A Renovated Camper Turned Into The Perfect Tiny House

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Tiny homes pack a lot of house into one compact building. For this reason, they are a favorite among many. But what if you want your own tiny house, but don’t have enough money or the experience to build one? If you’re anything like Julia Fowler, you get creative and build one from salvaged materials.

Although Julia loved the concept of tiny houses, there were two real obstacles that stood in her way — money and know-how. But after doing some research, she found a solution that she could live with. The answer was to renovate an old RV! Julia realized that renovating an RV would cost less money and be easier to remodel so she and her boyfriend bought a thirty-year-old Fleetwood Prowler travel trailer. To keep costs low, they did all the renovation work themselves using reclaimed materials whenever they could.

It only took them six months to create their dream home. The are still a few things to do (like raising the roof and adding wooden siding) but for now it is the perfect tiny home.

Interested in learning more? Check out some of the renovations that they made to the 30 year old Fleetwood Prowler.

The stairs hide a small storage area used to hold their odds and ends.

They turned an old mixing bowl with a hole cut in the bottom for drainage into an unique and functional sink.

Old maps create inexpensive wallpaper. Adds a class touch doesn’t it?

The kitchen has a metal backsplash that was fashioned from a propane tank and the countertops are made from standard lumber.

To create her living room area, Julia added new upholstery to an old couch. For extra storage space, they placed it on top of hidden cabinets.

Old skateboards were re-purposed to create unique shelving in the kitchen.

For extra counter space, they added a pull-out element in the kitchen.

A new skylight in the bedroom lets in extra light. It’s also ideal for star gazing on a clear night.

To see more take a look at Julia’s YouTube channel and watch the video below featuring details about the renovations.

What do you think of the renovations they made? Would you embark on a project like this? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: Tiny House For Us