Chicot State Park RV & Campground Guide


Founded in 1939, just outside Ville Platte, Louisiana, Chicot State Park is a sprawling expanse of 6,400 acres, complete with a 2,000-acre freshwater lake stocked for fishing. The park spans an area where the hill country meets the swampy lowlands, creating beautiful views and a broad range of activities for visitors. Beeches march down the hills, cypress trees rise from the water, and trails invite you to experience nature away from the park's paved roads and play areas.

The park includes the Louisiana State Arboretum, a gorgeous set of paths twining through labeled plants that highlight the beauty and diversity of the state's native flora. The visitor's center reveals even more about the area's ecosystems, which visitors have plenty of ways to explore, including by golf cart. Dramatic seasonal weather shifts — from the 90s in summer down to the 30s in winter — also bring new, wild inhabitants to the park, including bald eagles and other migratory species.

Nearby Cities

  • Ville Platte, LA

  • Oak Dale, LA

  • Alexandria, LA

  • Baton Rouge, LA

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Spring 45-83 F
Summer 70-92 F
Fall 43-87 F
Winter 34-58 F
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RV Resorts & Campsites in Chicot State Park

Campground Accommodations

Chicot State Park Campgrounds

  • Water hookup: Yes

  • Electrical hookup: Yes

  • Sewer hookup: No

  • Wi-Fi: No

  • Pet-friendly: Yes

  • Max RV length: 50 feet

  • Other amenities: Playground, bathhouse, boat access, swimming and splash pad area

Lafayette KOA Holiday

Stay in this KOA in the heart of Cajun country! The ten-acre lake at the campground has fishing, with no license required, or you can swim or simply relax in the shade. The campground is also close to the Acadian Village, local botanical gardens, and swamps you can tour. 

  • Water hookup: yes

  • Electrical hookup: yes

  • Sewer hookup: yes

  • Wi-Fi: yes

  • Pet friendly: yes

  • Other amenities: showers, laundry, pool, fishing, mini golf

Poche’s RV Park

This 85-acre campground and nature park has fishing ponds and more. Located in the Crawfish Capital of the world, the park prides itself on its Cajun hospitality.

  • Water hookup: yes

  • Electrical hookup: yes

  • Sewer hookup: yes

  • Wi-Fi: yes

  • Pet friendly: n/a

  • Other amenities: fishing, laundry, BBQ pits, pool

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What to Do at
Chicot State Park

Whether you like wildflower-lined paths or long days fishing on the lake, you'll find something to enjoy here. Hiking, birding, and biking are just the beginning. Guided tours of the lake bring expert eyes to the scene, helping you understand and spot the creatures and quirks that make the area unique. The park offers canoes and boats for rent; rentals include paddles and up to three life jackets, with additional life jackets available for $2 each. Golf carts make traveling the park's paved roads fast and easy, and you can rent one for just $10 a day with a valid driver's license.

Inside Chicot State Park

There’s lots to do at Chicot State Park! There are hiking trails, and birding is plentiful. Here are some activities you can do at the park:

Hiking: There is a 20-mile hiking trail that encircles the entire park. Try a bit of it and then turn back, or grab your backpack and take a few days to complete the entire trail.

Boating: Pop your canoe in and meander the 8-mile canoe trail within the park as well. You can rent canoes and flat bottom boats at the park.

Water playground: Let the kids cool off at the water playground from April through the end of October. The playground is closed Mondays for maintenance.

Birding: There are many species of birds throughout the park, from water-loving fowl to migratory birds that stop off on their way through town. Bring binoculars and keep an eye out for them. You an also pick up A Birder’s Guide to Louisiana, with directions to more than 100 areas for birding throughout the state, and which has checklists of birds and other wildlife and where you can expect to find them.

Fishing: Fish for largemouth bass, crappie, bluegill, and red-ear sunfish. There is fishing from the dock, or get out on the lake in a boat to fish. 

Fishing Fishing

Lake Chicot has fish ranging from bass to red-ear sunfish. A few record catches came from these waters, and anglers have plenty of options. Boat launches and docks make it easy to get out on the water, and shore fishing is allowed. There's also a designated fishing pier, which is a great place to set up when fishing with small children. Be sure to come prepared with a Louisiana fishing license.

Geocaching Geocaching

The park is a great place for geocaching. In addition to some traditional caches, the park participates in statewide challenges and games.

Nature Watching Nature Watching

There are lots of benches scattered throughout the park for nature lovers. The lake also offers a placid nature-watching experience from a boat or canoe, up close and personal, with all the frogs, turtles, herons, and alligators who call it home. It's a fine place to try nature photography or sit in silence while listening to the birds.

Stargazing Stargazing

On clear nights, you can see a good swath of stars over the lake, and some visitors have captured great photos with long exposures. If the stars are a key part of your visit, keep in mind that colder months usually offer better views with less haze in the humid Louisiana atmosphere.

Flora and Fauna

The park blends some of the best of the region's hill and swamp country, so you'll find cypress trees, Spanish moss, magnolias, and wildflowers while you explore. Animals to look for include alligators, waterfowl, songbirds, white-tailed deer, raccoons, and coyotes.

Hiking Hiking

The primary hiking trail loops 17.3 miles around Lake Chicot. The Lake Chicot Trail stays close to the shore, crossing bridges and emphasizing the swampland around the water. Alternatively, the 8-mile North Landing trail offers scenic views of the lake and a steep climb through the hills.


The park offers multiple boat launches and docks for easy access to various areas. Twelve miles of marked canoe trails can easily fill a day on the water. Guests can rent canoes and boats for $20 to $25 daily.

Swimming Swimming

The park offers a pool and splash pad area to enjoy. These are the safest and cleanest swimming options, as alligators and algae live in the lake.


Chicot State Park welcomes bikers on its many paved roads and park trails. The 17.3-mile Lake Chicot Trail is designed primarily for hikers, but it's open for mountain bikes, too.

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How to Get to
Chicot State Park

From Alexandria, Louisiana, take Interstate 49 South for about 37 miles. Take Exit 46 for LA-106 West toward St. Landry, and follow that route for roughly 7 miles. Then take a left on LA-3042. About 4 miles down the road, the park's main entrance will be on the left.

Entering Chicot State Park

There is some parking immediately past the entrance, and you can ask at the entry point for directions to your designated campsite. The park's entry fee is $3 per person, but seniors 65 and older and children under three enter free.

Chicot State Park Per Adult : $3.0

Chicot State Park Per Senior : $0.0

With the thrills and views of the hills and the slow grandeur of low country swamps, Chicot State Park's ecological variety provides exciting escapes for nature lovers.

Frequently Asked Questions About Chicot State Park

What is the best time of year to visit Chicot State Park?

Summers in Chicot State Park are hot and humid, which isn't great hiking weather for most people and is also the park's peak season. You may want to consider planning your trip for spring or fall for the best experience.

What kind of wildlife can be found in Chicot State Park?

You can spot deer, raccoons, coyotes, and the occasional armadillo at the park. The wetland supports a thriving and diverse bird population, including redheaded woodpeckers, wild turkeys, and herons. Bass, bluegill, crappie, and sunfish live in the lake.

Are there designated RV camping spots in Chicot State Park?

There are 198 campsites specifically designed for RVs in the park's camping areas. Chicot is Louisiana's largest state park, and it offers plenty of accommodation options.

Do you have to reserve a camping spot at Chicot State Park and what is the cost?

You can reserve a spot once you arrive, but you can also call ahead or book online to ensure you get a site you prefer. Regardless of how you book, there's a non-refundable $4.50 fee. Campsite costs vary by time of year and day of the week, with Friday and Saturday rentals costing $28 per night, Sunday through Thursday rentals from April through September costing $25 per night, and Sunday through Thursday rentals from October through March costing just $20 per night.

Are pets allowed at Chicot State Park?

Pets are welcome in outdoor spaces and campsites. Dogs must remain leashed while outside, proof of rabies vaccination is required, and owners must pick up and dispose of all waste left by their animals. There's a maximum of two animals per guest, and pets are not allowed in the water play area.