Teeny Tiny Trailers Offer Big Rewards

Last updated on August 25th, 2021 at 11:14 am. Originally published on September 21st, 2015

Do you love RVing, but aren’t interested in owning a 45 foot motorhome? No problem.Today, people all over the world are hooking up their teeny tiny trailers and exploring the great unknown. There’s something magical about knowing a getaway is as close as hooking up your trailer and hitting the road.

Today, there are lots of choices when it comes to small, lightweight trailers, but did you know teeny tiny trailers have been around for a long time?

In fact, tiny trailers have been around since the 1930s when Teardrop trailers first made their debut. By the ’40s the Teardrop had become all the rage. These little trailers could be pulled behind the family car, or in some cases even a large motorcycle. Custom DIY plans became a popular mail order item, and many Teardrops were created from surplus WWII materials (like the aluminum from the wings of a WWII bomber). If a Teardrop featured wood insets on the side they were called Woodys.

The Teardrop market continued to grow through the ’50s when Popular Mechanics magazine published a DIY guide. Those very same plans are still used for DIY trailer fans today.

Today you can buy a vintage teeny tiny trailer and restore it, or you can buy a new version completely finished. One of the most popular Teardrop companies is Little Guy Worldwide. Little Guy is said to have saved the Teardrop trailer from dropping out of existence when they reintroduced it in 2002. Since then, tiny trailer sales have boomed. Little Guy offers a variety of trailer sizes, with their most popular model being the [email protected].

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Boutique trailer companies have also gotten into the action. S0-Cal Teardrops builds tiny Teardrops from the ground up using all vintage plans. Teeny tiny trailers have many advantages. They can be pulled behind even small cars, are super cute, and provide everything a weekend camper needs. Let’s take a look at a few of the trailers available today!

Camp-Inn Trailers

raindrop teardrop trailer by camp inn


This is a unique twist on a tiny trailer. With an interior couch that converts into bunk beds it’s easy to bring the family and stay out of the rain. The 10 foot trailer starts at $20,000 and offers panoramic windows along with a ton of ultra hip accessories.

Cozy Cruisers

Cozy Cruisers offer three units that are modeled after the traditional vintage teardrop. Each model features a queen size bed and will sleep up to two adults. Outside Cruisers offer a hatchback galley kitchen with two tables that fold out along with a gas burner stove. Cozy Cruisers come with great names like the Willamette, McKenzie and the Columbia — all related to the state of Oregon where these trailers are custom made.

Little Guy Trailers


In addition to [email protected] trailers, Little Guy also makes the My Pod — a sleek, oh so modern, travel trailer with an aerodynamic design.  It’s only 630 pounds and can be pulled by even small cars. You can match the paint color to any color of car, and the body is made of fiberglass which helps keep it super light. It will sleep up to two people, but is pretty short on the inside so tall people may have to duck. Prices start at $7,500.

Alto Safari Condo

The Alto Safari is new to the world of teeny tiny trailers, but it’s oh so welcome! This high tech teardrop comes loaded with flexible solar panels and an expandable electric powered roof. This unit offers a king size bed that converts into a front dining area. You can actually stand up in these units because of the awesome expandable roof. The Alto also offers a flush toilet and an interior shower. While these units are made in Canada, they are also available in the U.S. and weigh about 1700 pounds. The R1713 is a junior trailer that is a bit smaller and lighter than it’s big brother the Alto. Prices start at $25,000. Think of this trailer as a cross between an oversized teardrop and a pop up trailer.

The Vistabule

If you like innovation, then you will love the Vistabule. This trailer offers huge windows so you can enjoy the great outdoors. The Vistibule is highly space efficient offering a couch which easily converts to a bed. This unit features a traditional galley kitchen with a hatchback along with extra wide doors, under the bed storage, pop up tables and flip up black out blinds. Prices for these start at $15,000.

Egg Camper

The Egg camper teardrop is made of molded fiberglass and weighs in at only 1,400 pounds. The Egg Camper is unique because the hatchback opens to the entire trailer making it easy to load things in and out and configure the unit in any way you see fit. Egg Campers must be custom ordered and they are hard to find on the open market. They are made in Grandville, Michigan and are priced around $19,000.

The Gidget Retro Teardrop Trailer

Okay, this one isn’t available in the U.S…..yet, but it truly deserves to be on the list. The Gidget is the most creative teeny tiny trailer you will ever see. It features a slide out front, built in solar, rotating TV, skylight and flexible sleeping space. Simply put, this little guy is awesome! With a queen size bed, light weight and upgraded fridge freezer what’s not to like?

There are a variety of other tiny trailers on the market today. To learn more visit the Tiny Travel Trailers and Teardrops Forum. Want to rent a teeny tiny trailer before you commit to buying one? No problem. Vacation in a Can offers teardrop and tiny vintage trailers for rent one hour north of San Francisco. Happy Trailering!

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How much can you make renting your RV?

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How much can you make renting your RV?

See How Much You Can Make

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