Glamping in Hawaii


Hawaii is the perfect combination of tropical jungles, breathtaking beaches, volcanic landscapes, and coral reefs, making it the ideal place to take a dream vacation, especially if you like RVing or glamping in the great outdoors. Glamping is glamorous camping, which means that you can spend some time outdoors without sacrificing the high-end amenities you have come to love. Since the climate in Hawaii stays mostly between 75 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the year, it’s a great place to enjoy if you are looking for an outdoor experience. The water is wonderful for surfing in the winter, but it is warmer for beachgoers during the summer months.

A brightly lit tropical cabana in a forest with dense vegetation and a wooden walkway.

Glamping Sites in Hawaii

Big Island Tree House

The Big Island Tree House is a luxury site that offers two floors for an entire family to enjoy. It has French windows that allow you to enjoy the surrounding area from your bed if you choose. There is also a deck where you can enjoy the rainforest. In addition to being close to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, there are also beaches nearby and a hot tub on-site that you can enjoy.

Volcano Tree House

This treehouse, which is located in Volcano, Hawaii, is a unique experience if you are looking for options to go glamping in Hawaii. The treehouse is off the grid, but electricity for the site is provided using solar power. If you have never seen an active volcano up close, then from this room, you can see the Kilauea Volcano. During the day, there is gray smoke coming from the volcano, but at night, the same smoke will be red with sprits of lava coming from it.

Magic Lotus Tent – Hana

For a more secluded natural location, the Magic Lotus Tent located in Hana is worth considering. You can find several different fruit trees that you are free to pick when they are in season on the property. You will discover mango trees, mandarin orange trees, lemon trees, and even avocado trees. There are also beautiful flowers around the property that make this location very relaxing. If you want to enjoy the beach during your trip, this site is only about 15 minutes away from the black and red sand beaches that this part of Hawaii is known for.

Tranquil Luxury Villa

Nestled in the mountains of Kauai, you will get a fantastic view of the surrounding forest from this villa. This one-bedroom villa is fully air-conditioned, and it has an on-site spa that you can enjoy. Walk through the gardens and take in the stunning views, or relax in the secluded hot tub for a more intimate vacation. There is also an outdoor shower on the property that can help make a honeymoon trip unforgettable.

Studio Yurt in Hawaiian Acres

If you want to go glamping in Hawaii, then check out Hawaiian Acres. These yurts are located in the middle of the rainforest, so you get a lovely, elevated place to stay during your trip. While you are here, you can enjoy a walk in the forest where local fruits can be found and picked, or you can take a short drive to spend some time relaxing on the beach. Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is about a 45-minute drive from this glamping site, and there you can take in Kilauea Volcano and find out more about how the eruption of May 2018 affected the landscape.

Where to Glamp in Hawaii

Before you go camping, you will need to consider which island in Hawaii you want to see the most sites on – that is the location where you will want to find a glamping site. Luxury camping sites in Hawaii are typically close to the beach, but if you prefer a mountainous setting with a pool, you are likely to find other sites farther inland. There are even more stunning views on the major Hawaiian Islands like Maui and Kauai. In addition, the national parks in Hawaii are popular destinations, so camping near them will give you plenty to explore and do on your trip.

Luxury Camping in Hawaii

When you are going luxury camping in Hawaii, you can expect your accommodations to have a fully equipped bathroom where you can take a hot shower and flush the toilet. Don’t forget to bring towels, washcloths, soap, and shampoo if it’s not provided. There should also be a comfortable bed where you can sleep at night with bedding to keep you warm. The clothing that you pack will need to be decided based on whether the location where you are staying has air conditioning and heating or not. At night, camping can get chilly, so make sure that you bring a jacket to wear if you are outside and extra blankets if there is no heat inside.

Cooking gear will most likely be included when you are glamping, but if you plan on cooking over the fire, bring your favorite outdoor cookware to use. If you are planning on surfing or snorkeling, make sure that you bring or arrange to rent any gear that you will need. Bring water bottles for each person to stay hydrated if you are planning on hiking, and make sure to stock up on bug repellant and sunscreen. Before you head out on your trip, check out our blog for all you need to know about glamping.

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