Choosing The Best RV Awning Shade


You might think that because your motorhome comes with an RV awning, that you’re all set when it comes to hanging out in the sun, protected and cool. But if you’ve tried your awning on a particularly warm or bright day, you’ve probably noticed that the shade is minimal and the sun seems to follow you even under the awning. There’s another way to improve your current set up with an RV awning shade. We’ll go over the types of shades, their materials and their setups and you can decide which is best for you on your next hot day by the camper.

Types of RV Awning Sun Shades

There are a few types of RV awning sunshades out there. They vary in cost, material and east of installation. But all operate under a similar premise, which is that you need something at the edge of your motorhome’s awning to further reflect the sun’s intense rays. They differ in their materials and the way they are anchored to the ground.

One of the most common RV awning shades comes in a complete kit. You can buy these kits online and they come with everything you need to create your own cool space. They come in various sizes depending on your RV and they typically feature a vinyl-coated polyester shade. These shades are attached to the edge of the awning and they anchor to the ground with bungee cords. They are easy to install and can be rolled into the awning for storage.

Other RV awning shades are made of similar material but anchored to the ground with stakes or sandbags. This might work depending on where you’re set up for the time being. If you’re out in the desert where the ground is harder and a stake won’t work, sandbags might. In a soft, grassy area stakes will be just fine. Say you’re on a beach or in a shady area. You’ll likely need to weigh the shade down if you can’t anchor it into the ground.

Some drop shades simply hang off the edge of the awning and don’t necessarily need to be anchored in any way. Of course, even a slight breeze will move these shades. However, they are considered a very easy option for some added comfort and can reflect up to 85 percent of the sun’s rays.

Look for a material that UV resistant, lightweight and mildew resistant.

RV Awning Sun Rooms

Of course, you can get really upscale with your shade options by going a step further and getting yourself an RV sunroom.

Sunrooms for motorhomes are essentially four-sided RV awning suns shades. So instead of just one panel of sun-resistant material, you’ll get three, and these will create a small room to keep out the heat. Sunrooms typically zip at the corners and sometimes feature windows made out of different plastic materials.

Because they take more time to install, you might only consider them for longterm road trips or a more permanent set up. A pro is that they also keep out the bugs while allowing a gentle breeze. You can’t say the same for a simple sunshade on your awning.

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