Boondocking in New Hampshire

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New Hampshire is a great place to visit in the fall. Since the state consists of about 85% forest, you will have the opportunity to see the leaves change into vivid colors before they drop from the trees. With so much forested land, the idea of boondocking in New Hampshire can open up options to explore areas like White Mountain National Forest or explore one of the other mountains in the state. New Hampshire actually has 48 mountains that have peaks that are over 4,000 feet.

Relatively forested land made up of mostly pine trees with rolling mountains in the background and gray cloudy skies above.

Boondocking Sites in New Hampshire

Gale River Loop Road

Gale River Loop Road is located in Bethlehem, New Hampshire, and the location has about 15 campsites that can accommodate an RV that is up to 25 feet in length. These dispersed camping sites are located at the northern edge of White Mountain National Forest, which is the perfect place to enjoy wildlife viewing, hiking, and biking. Fishing and swimming opportunities are also located nearby.

Haystack Road Dispersed Camping Area

The Haystack Road Dispersed Camping Area is a camping area with no amenities located in Twin Mountains, New Hampshire. The camping area is near Little River, so fishing and swimming can be enjoyed at this location. There are also hiking trails and horseback riding trails that you can enjoy.

Jefferson Notch Road

Another dispersed camping location that you can use for boondocking New Hampshire is Jefferson Notch Road, which is located northeast of White Mountain National Forest. Located in Randolph, New Hampshire, there are up to 15 campsites at this location that are situated around a gravel road. Hunting, fishing, swimming, and hiking can be enjoyed near the campsites. There is also a lot of wildlife in the area, so bring your binoculars.

Kilkenny Loop

The Kilkenny Loop is an 11-mile dirt road that wanders through the White Mountain National Forest located near Berlin, New Hampshire. It is close to Jericho Mountain, Jericho Lake Park, Ice Gulch Town Forest, and Moose Brook State Park, so there are lots of hiking options nearby that you can explore as well as places to go swimming, fishing, and hunting. Several rusting camping sites are scattered along the road. 

White Mountain Dispersed Camping

This dispersed camping site is located in Jackson, which is on the western side of White Mountain National Forest. It is a great place to enjoy hiking, and there is plenty of wildlife in the area that you can enjoy. The sites at this location are relatively small but easily large enough for someone with a smaller RV to enjoy. There are 24 campsites in this area that you can use for RV or tent camping. 

Where to Boondock in New Hampshire

Before taking a camping trip to this area of the country, it is important to consider the locations you want to visit to know where to boondock in New Hampshire. In this state, there are many options that are free to use, and many of them are located near a lake or a mountain. You can visit the Lakes Region of the state and enjoy swimming and fishing in Lake Winnipesaukee. 

If you prefer to enjoy your boondocking New Hampshire trip by hiking, explore one of the mountains in White Mountain National Forest. Mount Washington is the most well-known option, but you can climb all of the Presidential Ranges, including Jefferson, Adams, Monroe, Piece, Madison, Jackson, and Eisenhower. You can also enjoy camping in places like Monadnock State Park.

Free Camping in New Hampshire

When preparing for your boondocking trip, there are a lot of considerations that you will need to make. Since boondocking is an amenity-free experience, you will need to bring everything that you need to cook with you. This means packing pots and pans that can be used over the fire as well as packing enough water to use while cooking. You will not have water hooked up to your camper, but anything in your tank can be used during your trip. This is not often a large tank, so it may not be much, especially if you are traveling with a few people. With that being said, bringing drinking water that can be used for cooking is a good idea. Also, make sure that you pack plenty of disposable paper plates and utensils so that you don’t have a pile of dishes that need to be washed when the water you have for the trip is limited.

While you are boondocking, you will also need to consider what you will do about the trash that you create. Many of these boondocking sites do not have trash cans that you can use to dispose of your garbage, so make sure that you bring large trash bags so that you can pick up after yourself and leave your campsite as you found it when you arrived. If someone else left trash before you arrived, be kind and pick it up so that it does not make your camping experience less enjoyable. 

New Hampshire is a great place to enjoy boondocking, especially if you enjoy hiking in the mountains or around the lakes in the state. Decide what you want to enjoy on your trip, and find a location that offers it. Before you head out on your trip, check out our blog for all you need to know about boondocking in New Hampshire.

Take advantage of the vivid fall foliage, the warm summer air, and the cool spring temperatures by booking free camping in New Hampshire. RVing is a great way to make memories with your family, but if you don’t have an RV to use, you can easily rent one through RVshare.

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