Explore Kentucky in Spring With Your RV

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Kentucky is one of the best states to travel around in the springtime. Catch glimpses of breathtaking natural beauty while visiting some of its 49 state parks. You may be surprised to learn that Kentucky State Parks feature a wide range of landscapes, from majestic mountains to beautiful shorelines, deep caves, and majestic woodlands.

The best way to truly enjoy all of Kentucky’s natural beauty is to spend at least a few days exploring several of the state parks. To make this trip a comfortable and memorable experience for you and your family, an RV trip is a great choice.  

Kentucky State Parks cater to those with traveling in RVs by providing 31 campgrounds spread all over the state. These parks offer beautiful locations, and a variety of services to help you make the best of your travel experience.

Kentucky Bourbon Trail barrels

While visiting Kentucky State Parks why not take a side trip on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail?

This scenic route located between Louisville and Lexington reflects the state’s signature tradition of creating world-class bourbon. You can view or visit huge distilleries and warehouses as you drive along this trail. The idea behind this trail is to give you a first-hand glimpse into how bourbons are made in Kentucky. Start with the Maker’s Mark Distillery located in Loretto and wind through nine distilleries to get the full experience.

A great place to stay if you want to visit the Kentucky Bourbon Trail is My Old Kentucky Home State Park.

The park offers all the right amenities to make your RV trip a success. It has utility hookups, shower areas, restrooms, and everything else you need to stay comfortable. A grocery store and a laundry are also located nearby for your convenience. The park area is breathtaking with abundant trees, a golf course, a museum, an outdoor theater, and more.

In short, an excellent way to explore the beauty of Kentucky is by taking a trip to this amazing state in your RV.

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