RV Toilet Installation

RV Owners

Replacing your RV toilet isn’t as difficult as you might think. An RV toilet installation can be done with a few simple tools and about an hour of free time. Are you ready? Okay, let’s begin!

Items Needed for RV Toilet Replacement:

  • New RV Toilet including installation kit – the most popular RV toilet is the Dometic Brand
  • Screw driver
  • Wrench
  • Rags
  • Old Towels & Newspaper

RV Toilet Replacement Procedure

      1. Clean around your toilet and remove stuff that’s in the way. This will make the job easier,  since as we know space is at a premium in an RV.
      2. Turn off your RV water pump. Flush the toilet to remove any water that may be in the lines and bowl. Use some rags to dry out the bowl.
      3. Look for a plastic cover on the bottom of the toilet. It could be on either side of the toilet, or even be wrapped around the bottom of it. Pull it up. If it seems stuck, pull it towards you.
      4. You should now see nuts and bolts that are holding the toilet down. Go ahead and unscrew each of these nuts.
      5. Lean over the toilet and look at the back of it, you should see a hose connected to the toilet. Unscrew any nuts and bolts that are there. You want to disconnect the hose. Get those old towels or newspapers ready.
      6. Now you are ready to lift the toilet straight up. If it seems stuck, try to rock it loose. Put the old toilet on the newspapers or rags.
      7. Your installation kit will include a new rubber cone-shaped gasket which seals the toilet to the floor. Take off the old one and replace it with the new one. The old seal may need to be pried off with a screwdriver.
      8. Now you can place your brand new toilet on top of the new gasket. Be sure to line up the bolts into the holes on the bottom of the toilet.
      9. Use the wrench to tighten the nuts over the bolts. Do not over tighten. Check to see that the toilet is snug by sitting on it. You want to be sure it doesn’t’ wobble while NOT over tightening the nuts.
      10. Lean back over the toilet and re-attach the hose by tightening up the nuts onto the bolts. Again do not over tighten.
      11.  Now it’s time to test your repair skills. Turn the RV water pump back on and flush. Hopefully it’s not leaking. If not, recheck your work.

That’s all there is to doing an RV toilet installation. Congrats on a job well done!