Big Bend Ranch State Park RV & Campground Guide


As vast and expansive as its outdoor wonders, Big Bend Ranch State Park covers over 300,000 acres of rugged terrain in the Big Bend region of Texas. The park is situated on the western edge of the Chihuahuan Desert, with the Rio Grande forming the southern border. The climate in the area is arid and semi-arid, with temperatures that vary widely between day and night. The average high temperature in the summer months reaches up to 95°F while the average low in winter is around 35°F. The nearby Big Bend National Park, Davis Mountains State Park, and El Paso are just a few noteworthy destinations within driving distance of the park. Nearby cities: • Marfa, TX • Presidio, TX • Study Butte, TX • Study Butte-Terlingua, TX

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Spring 45 F - 85 F
Summer 65 F - 95 F
Fall 50 F - 80 F
Winter 35 F - 65 F
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RV Resorts & Campsites in Big Bend Ranch State Park

Big Bend Ranch State Park Campsites • Water hookup: No • Electrical hookup: No • Sewer hookup: No • Wi-Fi: No • Pet-friendly: Yes • Max RV length: 45 feet • Other amenities: Picnic tables and fire rings Maverick Ranch RV Park • Water hookup: Yes • Electrical hookup: Yes • Sewer hookup: Yes • Wi-Fi: Yes • Pet-friendly: Yes • Max RV length: 68 feet • Other amenities: Private showers and laundry setup Loma Paloma RV Park • Water hookup: Yes • Electrical hookup: Yes • Sewer hookup: Yes • Wi-Fi: No • Pet-friendly: Yes • Max RV length: 70 feet • Other amenities: Hot showers and laundry

Big Bend Ranch State Park Campsites

By far the best way to get the full Big Bend experience is to stay at the Big Bend Ranch State Park Campsites. Every site is primitive, so there are no hookups—however, you won’t even notice once you see the stunning views and the breathtaking night sky. Each site has a picnic table and a fire ring, and most accommodate between eight and 12 people. Choose an Interior District site to be surrounded by the canyons and mountains, or go with a River District site and drift off to the sound of running water. Keep in mind that you must pick up a camping permit before you enter the park, either at the Barton Warnock Visitor Center in Lajitas or the Fort Leaton State Historic Site in Presidio. You can also stop by the Sauceda Ranger Station inside the park. Keep in mind that there are no toilets, so you’ll need to haul out all waste. All sites are $12 per night.

Maverick Ranch RV Park

Stay in luxury at Maverick Ranch RV Park, which is located on the grounds of the Lajitas Golf Resort. If you’re looking for a place to relax after a day of hiking at Big Bend Ranch State Park, this is it—your RV site comes with access to the spa, golf course, shooting range, fitness center, and all of the other high-end resort amenities. All of the sites here come with full hookups, so you can make the most of your RV’s features. Within the park, private showers and a laundry setup make it easy to clean up after the trip. In the summer, the chilled swimming pool is the perfect spot to cool off. With 40 back-in sites and 60 pull-through sites, Maverick Ranch is ideal for small trailers and big rigs. From May through September, sites start at $45 per night. The rest of the year, they start at $54 per night.

Loma Paloma RV Park

Enjoy the expansive desert views from your site at Loma Paloma RV Park, which is located between Presidio and the western entrance to Big Bend Ranch State Park. Here, you can choose from full-hookup sites and dry camping sites; both options are located in an exceptionally flat area for easy parking. The sites are enormous, so getting in and out is easy. A short walk away, you’ll find hot showers and a laundry room. There's also a lounge with a daily happy hour. Want to hike? You can access a huge range of trails right from the park. Rates are $10 per night for dry camping and $22 per night for full-hookup sites.

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What to Do at
Big Bend Ranch State Park

Big Bend Ranch State Park is home to 238 miles of trails that wind through breathtaking terrain, including deep canyons, rugged mountains, and rolling grasslands. You can also enjoy horseback riding, bird-watching, and stargazing in this remarkable destination. Explore the Rio Grande by taking a refreshing dip in the river, soaking up the sun on its sandy shores, or rafting through its rapids. Anglers will also find plenty of opportunities to catch fish in the Rio Grande and nearby streams.

Inside Big Bend Ranch State Park

Get ready to get active—Big Bend Ranch State Park’s wild landscape is perfect for exploring. Pack plenty of water for a hike, a bike, or a ride along the park’s extensive trail network; Fresno Canyon is one of the top mountain-biking spots, and the Cerro Chilicote Loop Trail is a fun and fast 3.2-mile trek for hikers. Go whitewater rafting along the Rio Grande and the Rio Bravo with a local outfitter. For a more relaxing day, bring your binoculars and try to spot the 300 types of birds that live nearby. If you want to enjoy some sightseeing without the exertion, bring a vehicle with four-wheel drive and high ground clearance and explore the park’s dirt roads. 


You can look forward to casting your lines into the pristine waters of the Rio Grande and other smaller tributaries flowing through the park. One of the most popular fish species found here is the Rio Grande Cutthroat Trout. Anglers can also expect to catch catfish, largemouth bass, and various sunfish species. The calm waters of the Rio Grande are perfect for fly fishing while the rapids and eddies challenge those who enjoy spin or bait fishing. The park has implemented fishing regulations, such as catch and release, and limiting the number of fish that can be taken.

Nature Watching Nature Watching

The park contains some of the most spectacular waterfalls in Texas, including Madrid Falls, which offers visitors a beautiful display of cascading water in the heart of the desert. The Chihuahuan Desert is one of the most unique ecosystems on the planet, and Big Bend Ranch State Park is the perfect place to observe it in its pristine form.


Away from the blinding lights of urban areas, the park's pristine and unpolluted skies provide optimal conditions for stargazers and astronomers alike. The park boasts dark skies and an elevation of over 4,000 feet, making it a perfect destination for stargazing. The Hoodoos and River Road are among the best locations for stargazing in Big Bend Ranch State Park.

Flora and Fauna

The park is home to more than 300 bird species, making it an excellent destination for bird-watchers. Raptors like the golden eagle and peregrine falcon are often spotted flying above the vast open skies. The park is an essential habitat for the endangered black-capped vireo and is one of the few places where this species can be seen. The park's rugged terrain is home to plant life, including prickly pear cactus, yucca, and mesquite trees. Wildflowers bloom in abundance during spring, painting the desert landscape with various vibrant colors.


The Rio Grande stretches over 118 miles within the park, providing various boating options ranging from kayaking to rafting and canoeing. Big Bend Ranch State Park offers a range of boating options and services, including guided tours, rental equipment, and campsites on the riverbanks. The park also has several access points to the river designated for boating, such as La Mota, Grassy Banks, and Contrabando.

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How to Get to
Big Bend Ranch State Park

Drive west from Presidio on O Reilly Street to join FM-170. Drive on this road for about 8 miles to turn left onto Casa Piedra. You will stay on Casa Piedra for 6 miles, where you will turn right onto Highway 169. Join the Main Road after 7 miles and drive for 7 miles to continue onto Big Bend Sp Main Road. You will find Big Bend Rand State Park on your right after 14 miles.

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Entering Big Bend Ranch State Park

The main day-use area features ample visitor parking, including designated spots for RVs and trailers. There are several remote parking areas throughout the park that are easily accessible.

Big Bend Ranch State Park Per person, 13 and older : $5.0

Big Bend Ranch State Park Per person, 12 and under : $0.0

Frequently Asked Questions About Big Bend Ranch State Park

What is the best time of year to visit Big Bend Ranch State Park?

The best time to visit the park is during the fall and spring. These times of the year offer pleasant temperatures and optimal weather conditions. The park is also less crowded during this period.

What kind of wildlife can be found in Big Bend Ranch State Park?

You will find wildlife, including black bears, mountain lions, coyotes, gray foxes, and white-tailed deer. Bird-watching enthusiasts will also find various species, such as roadrunners, owls, and hawks. Visitors are advised to exercise caution and keep a safe distance from any wildlife they encounter.

Are there designated RV camping spots in Big Bend Ranch State Park?

The park offers 138 primitive RV campsites with no hookups for those looking for a more rustic experience. Visitors are required to follow the park's RV camping regulations, which include restrictions on the use of generators and waste disposal.

Do you have to reserve a camping spot at Big Bend Ranch State Park and what is the cost?

You are required to reserve a camping spot at Big Bend Ranch State Park. The cost of camping varies depending on the type of campsite and the time of year, with prices typically ranging from $8 to $24 per night, plus an additional entrance fee of $5 per person.

Are pets allowed at Big Bend Ranch State Park?

Pets are allowed in the park but must be kept on a leash at all times and are not allowed on trails or in the backcountry. Additionally, owners are responsible for cleaning up after their pets and properly disposing of waste.