RV Campgrounds, RV Parks, & RV Resorts – Which is Best For You

Last updated on September 18th, 2021 at 07:45 pm. Originally published on May 17th, 2015

Camping has evolved from an experience of “roughing it” in the woods, to more luxurious accommodations in nature. RV Campgrounds, RV Parks, and RV Resorts offer different options to the RVer.

The difference between RVers is vast. They are as numerous as the differences between RVs, motor homes, travel trailers, truck campers, and toy haulers.

Some campers are happy to have just electricity and fresh water, while others need more than the bare necessities. WIFI, family-oriented activities, and catering services are widely available in many RV resorts.

  • RV Campgrounds

Traditional campgrounds, which allow campers to erect tents, are limited in the amount of amenities they can offer. These RV campgrounds are very affordable, and mostly full to capacity, over the weekends and holidays.


There is usually a central dump station and water point. Most RV campgrounds offer little more than space to park your vehicle. Arrive prepared.

They are also staffed by volunteers and park rangers, so be patient if you need help.

RV Campgrounds are rated to enable you, the RVer, to know what is available before settling in:

  1. Primitive:  no utilities whatsoever
  2. Electric power: electric hook-ups available
  3. Full hook-up: electricity, water, and sewer are available
Yellow stone

Most state and national parks have an RV campground.

Private campgrounds are usually located close by and may provide a more serene environment.

  • RV Parks

RV parks mostly cater to travel trailer owners. They are privately owned and are usually family-friendly. RV parks are great for long-term guests, offering electricity and water hook-ups at the least.

Rosepoint campground

Overnight stays at a park can cost as little as $15.

  • RV Resorts

These are usually found close to an attraction that draws crowds. RV resorts offer swimming and golf lessons, fitness centers, and full hook-ups, as well as other amenities. They function in a similar way to a gated community.


Some only allow specific classes of RVs into their grounds, so ensure you do your research before booking.

The differences between these three types of accommodations vary, depending on who you ask and where you are, but having a general idea of what to expect when you arrive, at any of these sites, will help you settle in faster.

Which do you prefer? RV Campgrounds, RV Parks, or RV Resorts? Tell us below.

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How much can you make renting your RV?

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