Barkcamp State Park RV & Campground Guide


Barkcamp State Park covers 1,005 acres in southeastern Ohio, high in the Appalachian Plateau. The park centers around 117-acre Belmont Lake. The second-growth forests that grace the hills cover most of the park’s area. During the spring, flowering dogwood and redbud explode, making the mountainous terrain one of the most beautiful in Ohio. Fall colors create a varied texture that every camper remembers for a lifetime. The village of Belmont, OH, lies a mere six miles southwest of the park. Saint Clairsville, OH is a slightly larger community located 10 miles to the east. Pittsburgh, PA, which is 78 miles east of the park, is the closest metropolitan area. 

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Spring 32-73 F
Summer 59-84 F
Fall 35-77 F
Winter 22-43 F
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RV Resorts & Campsites in Barkcamp State Park

Barkcamp State Park is an enjoyable location for RV campers throughout the year. No matter the season, however, the most-used method of camping is in an RV. If you don't own an RV and want to camp at Barkcamp, consider checking out RVshare to find a rental that suits your needs.

Barkcamp State Park Campground

Barkcamp State Park Campground has 150 RV campsites that offer electrical access. Fresh drinking water is dispensed through water stations placed around the park, and there are restrooms with flush toilets and warm showers. A dump station is available to empty the tanks in your RV. Belmont Lake provides fishing and swimming opportunities, and boats are limited to electric motors. Multiple trails wander through the forest and around the lake. The maximum length of RV accommodated at Barkcamp is 35 feet.

  • Water Hookup: No

  • Electric Hookup: 30 amp

  • Sewer Hookup: No

  • Wi-Fi Available: No

  • Pet-Friendly: Yes

  • Fee: $22 to $45 per night

Zion Retreat and RV Park

Zion Retreat and RV Park sits 11 miles north of Barkcamp State Park, in Flushing, OH. The park has 60 RV campsites with full hookups available year-round. Each site has a picnic table and fire ring, and the sites are lined with trees. Some are full-sun sites, while others are shaded. All RV campsites have a 10-foot-wide cement pad, guaranteeing your rig will be level. The campsites are spacious, with some accommodating rigs up to 80-foot in length. There are no pull-thru sites, however, as all sites are back-in. There are several small ponds to which all RV guests have access. The largest lake is Lake Zion, which provides most of the park's fishing opportunities, though the small ponds are stocked as well. Fishing is catch and release, making the park an excellent place to train young anglers on various fishing methods. A hiking trail runs around Lake Zion and along the rolling hills that make up the park. A kid’s playground, a sand volleyball court, and a swimming beach are within easy walking distance of every campsite.

  • Water Hookup: Yes

  • Electric Hookup: 15/20/30/50 amp

  • Sewer Hookup: Yes

  • Wi-Fi Available: Yes

  • Pet-Friendly: Yes

  • Fee: $50 per night

Tappan Lake Park

Thirty-five miles northwest of Barkcamp State Park sits Tappan Lake Park. One of the largest parks in Ohio, Tappan Lake offers 550 RV and tent campsites for visitors to enjoy. Each site is equipped with a picnic table and fire ring. The park covers 5,000 acres of land that lies alongside 2,350-acre Tappan Lake. Boats are welcome and are allowed motors up to 399-horsepower. Kayaks, canoes, and paddle rafts often ply the edges of the lake, and anglers come long distances to fish Tappan Lake. The park supports a marina where visitors can rent a boat and purchase fishing supplies. Other water-related amenities include a swimming beach, water pavilions, water tubes, and a sunbathing area. An activity center is the focus of ground activity. It includes a camp store, a laundry facility, and a nature center. Several hiking trails lead through the hills, with most of these classified as moderate to difficult.

  • Water Hookup: Yes

  • Electric Hookup: 15/20/30/50 amp

  • Sewer Hookup: Yes

  • Wi-Fi Available: No

  • Pet-Friendly: Yes

  • Fee: $31 to $65 per night

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What to Do at
Barkcamp State Park

Inside Barkcamp State Park

Barkcamp State Park provides visitors with an array of activities throughout the year. The 117-acre lake serves as the center of the park. Angling and swimming are among the favored activities during the spring, summer and fall months. In the winter, the lake freezes and provides an excellent surface for ice boating, ice skating and ice fishing. The area surrounding the lake is hilly and rocky. Trails wander through the densely packed forest, providing plenty of exercise for hikers and bicyclists. During the winter, these trails serve as cross-country ski routes, and the icy slopes offer plenty of sledding surfaces.

Outside Barkcamp State Park

Most of the communities around Barkcamp State Park are small, often described as villages or hamlets. Still, these areas offer a variety of restaurants and shops. Within 50 miles of the park are several sightseeing venues.


The Pike 40

You'll find some of the best comfort food in the area at The Pike 40. Whether you're looking for burgers, sandwiches, steaks, seafood or homemade chili, you'll find it here.

Type: American

Location: 41010 National Road, Belmont, OH 43718

Undo’s West

Undo’s West is the closest Italian experience to Barkcamp State Park. The restaurant is housed inside the Hampton Inn at Saint Clairsville. Expect to enjoy your favorite Italian cuisine incorporating an American touch. If you're starving, order the queen-cut ribeye steak.

Type: Italian

Location: 51130 National Road, Saint Clairsville, OH 43950

West Texas Roadhouse

The West Texas Roadhouse specializes in American traditional cuisine with a Texas flair. This restaurant uses fresh local produce and fresh-baked bread as staples that grace meats and seafood dinners. Try the 20-ounce Texan porterhouse steak if you're famished or the grilled salmon when less hungry.

Type: American

Location: 50880 National Road, Saint Clairsville, OH 43950


Ohio Valley Mall

When you and your family are visiting Barkcamp State Park and want to explore a shopping mall with plenty of stores, drive 10 miles east to the Ohio Valley Mall in Saint Clairsville. The mall holds 105 shops of various types, including famous names such as Michaels, Hallmark and Kay Jewelers.

Location: 67800 Mall Road, Saint Clairsville, OH 43950


When your kids get tired of the standard evening entertainment, drop by GameStop in Saint Clairsville. This shop offers the most recent board and virtual games, as well as collectibles from years past.

Location: 3300 Mall Road, Saint Clairsville, OH 43950

Woodland Outdoor and Supply

Though hunting is not permitted inside the park, many hunters stay at Barkcamp State Park during hunting seasons. To service their weapons or obtain more ammunition, most hunters visit Woodland Outdoor and Supply in Tippecanoe, OH. No matter what weapon hunters prefer, they find advice on hunting throughout the state and expertise on the upkeep of their weapons at this store.

Location: 79550 Freeport, Tippecanoe, OH 44699


The Wilds

The Wilds is an exotic wildlife refuge. Visitors get to witness animals from locations outside the United States in their natural habitat. Zebra and white rhino herds are just a couple of the animals protected in this area.

Location: 14000 International Road, Cumberland, OH 43732

Underground Railroad Museum

For a fantastic look at some important history, stop by the Underground Railroad Museum. The museum holds articles, books and portfolios that describe the anti-slavery effort in Ohio before and during the Civil War. Important maps and explanations of how the terrain of southeastern Ohio benefitted slaves escaping the South are also housed at the museum.

Location: 121 High Street, Flushing, OH 43977

Escape Zone

If you enjoy mysteries and intriguing situations, visit the Escape Zone for a real-life escape experience. Visitors are set up with an interesting predicament from which they must escape to survive. Enjoy the thrill of figuring out how to trick the tricksters.

Location: 2011 Belmont Street, Bellaire, OH 43906

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How to Get to
Barkcamp State Park

The closest community to Barkcamp State Park is Belmont, OH. To get to Belmont's park, follow John Street and Palmer Road for a half-mile to Ohio Highway 149 North (OH-149 N). Turn right onto OH-149 N and drive for one mile. Then, turn right onto Loy Road and drive two miles to the park entrance. 

To approach Barkcamp State Park from the east, visitors travel through Saint Clairsville, OH. From Saint Clairsville, get onto Interstate 70 West (I-70 W). Follow I-70 W for 17 miles to Union Township. Take Exit 208 onto OH-149 S and drive another seven miles until you find Loy Road. Turn right onto Loy Road and travel for two miles to the park entrance.

Entering Barkcamp State Park

The park is open from dawn to dusk for day-use activities

Barkcamp State Park Entry fee : $0.0

You’ll make memories that last a lifetime when you take an RV adventure to Barkcamp State Park. If you don’t have an RV of your own, rent one with RVshare! If you share your trip photos on social media, be sure to tag us, or send them to [email protected] for a chance to be featured on our blog.