The Ultimate List of RVing Social Sites

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RVing doesn’t have to be a lonely affair. In fact, with so many social networks catering to RVers, there are plenty of ways to meet people with similar interests. You can make new friends, learn about work opportunities, discover new destinations, and maybe even find someone to travel with.

Here are the top RVing social sites for connecting with other RVers online.


This social network is completely devoted to RVers on the go. Simply login and register your current location. BINGO! If there are any other RVillage members in the vicinity you’ll know. You can then choose to strike up a conversation or plan a gathering.  You’ll be surprised how many of your neighbors are also RVillage participants.


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Facebook Groups

New RVing groups pop up on Facebook every day. Here are a few that are tried and true:

Some Facebook groups are open — meaning anyone can join instantly — while others are closed and require approval. Pick the group that seems right for you.

RV Happy Hour

Love Your RV is a long-established and popular blog. Now author Ray Burr brings another RV-flavored community to the mix.  RVHappyHour is filled with RVers who provide help and solid advice. If you are new and have questions, this is a great place to go.  Or if you’ve been RVing for years join in the fun and help someone new!


RV Meetup

Find or start an RV Meetup group. There are plenty of activities to choose from. has been connecting travelers all over the globe, and now RVers can also meet and greet!


RVing Women

Women love both social media and RVing, so it only makes sense that the two should go hand in hand. At RVing Women, you can connect with like-minded gals from all over the globe. From full-timers to weekend vintage campers, there is something for everyone. There’s even a national convention! So gather your gal pals and meet online.


Other fun RV Sites:

RVBug – A new social network for RV fanatics.
RVwithMe – Connects people with RVs with landowners who want to rent space.
RVRoundTable – A great place for RV discussions.
IRV2 – The ultimate RV forum with tons of information and years of experience.
HitchUpAndGo – This site offers links to every form of RV info you could dream of.

See something I missed? Add your favorite social RV sites in the comment box below. Now, share this article with all your social friends –tweet it, pin it, like it, and post it. Thanks!