Read This: RV Step Covers, Slide Out Covers, and More…

Have you seen a truck whose paint job is faded and cracked? How about cracked tires? Sun-baked tires are not safe and will fall apart once you hit cruising speeds.

Does your RV spend most of the time outside in the sun? It will very easily, and very quickly, get damaged by UV rays. If you cannot store your RV in a garage, invest in RV covers.

RV covers not only protect from damage due to UV, they also reflect rays, keeping your rig cooler. If your RV is properly covered and protected from the elements, dirt, chemicals, and even dust cannot damage it.

  • RV step covers
Rv step cover

Step covers are a great addition to any RV. Step covers usually provide traction to an otherwise slippery step. Invest in a step cover to prevent slips.

  • RV tire covers
Rv tire covers installed

Sun-rotted tires need not be a concern. It can cost upwards of $2000 to replace the tires on your motorhome, so protect them. RV tire covers cost less than $100.

  • RV slide-out covers
Rv slide out cover

Slide-out covers prevent debris from landing on the roof. Covers made from the tightest webbing, using the thickest material, are best for slide-out covers.

If your slide-out cover is worn and needs replacing, measure its size and order from a reputable manufacturer.

Read all installation instructions carefully, as each manufacturer has different instructions.

Remove the old fabric and replace with the new.

RV slide-out covers should be installed over each slide-out unit. This is because the slide-out seal is vulnerable to tears. A slide-out cover will protect the seal from debris. RV slide-out covers may also shield from sun exposure and are also helpful in shedding water, though this is not their purpose.
If debris gets stuck on your slide-out, it may cause irreparable damage. RV slide-out covers are:

  1. Virtually maintenance-free.
  2. Automatic–extend and retract with the slide-out.
  3. Able to keep the slide-out cool, by reflecting the sun’s glare.
  • RV windshield covers
Windshield cover

RV windshield covers are meant to protect the dashboard. They also prevent your chairs from fading, due to exposure to UV. A windshield cover can also act as a privacy curtain, if your RV did not come with them already installed.

  • RV dashboard covers
Rv dash-cover-medium-blue

RV dashboard covers are meant to protect the plastic on the dashboard from wear, due to the sun’s rays.

  • RV seat covers
Rv seat cover

Seat covers protect your furniture from the damaging effects of the sun. Investing in covers for your seats will keep them looking new for a long time.

  • RV roof cover
ADCO roof cover

An RV roof cover is meant to protect your roof from the sun’s rays.

You are heavily invested in your vehicle, so you should protect it. RV covers help your vehicle retain value.

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