The Best Places to Find Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals for RVers

It’s that time of year again — turkeys, snow, and mistletoe are all making an appearance.

And as we know, as temperatures drop, so do prices. The holidays mean lots and lots of shopping is about to take place, and retailers gear up by offering amazing deals to entice even more spending.

You might be looking to get the perfect gift for the camper in your life, or maybe you’re eyeing some parts in your own rig that could use replacing. Maybe it’s something small, like your sewer hose or showerhead… or maybe you’re ready to invest in the upgrade to lithium batteries or install some solar panels.

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Well, if you want to save some money, November is a great time to take the plunge. But which are the best Black Friday deals for RVers? And what should you wait to get until Cyber Monday?

Don’t worry. We’ve got the scoop about all the best sales on travel and camping accessories, whether you’re shopping online or the old fashioned way.

Black Friday Sales for Travel

Even if you’re not usually big on shopping, there’s something exciting about joining in on the fun in person on Black Friday. The big rush of excited shoppers is a thrill to be a part of — and a great way to burn off some of that turkey and pie.

If you live near an RV supply or travel store, chances are they’re going to have Black Friday sales on Black Friday or even earlier. Many retailers now start their “Black Friday” sales on Thursday. Of course, it’s important to spend quality time with your family during the holidays, and no deal is worth sacrificing those hours — but it’s also true that the earlier you get to a brick-and-mortar store during these huge sales, the more selection you’ll have. When prices are that low, people do some pretty crazy things to get their hands on those items!

In-person Black Friday shopping is a great way to scope out RV accessories you might not necessarily have on your list, but could improve your camping experience. For instance, you might find some neat camping gadget you hadn’t thought of, like these nifty add-a-drawer kits that can increase your RV’s storage space. Or maybe you’re shopping for something simple and utilitarian, like a sewer connection or heated RV drinking hose, but you want to see the item with your own eyes before you commit to buying it.

All of these items can be great to find at RV accessories stores like Camping World and smaller, privately owned travel and motorhome supplies shops. But don’t forget: Your RV is a mobile home, after all, some you can find lots of housewares at “regular” stores that are hosting Black Friday sales, too!

Maybe you need a new set of dishes or bathroom towels, or maybe your welcome mat could use an upgrade. No matter what kind of interior gear you’re looking to upgrade, there are tons of stores that are well-known for putting on jaw-dropping Black Friday sales. Here are some well-known favorites:

  • Walmart
  • Target
  • Kohl’s
  • Macy’s
  • Sears

RV Shopping

One reason shoppers like Black Friday deals and sales is because it gives them the chance to buy expensive items, like electronics, at much better prices. After all, saving a large percentage of your purchase price is always great, but it adds up to a lot more when that price tag is high to begin with!

If you’re looking for some nice electronics to add to your RV, whether it’s a new flat-screen TV or an RV GPS system, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are great times to get them. You can certainly choose to shop in-person on Black Friday, both at electronics stores like Best Buy and RV-specific outlets — but if you know the exact model of a specific item, it’s also simple just to order online. That’s when Cyber Monday deals come in handy: You can get the very best prices without having to deal with all the crazy crowds and weird hours!

Cyber Monday deals take place at just about as many retailers as host Black Friday specials, but some of the best are vendors that are always web-specific. For instance, Amazon hosts amazing Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, as well as having their own special sales, and you can also check out electronic-specific websites like Newegg.

Travel Gear

The whole point of camping is to have an adventure, right? But sometimes, adventures take a little bit of preparation.

Maybe you’re ready to spring for a new kayak or you’ve been waiting for the right time to get a fresh set of ski poles. No matter what kind of fun you’re getting into, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are great opportunities to upgrade your gear.

Once again, check with your regular outdoor and sporting goods stores to see whether or not they’re participating in these big annual sales, because not all vendors do. For example, REI hosts an “opt outside” program, providing all of its employees with the day off instead of feeding into the Black Friday madness. Great for them… but not so much for you if you wind up standing at their door and facing a “closed” sign!

Black Friday Specials

As you can see, Black Friday specials and Cyber Monday deals are really useful for RVers who want to see the world and take on the road without draining their bank accounts. From camper parts and accessories to home goods and outdoor gear, Black Friday sales are worth digging into, whether you opt to do so online or in person.

One more note for the thrifty camper: If you like saving money, you should consider signing up for a Passport America membership. This discount camping club gets you 50% off your campsite fees at almost 1900 campgrounds nationwide — and some of those are in Mexico and Canada! With an annual membership fee of less than $50, the program easily pays for itself the very first time you use it.

Hey, you do like saving money, right? That’s what we thought!

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