Seneca State Forest RV & Campground Guide

West Virginia

Seneca State Forest is the oldest state forest in West Virginia. Established in 1924, this forest sits at 3,245 feet in elevation high in the Allegheny Mountains. The 11,684 acres that fill-up Seneca State Forest include mountains, deep valleys, and an impressive panorama of the Greenbrier River, which runs parallel with the border between West Virginia and Virginia. The area draws visitors from as far away as Richmond, VA and Cincinnati, OH, for its beauty, wildlife, angling opportunities, and hiking trails. The nearby town of Dunmore, WV serves as a staging area for many group expeditions intending to explore the forest. The iconic Seneca State Forest Fire Tower, which stands 65 feet tall on one of the highest peaks in the woods, provides a 360-degree panorama that stretches across the entire forest, over the Greenbrier River, and into the plains of Virginia. 

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Spring 26-68 F
Summer 53-79 F
Fall 28-71 F
Winter 18-40 F
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RV Resorts & Campsites in Seneca State Forest

Using an RV to camp in the Seneca State Forest and its surrounding area is the ideal choice. When using an RV, you are assured of a comfortable, warm, and safe place to spend the night after a day of adventure. It is easy to move from one place to another with an RV as you are always packed and ready to go. Check out RVshare to find an RV to rent for your Seneca State Forest adventure. 

East Fork Campground

East Fork Campground is a privately owned RV park located 18 miles north of Seneca State Forest. The campground offers 24 RV campsites, two of which are pull-throughs. Nestled alongside the East Fork of the Greenbrier River, the campground provides access to the river for anglers and swimmers. Hiking, biking, and horseback riding trails run throughout the campground. A playground is available for kids to work out excess energy.

  • Water Hookup: Yes

  • Electric Hookup: 20/30 amp

  • Sewer Hookup: Yes

  • Wi-Fi Available: Yes

  • Pet-friendly: Yes

  • Other amenities: Restrooms with flush toilets, fire rings, picnic tables, warm showers, dump station, laundry facility

  • Fee: $21 to $40 per night

Island Campground

Just over 20 miles northeast of Seneca State Forest is Island Campground. The campground is operated by the United States Forest Service and offers 12 primitive RV camping sites. Island Campground is a favorite barebones campground for anglers because of its proximity to the East Fork of the Greenbrier River and Long Run Creek. The campground is an attractive location to stop, rest, and enjoy the solitude of the deep Allegheny Mountains.

  • Water Hookup: No

  • Electric Hookup: No

  • Sewer Hookup: No

  • Wi-Fi Available: No

  • Pet-friendly: Yes

  • Other amenities: Vault toilets, fire rings, picnic tables

  • Fee: $10 per night

Day Run Campground

Just 26 miles southwest of Seneca State Forest is the Day Run Campground. The campground is operated by the United States Forest Service, which maintains 12 primitive RV camping sites. Every site is a back-in, with the longest site being 30 feet. These sites are wide enough to deploy slide-outs. Anglers use this campsite for much of the season as it is close to the Greenbrier River, several of its tributaries, and many small lakes. The campground is generally filled with hunters seeking deer, wild turkeys, and other game during hunting seasons.

  • Water Hookup: No

  • Electric Hookup: No

  • Sewer Hookup: No

  • Wi-Fi Available: No

  • Pet-friendly: Yes

  • Other amenities: Vault toilets, lantern posts, fire rings, picnic tables

  • Fee: $8 per night

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What to Do at
Seneca State Forest

Inside Seneca State Forest

Water, and its access, are an essential part of any visit to Seneca State Forest. Visitors can fish in the 3-acre Seneca Lake or in the Greenbrier River and its tributaries that run through the forest (swimming is prohibited in Seneca Lake but is allowed in any other pooling area within the forest's boundaries). Hiking trails comprising over 35 miles of varying terrain, including one rated as ADA accessible, are available for hiking, biking, and horseback riding. Properly licensed hunters use the forest as a place to pursue deer, bear, wild turkeys, ruffed grouse, and other game when in season. However, the favorite activity of many who visit Seneca State Forest is simply enjoying nature. 

Outside Seneca State Forest

There are several towns near the borders of Seneca State Forest that provide for the needs of visitors. These small communities offer various restaurants and shops that work with the natural beauty of the forest. For more extensive shopping centers, visitors must travel 50 miles or more as the small populations of the towns near the forest cannot support such businesses. To complete a vacation at Seneca State Forest, there are many family activities at museums, wildlife preserves, and fun sites surrounding the forest area. 


Appalachia Kitchen

Try the Appalachia Kitchen for a fresh taste. Their ingredients are always fresh, and their dishes are unique. Try their Joyce Farms duo of duck for something different yet memorable.

Type: American

Location: 5811 Snowshoe Drive, Snowshoe, WV 26209

Old Spruce Café and Tavern

For those times when you want to dash into a café and dash out with your food, try the Old Spruce Café and Tavern. This restaurant specializes in sandwiches and wraps of a different nature. For something unique, try their smoked trout wrap or the Dave's Rueben.

Type: American

Location: 10 Snowshoe Drive, Snowshoe, WV 26209

The Pizza Slice

Sometimes, after an energy crunching day of adventure at Seneca State Forest, only a pizza will satisfy that deep hunger. When that happens, visit The Pizza Slice. Here you can build your pizza or select one of their customer favorites, like the Wild Shroom, for a filling and tasty meal.

Type: Pizzeria

Location: 5811 Snowshoe Drive, Snowshoe, WV 26209


Artful Gifts

Take a short but scenic drive east and across the border into Virginia to find Artful Gifts, a unique gift shop for art lovers. The shop concentrates on wall art and jewelry and only presents pieces created by local artists. Here you find some unique wall paintings and bracelets available anywhere.

Location: 127 West Mill Alley, Monterey, VA 24465

Walmart Supercenter

The nearest store with a variety of products is the Walmart Supercenter in Elkins, WV. If you come up with a list of products you need to continue camping during your stay at Seneca State Forest, drive the 57 miles south to Elkins. These stores have groceries, medical supplies, camping supplies, and apparel, to name a few items of interest to campers.

Location: 40 Jett Lane, Elkins, WV 26241


National Radio Astronomy Observatory

Just 10 miles north of Seneca State Forest is the National Radio Astronomy Observatory. This facility is the first of its kind created in the United States. Since the first radio telescope was built in 1958, the site has seen several new radio telescopes deployed with amazing results.

Location: Route 28/92, Green Bank, WV 24944

Cass Scenic Railroad State Park

Rediscover the age of lumber and its effect on the past, present, and future of West Virginia by visiting the Cass Scenic Railroad State Park. A steam locomotive and railroad cars take you along an 11-mile trek to a reconstruction of a typical logging community. In this town, there are re-enactments of the living conditions people suffered through to create wood products for housing in towns and cities across the United States.

Location: 12363 Cass Road, Cass, WV 24927

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How to Get to
Seneca State Forest

The quickest route to Seneca State Forest from Richmond, VA, is to get onto Interstate 95 North (I-95 N) and drive for 3.4 miles. Keep right at the fork to get onto Interstate 64 West (I-64 W). Drive 101.3 miles on I-64 W toward Charlottesville. Turn right at Exit 220 to get onto State Route 262. Drive for 0.2 miles on State Route 262 and turn left to get onto United States Highway 250 (US-250) and go for 1.7 miles. Take a slight right onto State Route 732. After traveling State Route 732 for 0.1 miles, take a slight left to get onto US-250 W. Drive on US-250 W for 42.5 miles and then turn left onto United States Highway 220 (US-220) and drive for 3.9 miles. 

Turn right onto Virginia Highway 84 West (VA-84 W). In 14.8 miles, you cross the border into West Virginia, and VA-84 W becomes West Virginia Highway 84 West (WV-84 W). After driving on WV-84 W for 4.6 miles, turn right onto West Virginia Highway 92 North (WV-92 N). Go for 0.5 miles and turn left onto Thorny Creek Mountain Road. Drive 3.9 miles and then turn right onto West Virginia Highway 28 North (WV-28 N). Drive for 0.7 miles and turn left onto Public Road 1/8. The entrance to Seneca State Forest is directly ahead on the left. 

Entering Seneca State Forest

Seneca State Forest's day-use areas are open 24 hours per day year-round.

Seneca State Forest Entry fee : $0.0

You'll make memories that last a lifetime when you take an RV adventure to Seneca State Forest. If you don't have an RV of your own, rent one with RVshare! If you share your trip photos on social media, be sure to tag us, or send them to [email protected] for a chance to be featured on our blog.