali Rainbow Village RV Park.

None of the parks near Denali National Park offer a reduced rate for weekly or monthly stays. The rates are strictly daily and vary greatly. The lowest rates are found inside the park and range from free camping during the off season months when no amenities are available and up to $30 for the best RV spots. Outside the park rates are higher, up to $53.50 for a very basic RV spot with partial hookups.

Which campground is the best? Well, it all depends on what you want from your campground. If proximity to Denali National Park & Preserve is the most important factor, try to get reservations at one of the campgrounds inside the park. You won’t have hookups, but you’ll have a great view. If you feel that full hookups are important, but don’t mind a crowded park with fewer amenities, choose one of the RV parks outside the Park.

The RV parks near Denali National Park are nice parks but offer few other amenities. After all, you are in a rural part of Alaska. If you want more activities for the kids, you’ll need to go to one of the RV parks further away such as Nenana RV Park.

Most of the Parks listed are only open in the summer months. Inside Denali National Park, some campgrounds are open year-round but be aware that amenities may not be available. Many of the normal services are suspended during the winter months, and the weather can make conditions extreme even in the spring and fall. Do your research before you go, and have a great trip!

You also may be able to find RVs for sale near Denali of that is what you are looking for. For help finding an RV park near Denali National Park and Preserve or another location, visit

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How much does it cost to camp in Denali National Park And Preserve?

The top 10 campgrounds we selected all show daily, weekly and monthly rates for you. Pricing will vary.

How much does it cost to RV park in Denali National Park And Preserve?

Pricing will vary. The top 10 RV Parks we selected all display daily, weekly and monthly rates for you.

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Staying at an RV Park for a long period of time will vary on the campground & RV Park you choose. View our post for more information.

Are there pet friendly RV Parks & Campgrounds in Denali National Park And Preserve?

Yes. The majority of campgrounds we selected in this blog allow pets.