Meet the Owner Series: Nancy from North Carolina

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At RVshare, our goal is to make RV travel a reality for everyone. Through transactional rental, we empower owners to become entrepreneurs, and renters to find adventure on the open road. Building a connection between RV owners and renters goes beyond a simple service – it is the foundation for memories made that will last a lifetime.

Today our spotlight is Nancy from North Carolina! 

Tell us a little about yourself!

I am a grandmother of 13 grandsons and two granddaughters. We also look forward having a great time together as a family. At the top of our list is going to see all of the major parks, canyons, and caves. [We look forward to] just having fun, cooking out and enjoying one another.

Why did you decide to rent out your RV?

[I thought when we weren’t using it,] the RV could be useful for other families.

How many RVs do you rent out today?

This is my very first one hopefully to be acquiring more so other families can enjoy.

What is your favorite RV and why?

Travel trailer. 

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Why did you choose to use RVshare?

I went online and started looking for rentals for RVs. I came across RVshare [and they looked] to be accommodating for safety. It just seems logical that they were the best ones.

What advice would you give to new RV owners?

Enjoy [the RV] with your family [while] looking forward to other families to enjoy it as well.

What has been your favorite RV trip and why?

Upstate New York

What’s the biggest mistake you see first-time renters make?

Just checking to see whether or not they have the correct information on how your RV is handled. [I always] go over all the safety units [and take] for a test drive to accommodate their needs.

What is your dream RV vacation?

Las Vegas

Thanks for sharing, Nancy!

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