Want to Live Off-Grid? Then These Coolest Vehicles Will Definitely Motivate You!

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Renouncing the big city to live in the wilderness is a tough call. I mean who would want to leave behind their friends and family, for a large dose of fresh air. Not all of us are able to do that, so we are left in a miserable situation where a meaningless job and high levels of daily pollution compel us.

Luckily, we have a lot of new vehicles that can change our mind. Some of them come at an affordable price, while others are the best thing to dedicate your life to. If you can purchase one of these babies you won’t have any problems with starting a new life. From owning state of the art technology on the open road to driving a small car that turns into a giant home, these vehicles are  something to look up on. So I urge you to investigate these coolest vehicles before you decide to take a large bite out of nature.

The Chrysler Town and Country Van

This van is “Designed with innovation and focused on family”. It can easily go from seven seats to two in just a few minutes. It has great technology and a SafetyTec Package that comes with a lot of features. Those features include blind spot monitoring, rear cross path detection, rain-sensitive windshield wipers, ParkSense rear park assist and the tire pressure monitoring display. The technologies include a cool display with voice command for easy navigation through your mobile device or available music. The blue-ray system offers high quality sound and can pair up through Bluetooth with 10 devices. This way multiple participants can play their favorite music or videos.

The price for this beauty starts at $29,999. You can learn more by clicking here

VW Doubleback

Now this is the future of campers. The DoubleBack has a innovating design and it’s constructed from the aircraft industry standard materials.  It has a lot of furniture or interior features and it’s built both for left and right hand drivers. It comes with an electric slide out read Pod that expands the vehicle almost 2 meters in length. It was made to offer enough space and comfort, but kept the advantages of a smaller vehicle. In about 45 seconds the pod expands and gives you two extra rooms. It’s great to own since you won’t have any problems with parking spaces.

It is roughly $89,000 and you can check it out here.

The EarthRoamer

This vehicle is The Global Leader in Xpedition Vehicle Engineering, Design and Manufacture. It’s bassed on a Ford F-550 or F – 650 and they have leading technologies and high quality materials. You can take this vehicle in the harshest environments using the 46″ military tires. Besides this you will benefit from the massive solar arrays, huge battery bank, 200 gallons of fresh water, a washer/dryer and many more advantages. It is 100% American made, hand-built in Colorado. You will love this vehicle!

The price starts at $61,000 but with some extra features and state of the art technology it reaches $250,000. See more here.

Saab Toppola


This is a interesting camper shell originally mounted on a Saab 99 combi coupé. Designers removed the hatch and placed it on the Toppola. This great innovation turned the car into a vampervanin in 15 to 30 minutes. Although it looks small, it has a full standing height of 2 m and a 170 by 200 cm bed. You can even add a heater and a complete kitchen.

The price for this vehicle starts from $5,500. More details here.

Strand Yacht

If you want to be a little outrageous, then I suggest you aim for the Strand Yacht. This is the world most expensive yacht and it comes with your very own supercar. Of course state of the art technology and smooth transportation is implemented in the design. If you want to chill in the vehicle you can enjoy the retractable pool on the deck. Now this sea house doesn’t come cheep.

It has an outrageous price of $25 million, but you can find a few “cheaper” models. You can see a nice presentation here.

Maybach Exelero

Now I don’t know if you would live in this vehicle. Although at its spicy price you would probably have to sell your house and all your belongings. But the Maybach is among the coolest vehicles every built. It has cool gadgets and technology and you can practically take it anywhere. It is very spacious and the luxury offered by this car, is beyond decent.

The price for this vehicle is $8 million. Here’s a short insight.

VARIO Perfect Platinum

If you want comfort, elegance, style, performance and innovation, then this is the vehicle of your dreams. The Motorhome has excellent mobility and performance. It owns a lot of cool gadgets with multiple slide-outs and even comes with a car-garage for its MINI cabriolet. Within this vehicle you will find a luxury. It has cherry wood with curved furniture fronts, leather chairs, an “out-of-sight” Bose multimedia technic, SAT, 2 flat screen-TV and many more.

Price is $1.4 million. Presentation here


This vehicle is great if you like to go from the open roads to the clear waters. It is made especially for fresh waters like lakes and rivers. It has a lot of safety features and includes weather and sonar systems. It can go up to 7 Nods on water. You can easily go in and out of the water by simply driving. It has an automatic system that changes from car to boat in a couple of seconds. It has elegant furniture, gadgets, on board computer, internet access and navigation systems. It comes with a premium entertainment system that includes a 42″ plasma TV, surround system and DVD, CD and Cassette player.

This marvelous amphibious vehicle is priced at $850,000. Check out more here.

Mercedes-Benz Unimog

Now this is a badass vehicle anyone should own. It offers off-road supremacy and dominance against the upcoming zombie apocalypse. It has a lot of revolutionary innovation like central tyre inflation system with practice-oriented pre-settings, high ground clearance with portal axles, differential locks, off-road reduction gears for climbing ability up to 100%. It has Euro IV emission standards and it’s very cost orientated. It reaches up to 95 km/h and has a powerful braking system. Basically you can take this beauty anywhere and save a lot of money.

The price for this Monster is about $250,000. Learn more about it here.

eleMMent Palazzo



The most expensive and innovative motor-home in the world (at this time), eleMMent Palazoo offers its owners dozens of benefits. It all starts from its unique futuristic design that can captivate a lot of people. It has a spacious interior and even a retractable terrace on the roof. It comes with a king size bed and a futuristic driver “cockpit” where you have a lot of control over your vehicle. The RV has a second floor to separate yourself from annoying friends or where you could simply spend some time alone. It has all the gadgets you might need, from satellite dish with internet to a personal grill.

As this is among the coolest vehicles in the world, its price is an outstanding $3 million. Read more about it here.