Shrink Wrapping Your RV for Storage

If you’re looking for a cheaper way to cover your RV in storage, this is definitely the way to go! 

Protecting your RV while it’s in storage is extremely important, and using shrink wrap is the best way to do it! Sure, you could use a regular cover for your RV, but those can be expensive. Using a thin film layer of shrink wrap works just as well. And it costs half as much.


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Shrink Wrapping the RV

To determine how much shrink wrap you will need, measure from the highest point of the center of the RV, over the side and down at least 8-inches below where you want the bottom of the shrink wrap cover to be.

  1. Bring the film up on to the top of the RV. Unfold it equally on all of the sides. Ensure that the RV is covered completely with the shrink wrap. You will most likely have to trim the material in order to create a pleat on each of the corners.
  2. Use some tape to hold the corner pleats temporarily. Any type of tape will do, but it’s best to use a tape that will not stick too harshly.
  3. Create a perimeter band using a piece of string big enough to go around the RV. It’s also best to use a brightly colored piece of string, or a piece of fabric, so you can easily see it. Tie the string or piece of fabric once you have it all the way around the RV.
  4. Insert a buckle and further adjust the band to your desired level of your RV. Using a strap tension tool, fully tighten and secure the perimeter band.
  5. Be sure to leave approximately 6-inches of material underneath the band for the heat weld. Cut off the excess material.
  6. Heat weld all of the pleats to each of the corners, then create a heat weld around the entire perimeter band that you placed around the RV earlier. Next, install a couple of belly bands every 6″ to 8″. Make a couple of small slits above your perimeter band, and fasten the belly straps.
  7. Now is the time to shrink the entire cover, but only do this one side at a time. You should not see anything sticking out. If you do, go over it once more using the heat weld.
  8. When it comes to shrinking the top, a heat tool extension is highly recommended, so you can get up high enough to shrink the top.
  9. Tape all of the pleats and the seams using heat shrink tape.
  10. You’re done! You’ve officially weather proofed your RV for storage season.

If you’d like to learn more about weather proofing your RV for storage, or would like a visual lesson, watch the video below.

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