Walnut Point State Park RV & Campground Guide


The city of Oakland, Illinois, has a population of 880, but despite its small size, traveling here to visit Walnut State Park is a larger-than-life experience. The park has a variety of opportunities for fishing, hunting, hiking, and camping. Nearby to Oakland, lie the cities of Hindsboro and Brocton, both equally offering a small-town feel. If you enjoy quiet communities where you can get away from the business that city living is all about, best pack your bags and take a trip down to Oakland, Illinois.

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RV Resorts & Campsites in Walnut Point State Park

When you feel the urge to go camping for a weekend or longer to escape the fast pace of modern life, there’s no better place than Oakland, Illinois. Rent an RV from RVshare and revitalize your mind and relax. 

Parkview RV Park

Offering cheap rates starting at $30 for the first two nights and $25 each night thereafter, Parkview RV Park offers campers an affordable site to park their RVs and a chance to experience Tuscola, Illinois, and its surrounding area. They have RV sites open with 30/50/110-amp hookups, and full water and sewer hookups are available as well. A variety of stores are based all within one mile of the campsite. If you want to have a getaway where you can park your RV, pull out some lawn chairs in front, and have a night looking up at the stars and talking, Riverview is the perfect spot.

  • Free Wi-fi

  • Water, sewer, dump stations available

  • Electricity

D&W Lake Camping & RV Park

Although this is about 50 minutes away from the city of Oakland, D&W Lake Camping & RV Park is well worth the hour-long drive. With golf courses, tennis courts, swimming poles, and fishing, you will be hard-pressed to say you’re bored when you visit this RV campsite. Premium full hookup RV sites are $35 daily, and those who enjoy camping in a tent should expect to pay $25 per day.

  • Wi-fi available

  • Laundry facility on-site

  • Full hookups

  • Boat rentals

  • Various sporting activities available

  • Miniature golf course

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What to Do at
Walnut Point State Park

Inside Walnut Point State Park

Walnut Point State Park is a great place to visit in the wintertime for a little bit of ice skating on the lake. Other types of activities here include camping, fishing, hiking, and hunting. For hunters, the game at this park includes squirrels, deer, and raccoons. Those who enjoy the hunt, but on the lake, can expect to see catfish, brown bullheads, and bluegill. Regardless of what you’re looking for, if these activities fit you to a T, Walnut Point State Park is a great time investment. 

Outside Walnut Point State Park

Oakland has some interesting activities that visitors can partake in. Although you may have to venture out of city limits just a bit, it’s not too far, and you will be glad you did. Read on below to see where you should eat, what you should do, and what you have to see. 


Twisted Piston Café

Chicken cordon bleu, twisted Manhattans, and Western ribs are only a sampling of the various items on the menu here at Twisted Piston Café. The food is good, the environment is cozy, and the locals of Hume, Illinois, love the friendly atmosphere the restaurant is known for. If you like going to a place once and coming back the next day where the staff knows your name, Twisted Piston is for you.

Type: Casual Dining

Location: 69 2nd Street, Hume, IL 61932

Andrews at the Westbrook

For a fine dining experience, we recommend Andrews at the Westbrook. The food offered here includes hors d’oeuvres, grilled rib-eye, crab cakes, and Dijon and hickory nut-crusted rack of lamb. The wine menu features wine made from the establishment's very own vineyards. To see all of the amazing dishes that Andrews at the Westbrook offers, we say don’t take our word for it; take a trip down there and see for yourself.

Type: Fine Dining

Location: 7397 N 1200th Street, Paris, IL 61944

Roc’s Blackfront Tavern & Grill

From its beginnings as an illegal gambling house back in the early 1900s, Roc’s Blackfront Tavern & Grill has transformed into a popular spot offering drinks, good food, and nightlife entertainment. Salmon, baked tilapia, grilled chicken, and burgers and sandwiches are what’s for dinner here.

Type: Casual Dining

Location: 410 6th Street, Charleston, IL 61920

Joe's Pizza

Serving up delicious authentic pizza for over 45 years, Joe’s Pizza has become a favorite in the Paris, Illinois, area. The restaurant was founded in 1974 by Joe and Pia Vitale, and since its beginnings all that time ago, it has expanded into three different locations and is currently run by the couple's four children. Thrillist has included them on their list of the best 19 pizza places in the state of Illinois, and it’s understandable why. There’s no boring pizza here. You can try BBQ chicken, pepper jack, taco, or grilled bacon ranch pizzas, but if you really truly want cheese or pepperoni, there’s that too.

Type: Pizza

Location: 226 W Court Street, Paris, IL 61944

Kurly Q

To satisfy your cravings for burgers, hot dogs, and shakes, Kurly Q fits the bill. They have been in operation for 40 years, and based on being open for four decades, it’s safe to say that they must be doing something right.

Type: Fast Food

Location: 309 W Jasper Street, Paris, IL 61944


Ninny’s Country Cupboard

Everything you need to make your humble abode decorative or festive can be found here at Ninny’s Country Cupboard. If you're looking for candles, various types of décor, or a way to decorate your walls, make a stop in because this home goods store might have the item you need.

Location: 1133 Illinois Highway 133, Kansas, IL 61933

Richey’s Furniture

If you’re wanting to pick up some furniture items for your RV, Richey’s Furniture in Ashmore, Illinois, sells it. They have a large inventory and are only 10 minutes away from the town of Oakland.

Location: 107 E Ashmore Street, Ashmore, IL 61912

Ten Thousand Villages

Ten Thousand Villages is a shop that sells homemade and artisan-crafted items from around the world. You can buy handmade bags from India or beautiful metal art made in Haiti. Clothing, décor, soaps, and various items from more than 138 countries are sold here.

Location: 105 N Walnut Street, Champaign, IL 61820

Jane Addams Book Shop

Three stories featuring various authors and hardcovers grace the shelves at Jane Addams Book Shop. This is a used bookstore, and their inventory includes 70,000 books of varying genres. If you feel at home where there are tons and tons of books, you have three floors to explore here.

Location: 208 N Neil Street, Champaign, IL

Lucas Grocery Too

When you need to stock up on food or other items for your camping trip, stop by Lucas Grocery Too.

Location: 111 W Main Street, Oakland, IL 61943


World's Largest Rocking Chair

If you want to see a large rocking chair and yardstick, you’ll have to drive out to Casey, Illinois. It’s about 32 minutes away from Oakland, and when we say large, we mean large. The chair weighs over 46,000 pounds and stands 42 feet and 4 inches high.

Location: 110 E Main Street, Casey, IL 62420

World's Largest Yardstick

As for the yardstick, it’s about 32 feet wide. Besides the rocking chair and yardstick, throughout the city of Casey, you will see other various world-record-height items, such as a pair of clogs, a mailbox, knitting needles, and a gavel.

Location: 1 SE 1st Street, Casey, IL 62420

Hebron Hills Camping

Spend a day camping at Hebron Hills. With cabins available for rent and firepits ready for use, it’s the perfect environment to grab your fellow campers, park the RV for a night, and sit around the fire sharing ghost stories.

Location: 14349 N Cole Road 2350 E, Oakland, IL 61943

Douglas County Museum

To learn about the history of the city of Tuscola, Illinois, a stop by the Douglas County Museum is a great idea. They’ve been open since 1984, and there is an interesting exhibit that shows the history of motorcycles. The best part of all is that it’s free.

Location: 700 S Main Street, Tuscola, IL 61953

The 200 Acres

The 200 Acres is a family farm that offers hayrides during the fall and rows and rows of pumpkins to choose from once October hits. You can even have a taste of pumpkin ice cream while you’re here, so come down, choose your favorite plump pumpkin, and enjoy walking through the patch as you search for more great finds.

Location: 1749A E County Road 1900 N, Arthur, IL 61911

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How to Get to
Walnut Point State Park

If you’re traveling on IL-133, head east on IL-133 E/E Co Road 200 North toward N. Co Road 1675 E. Follow this same road until you get to 2400E County Road 2360 in East Oakland Township. From here, continue on this same road until you arrive at Walnut Point State Park.

Entering Walnut Point State Park

Walnut Point State Park is open to visitors year-round. Be sure to check out the events calendar for a schedule of activities. 

Walnut Point State Park Per vehicle : $0.0

Enjoy your trip out in the charming little city of Oakland, Illinois, and we hope you have a chance to visit some of the places listed. We’d love to see your experiences here, so please send your favorite photographs to RVshare at [email protected], and don't forget to tag us in your social media posts. As we like to say, on the road again!