How to Sell your RV

Last updated on July 10th, 2017 at 09:30 am. Originally published on July 6th, 2017

Is it time to sell your motorhome?

Whether you’re in the market for a new RV or you’ve decided to move on from the lifestyle — if only for a little while — selling your RV is sometimes the only choice that makes financial sense.

But it’s not always as simple as slapping a “For Sale” sign on the back of your rig and crossing your fingers. An RV is a major investment, one that most consumers don’t take lightly. And that means selling your rig could take time, not to mention savvy marketing. That’s especially true if you’re offering an older, used RV for sale. It can be hard to compete with the luxury rigs available on dealership floors.

But even if it’s going to be tough, you’ve still got to get your vehicle out of here. So how do you get started?

Camper Sales

First of all, keep in mind that you’re actually at a little bit of an advantage.

Brand new motorhomes and campers for sale from dealerships can be incredibly pricey, and most buyers know that these vehicles quickly depreciate, even if the loan you sign is built like a mortgage.

Even in the case of pre-owned vehicles from dealerships, it can be hard to find fair prices. After all, the dealer has to make a profit, and running a business costs a lot of money.

How does this put you in a good position? Well, you can sell your used rig for cheap — relatively speaking — and still stand to get a pretty good deal in the bargain. Buyers are attracted to finding a vehicle in good working order without the souped-up new vehicle prices… or the financing they’d probably need to take on to afford them.

RV for Sale By Owner

When listing used motorhomes and campers for sale as a private owner, the first hurdle you’ll contend with is setting the price. You need to make sure your price is high enough that you’re not giving away your assets, but low enough to compete with other options.

The National Automobile Dealers Association is a great resource for this part of the process. The values it offers are industry standard, and it’s quick and easy to get a free quote on your rig’s worth through its website.

Once you know your vehicle’s value, you can also check Craigslist and local dealerships to see how other, similar RVs in your area are priced. Then, you can make a pricing decision based on the quality of your vehicle as well as how quickly you need to sell it.

Another thing to think about is whether or not you actually still owe money on the RV yourself, in which case you may need to enlist a third party company to handle the transfer of the buyer’s money to the bank so you can get the title and hand it off to them free and clear. If you bring your RV to a dealer or attempt to trade it in, any amount still owed to the lien will be factored into the final offer price they can extend to you.

Where Should I List My RV for Sale?

At first, it might seem like there are too many RV sales websites to choose from when trying to figure out where to list your rig for sale.

But it’s not actually that difficult. Think about where you looked when you were in the market to buy your motorhome in the first place — likely RV specific websites like RV Trader or, but also more general ad listings like Craigslist or even your local newspaper.

The good news is, once you clean up your rig and take all the pictures for the listing, you have those pictures available. That means you can easily cross-list your vehicle to more than one place, increasing the number of people who see it and hopefully making for a quicker sale.

If you really need to get your RV off your hands as quickly as possible, you could also consider selling it back to a dealer. Unfortunately, you likely won’t get anywhere near as much money in the sale if you do this… but you will be able to sell it quickly.

Best Way to Advertise RV for Sale

RV sales are like any other type of sales — customers don’t want to be pushed into a decision. Thus, the best way to advertise campers and trailers for sale is to be honest about your RV’s features, as well as any existing damage or other drawbacks. Potential buyers sense and respect your honesty, and they’ll be much happier doing business with you when they can tell that you’re being above board.

Along with listing your RV online, you should also place a physical “For Sale” sign on the coach. You might not get as many eyeballs in front of it that way as you can on a nationwide online resource, but there’s something to be said about driving past something for sale and being able to see it in front of you, right there on the spot. Always make sure you include up to date contact information, and while your rig is on the market, don’t screen your phone calls! You never know when the person on the other end might be the buyer.

In the end, selling a large vehicle of any sort is all about patience and persistence. If you can wait for the right buyer, you stand to earn back a decent chunk of the cash you spent on your vehicle, especially if you sell on the private market. That can be very important if you’re planning to use that money to put a down payment on a new rig or another large investment.

So if you have any ability at all to wait to sell your RV until the right person comes along, you should take it. Good things come to those who wait, and selling your RV is no exception!



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How much can you make renting your RV?

See How Much You Can Make

How much can you make renting your RV?

See How Much You Can Make

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