Don’t Buy a Shurflo RV Water Pump Until You Read This

Your RV needs a water pump.

If you want running water when you’re not connected to city water, you’re going to need a water pump to get it flowing through your RV. You may also need to replace your water pump on occasion if it breaks. If that happens, make sure you’ve tried to fix it first – RV-Roadtrips has a useful article on how to diagnose water pump problems. 

What RV water pump should I purchase?



If you do need to replace your water pump, however, consider a Shurflo RV fresh water pump. They have been on the market since the 1970s, and are experienced with the construction of them…and customers love them. They have a range of pumps, at a range of prices depending on your needs. The 40o8 Revolution Water Pump has an output of 55 psi which can expel three gallons a minute. This is due to the fact that the latest model has four chambers instead of three. It also has an internal bypass function for low-cycling to prevent the pump from turning on and off loudly and repeatedly when you’re using a lot of water.

Perhaps best of all, the Shurflo RV water pump runs nice and quiet. The RV Doctor calls it “the quietest pump” he’d ever used, and it turns on without trouble even after months of being inactive. 

Features of a Shurflo RV water pump

The Shurflo RV water pumps are also known for their durability and longevity, so you shouldn’t need to replace it for a good long time. It has thermal protection technology to guard against overheating, and a built-in check valve to protect against high pressures that could cause a problem when the pump is connected to city water. If you need to run the pump without sufficient water flow, it can also run dry without malfunctioning. The Shurflo water pump for RV also comes with a 2-year warranty so if you have trouble with your Shurflo RV water pump parts, they may be covered and replaced. 

You’ll also want a Shurflo RV water pump filter to keep debris and other things out of your fresh water. Fortunately, those can be purchased wherever you get your Shurflo RV water pump, or even online and delivered right to your home. Shurflo pumps start at around $60 and go up, depending on your needs. They’re not the cheapest water pumps, but they’re powerful and they last a long time. 


Where to get a Shurflo RV water pump

You can purchase a water pump from the dealer where you bought your RV, for starters. You can also purchase them from RV parts and accessories dealers like Camping World, or directly from the manufacturer. You can even find them on the Walmart website. Finally, you can also find them online at sites like Amazon, which has the aforementioned two-year warranty to protect your pump.

Wherever you purchase and use your water pump, know that its health is important to your health! A good working water pump can make all the difference in your RV travels. 

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