Attention Owners! Our Tips for Boosting Rentals

Phew! Is the AC on? I sure hope so. When exactly did it get so hot out again?

Of course, along with hand-held fans, floating beer koozies, quick-dry beach towels and a whole lot of fun in the sun, the onset of summer means another thing for RVshare owners: some extra pocket change!

With so many families taking to the road to explore the great outdoors, you’ve got all kinds of opportunities to rent your RV and earn a little side income. Of course, like any other business, excellent motorhome rental is a bit of an art as well as a science — and there are certain steps you can take that’ll help ensure you’re successful.

(Hey renters: This is actually good news for you, too. Since RVshare owners have to compete for your business, they’re incentivized to provide you the best service and quality possible, which means you can rest assured that your RVshare experience will be a successful, stress-free one. If you’re lucky, you may even find some fun extras in your rental, like free coffee or a bottle of wine as a welcome — hint, hint, owners!)

So: ready to make some money while putting smiles on campers’ faces? Here are our best tips for boosting your RVshare rental income.

1. Make your RV rental convenient and quick with Instant Book.

From last-minute weekend getaways to the simplicity of not having to wonder whether or not your reservation’s final, Instant Book makes the booking process simpler — and thus more appealing — for all kinds of campers. It helps on your end, too; when you don’t have to confirm each renter individually, you’ll be able to fulfill more rental requests more quickly… which means more money in the bank!

Instant Book can also boost your listing in the RVshare search results, which means more eyeballs — and more rental opportunities.

2. Use SmartMatch to help widen your renter net.

Unfamiliar with SmartMatch?

SmartMatch is an excellent tool available to all RVshare owners, which connects them with renters who have yet to book. Using it shows the renter — and the RVshare algorithm — that you’re reliable and responsive, which can ultimately boost your rankings and increase your chances at finding the renters who are looking for you.

3. Make your used motorhome rental shine with great photography.

Image via Country Living

If your camper rental’s got a few years under its belt, that’s no problem. In fact, so long as it’s well-maintained and comfortably appointed, it might even be a better rental vehicle than the brand-new versions renters sometimes find on traditional dealership lots — you’ve had the chance to work all the bugs out!

But when renters are browsing through RVshare’s listings and considering their options, it’s important to ensure your motorhome or travel trailer rental looks its very best in the photos. After all, those photos, along with your description, are the only way your prospective renters know what to expect. Make sure you include lots of accurate, high-quality photos of your vehicle, both inside and outside.

It helps to include a few extra homey touches, which will make not only for cozier-looking photos, but also an actually-cozier experience for your campers! Small, affordable extras like scented candles, decorative throw-pillows, and thematically-appropriate tea towels (seriously, look how cute this is) can really bring your RV’s interior together and make it pop.

4. The best RV rental is the one with the quickest response time.

When a prospective renter is browsing through motorhome rentals, she’s likely to take several different factors into consideration. Is she looking for a great big, luxury Class A or Class C rental, or is she hoping to find some killer RV rental deals on a more modest set-up, like a sleeper van? Where in the USA is her RV rental journey starting from, and does she prefer to tow a trailer or drive a motorhome?

However, as important as RV rental prices are, there’s another factor at play that could make or break your rental process. In short, don’t underestimate the power of a speedy response!

Responding to prospective renters quickly boosts their confidence in your service and shows you’ll be around to answer questions once they’re on the road, as well. And no matter what the price, many campers agree that the best motorhome rental is one you know you can rely on.

5. Increase your chance of RV hire by giving your listing a catchy title.

Don’t get us wrong, your RVshare listing’s title should definitely be descriptive. People need to know the make, model, and size of RV they’re looking at.

However, your title is also one of the first impressions your prospective renters get when considering your vehicle, and it’s an opportunity for you to exercise your creativity and make your rig’s unique qualities shine.

For instance, if you have a vintage trailer that’s decorated in 50s-diner style, put that in your listing’s title (and take lots of photos, too!). Maybe you’ve upgraded your included RV mattress with a memory foam topper or extra-cushy, Queen-sized pillows. Maybe you’re willing to add tow service to your travel trailer rental, which is a top-of-the-line Airstream. But no matter what amazing extras your RV has to offer, your renters won’t know about them unless you advertise them — so find ways to get that information into your listing efficiently as possible. Since it’s literally the first thing they see, the title is a great option in this regard.

Looking for even more tips on boosting your RVshare rental income and finding more of the renters who are looking for your vehicle?

We’ve written about this topic here on the blog before, so here are a few more posts for you to check out that may just help you in your venture.

Good luck, owners — and enjoy your trip(s), renters!

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How much can you make renting your RV?

See How Much You Can Make

How much can you make renting your RV?

See How Much You Can Make

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