Meet the Owner Series: The Saravia Family


At RVshare, our goal is to make RV travel a reality for everyone. Through transactional rental, we empower owners to become entrepreneurs, and renters to find adventure on the open road. Building a connection between RV owners and renters goes beyond a simple service – it is the foundation for memories made that will last a lifetime.

Today our spotlight is Eduardo from California!

Smiling family of four - two young boys sit on their mother's lap, father stands behind

Tell us a little about yourself!

Hi my name is Eduardo and I am a father of two little boys. I rent out my father’s RV on his behalf to help them earn a little extra income instead of the RV staying parked for long periods of time. We are lucky to enjoy our RV just as much as our renters have for the past couple years.

Why did you decide to rent out your RV?

When my father first purchased his motor home, he was excited for all the future trips our family would take with it. During the first year, we took it camping a few times, but it was mostly parked in the driveway. I had seen the website for RVShare and talked to my father about it and convinced him to rent it out and earn money for his RV rather than just have it parked.

How many RVs do you rent out today?

I have a 2017 Thor Windsport 29M, but we are in the market up to trade in for a newer RV with bunk beds.

Class A motorhome with side slide-out extended

What is your favorite RV and why?

I like this first RV we have, but I have always liked RVs with bunk beds. My dream RV is the Fleetwood Discovery LXE 44G bunkhouse model. I love everything about that RV from the strong 450Hp Cummins Engine to the tile flooring and color of cabinetry.

Why did you choose to use RVshare?

I had seen an ad on both Facebook and Instagram and clicked on the link. I saw how easy the process was to sign up and set up the profile. I had also looked at other RV rental sites for comparison, and I thought RVshare was the better option.

What advice would you give to new RV owners?

Renting your RV is very simple and getting to know the renter before they book the RV is a plus. The majority of renters I’ve had, had some experience driving RVs or trucks. I would also tell new RV owners that any RV rented or not requires a lot of regular maintenance for all the different components RVs come with. RVshare helps new owners with emails, links, and information on certain DIY maintenance or repair and where are great places to go camping yourself.

What’s the biggest mistake you see first-time renters make?

One mistake I have seen other new RV owners make is not taking the time to get to know their RV inside and out and learn how to easily maintain the RV to avoid bigger issues in the future. There are certain things that may need professional service, but you can learn how to troubleshoot [many issues] easily that don’t require you to drive the RV to a service center.

Father sits with two young sons outside a Class A RV

What has been your favorite RV trip and why?

My favorite RV trip thus far has been going to Puerto Peñasco, Mexico with my family and another fellow RVshare owner and his family. We spent 1 week in an RV resort walking distance to the beach. It was very close to the city center and sand dunes where we traveled to and from on ATVs. Being a coastal town there was plenty of seafood and traditional Mexican food that ranged from little food carts to restaurants.

What is your dream RV vacation?

There are so many state parks and national parks I want to visit like Yosemite NP, Sequoia NP, Yellowstone NP, but one trip that I want to do is drive to Calgary, Alberta in Canada and visit family during their annual Stampede festival.

Thanks for sharing, Eduardo!

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