RV Battery Box – 7 Things You Need To know

Published on September 17th, 2019

Your RV batteries are very important! Without them, you can’t power anything in your vehicle, or even get it moving in the first place. Since it’s such an important piece of equipment, you want to take a little time to make sure it’s protected. You need an RV battery box to shield your battery from the elements and to keep you safe.

Sometimes you can purchase batteries with the RV battery boxes included, but if they don’t come with one, or if you need a replacement, they’re easy enough to find. Here are some things to consider before you purchase an RV battery box.

1. Know what type of battery you have

Your RV runs on two kinds of batteries – the started battery gets the engine going, and the deep cycle batteries operate everything in your rig when you’re camping and not connected to shore power. Starting batteries are usually 12v and should never be used as deep cycle – sometimes called “house” – batteries. House batteries are often 6v and provide a steady flow of energy for long periods of time. You can also use 12v batteries, or 6v batteries wired in-series, for your house batteries.

2. Battery Prices

Do some online research (and check this site, of course!) to get an idea of battery prices and what you should expect to pay. For help picking the very best battery without getting scammed, this article is very helpful.

3. More on RV battery boxes

Now that you understand your battery, why do you need a battery box? The battery box is a lightweight carrying case that will protect your battery from any water, grease, or other liquids that might leak into the engine compartment and ruin it.

Some people recommend an RV battery tray in lieu of a battery box. Those are trays that are used to strap batteries into place, but they don’t actually protect your battery from leaks and water damage. Battery boxes will protect your battery much better.

4. Battery box features

The most important feature of an RV battery box is whether it can accommodate your battery. Most boxes fit most batteries, so this shouldn’t be too much of a concern, but you should check to make sure before purchasing a box that the battery will fit. Also, if you have a dual-purpose battery, make sure you purchase an RV dual battery box for it.

Many boxes feature patented designs with locking tabs that secure the top to the rest of the box to make sure it stays fastened, and have holes for the cables. Also, make sure the box is resistant to acid, oil, and exposure to the elements. You’ll also want proper ventilation to allow air to circulate. Check the specifications of the box to see how temperature-resistant it is if you’re going to be in extreme heat or cold.

5. Vented RV battery boxes

As mentioned above, ventilation is important in a battery box as well. Vented RV battery boxes include a kit so you can install the battery indoors. They can be useful, but they are more expensive and more complicated to install than a standard battery box. If you do want a battery inside your rig, talk to a local dealer to see how much that will cost before committing.

6. Battery box prices

In general, RV battery boxes are pretty inexpensive. The NOCO snap-top battery box for a single 6v battery is currently under $10 on Amazon, and an Attwood battery box is around $18. A vented battery box is more – the Lavanture plastic vented box is currently around $30 on Amazon. A dual box is the most expensive – around $90 for this Dual Battery Box.

7. Where to buy RV battery boxes

We pointed out a few places online where you can purchase RV battery boxes – Amazon sells them, as well as dealers like Camping World. You can also find them on the individual websites for the makers of the boxes. Stores like Home Depot, Walmart, and Batteries Plus also have a variety of boxes. Do a little online sleuthing and price comparing to find the best deal – and don’t forget to factor in shipping if it isn’t offered free!

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How much can you make renting your RV?

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