The 3 Best Front Living Room Fifth Wheels in 2022

Last updated on June 14th, 2022 at 12:28 pm. Originally published on September 28th, 2020

Front Living Fifth Wheels

Of all the fifth wheel floor plans out there, one of the least common is the “front living” layout. This isn’t to say front living fifth wheels aren’t wanted. On the contrary, these floor plans are a favorite of many RVers. It’s just that, since this floorplan is a relatively recent release, locating a front living room 5th wheel can be difficult.

Fortunately, while finding these front living room 5th wheels can be tricky, it isn’t impossible. Therefore, if this is the type of RV that you want, you should definitely stick to your guns and seek one out.

In fact, we’re going to use today’s article to help you get started on your quest to find the perfect front living room fifth wheel!

Front Living Fifth Wheels

The 3 Best Front Living Room 5th Wheels

Let’s begin by discussing our favorite front living 5th wheel models. These RVs have been handpicked for their quality, well-thought-out floor plans, and attention to detail. While they may be more expensive than some other RVs, these fifth wheels offer comfort wherever you roam, making them a worthwhile investment—especially if you plan to live in your RV full-time or travel for extended periods.

Front Living Room Fifth Wheel from Keystone
Image source: Keystone

Keystone Cougar 367FLS

Keystone products are fantastic, and the Keystone Cougar fifth wheels are no exception. The 367FLS is the front living floorplan in the Cougar lineup, and it is simply wonderful.

We love that the front living area offers so much seating. This, coupled with dual slide-outs in the space, make this living room one of the best we’ve seen for entertaining. To add to the appeal of the living area, this RV also features a gorgeous windshield, giving those hanging out in the living room a fantastic view of the world outside.

Other features we love on this particular model include the huge pass-through storage, the dining and bedroom slides, and the fact that it’s a four-season RV, meaning it can be used any time of year.

Price: $63,579

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Fifth Wheel With Front Living from Grand Design
Image source: Grand Design

Grand Design Solitude 380FL-R

Next on the list is the Grand Design Solitude 380 FL-R. Just like every other Grand Design rig we’ve ever had the pleasure of checking out, this gorgeous RV with front living room offers every comfort you could dream of.

Once again, the living area features ample seating and dual slides, making this an excellent place to hang out. Additionally, the couches make into beds, giving the kids—or guests—a comfy place to sleep at night. We also love the fireplace in the living room, as it makes the whole place feel very comfortable and just like home.

In addition to the beautiful living room, we also really like the residential finishes in this rig, which make it feel like a real home away from home. The one-and-a-half bathrooms mean nobody will ever have to wait, and the dual sinks in the master bathroom allow you and your partner to get ready for the day together.

Price: $108,781

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Front Living Fifth Wheel from Forest River
Image source: Forest River

Forest River Cardinal 3700FLX

The final trailer on our list of luxury 5th wheels with front living room layouts is the Forest River Cardinal 3700FLX. This is a really open floor plan that gives you the chance to stretch out and breathe as you enjoy your home-on-wheels.

The living area has three couches and dual slides just like the other rigs mentioned. Additionally, a fireplace and 50-inch TV grace the front wall, meaning you’ll be cozy and well entertained as you use your large and comfortable living space.

The opposing slides in the center of the RV work really well to open things up, leading to a true house-like feel, and giving you a comfy little nook for your table and chairs.

Again we have one-and-a-half bathrooms, and again we see dual sinks in the master bathroom, which is located in the very back of the RV. The queen bed is set in a slide, making the bedroom more open and spacious, but the bed is still usable even when the slide is in.

Price: Unknown

What is the Best Fifth Wheel to Live In?

Planning to live in your RV full-time? If so, you may be wondering which fifth wheel would be best for this. To be honest, this is impossible for us to answer, as there is no one-size-fits-all RV that will work for everyone. The best fifth wheel for you is the one that features a floorplan that works well for you and your family, is well-made, and is within your budget.

If you’re looking for a front living fifth wheel specifically, we recommend the Grand Design Solitude 380 FL-R for full-time living. Of all the RVs on our list, this one feels the most like a home.

Why are 5th Wheels So Expensive?

After checking out the list above and doing a bit of shopping of your own, you’ve probably noticed that fifth wheels are way more expensive than their travel trailer counterparts. Why is this?

Well, fifth wheels are larger. They require more materials and take longer to construct. On top of that, these bigger RVs tend to be higher quality. This means more expensive versions of those extra materials and even more labor put into their construction. Since these things don’t come cheap, they are wrapped up into the cost of a fifth wheel.

If you want a fifth wheel but can’t afford a brand new one, you might consider shopping for a used RV. There are plenty of pre-loved fifth wheels out there, and most have been well taken care of. You may also consider checking out other RVs and campers with lofts.

Can you Rent a 5th Wheel with Front Living Room on RVshare?

Want to try a fifth wheel before buying? Maybe you just want to take one out for a spin and aren’t looking to own at all. In these cases, renting an RV is your best bet.

Fortunately, it is totally possible to rent a front living room 5th wheel. In fact, there are a number of these RVs listed right here on RVshare. Search your area today to see the kinds of front living room fifth wheels that are available to you!

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How much can you make renting your RV?

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How much can you make renting your RV?

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