McFarland State Historic Park RV & Campground Guide


McFarland State Historic Park is a small commemorative area in downtown Florence, Arizona. Created in 1974 by Governor Ernest McFarland, the park’s namesake, to commemorate several historic structures from the earliest days of the state's history, it offers up a wide selection of informative facts about the town of Florence and the things that have gone on there for nearly 200 years.

Consisting primarily of a few buildings, McFarland State Historic Park is more of an urban adventure than a wild one. Even so, it's definitely worth a stop along an RV excursion. If you're a history buff looking to learn more about the early Arizona territory, this may be the perfect place for you to visit.

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RV Resorts & Campsites in McFarland State Historic Park

An RVshare RV rental is an excellent way to experience McFarland State Historic Park on your trip. Comfort, convenience and a nice place to beat the Arizona heat are always welcome. Since you can't camp out at the park itself, though, try out some of these great campgrounds and RV parks you can stay at while you're visiting.

Rancho Sonora Inn & RV Park

Rancho Sonora is a fantastic place to stay no matter how you get there. A combination inn and RV park, there's a little something for everyone here. Tons of amenities for RV campers make this a welcome respite from the desert sun and days full of fun.

• Full hookups

• Large spaces for big-rig access

• Clubhouse and community areas

• Laundry and shower facilities

• Full communal kitchen

• Dump station

• Propane seller on-site

• Pet-friendly environment

Cottonwood Canyon Road

While this is not an RV park in and of itself, many of the outdoorsy campers in the Florence area like to stay out on the open prairie at Cottonwood Canyon Road. To call the sights in the area beautiful would be an understatement; the natural wonder of this area is well-documented and the main reason to stop by. Given that it's not a true campground, you'll be roughing it without any real amenities outside of your RV, but the experience of camping here is sure to be worth it. 

• Great view

• Tent camping space

• Ability to camp anywhere off the road

• Close to town and various other attractions

Schnepf Farms Campground

Schnepf Farms Campground is an extension of Schnepf Farms, a local pick-and-eat farm and event venue. This camp markets itself as a "glamping" experience, so you can enjoy the luxury of a fine hotel from the comfort of your RV. If you're looking for a luxurious break on your road trip, this might be a nice change of pace.

• On-site mobile homes

• Fresh food packages

• Massages

• Gorgeous outdoor communal spaces

• Wi-Fi and cellphone coverage

• Full hookups including water and sewer

• Pet-friendly campsite

• General store on-site

Desert Gardens RV Resort

As the name says, Desert Gardens RV Resort is like an oasis in the desert. A park specifically for people 55 years of age and older, it has a ton to offer seniors. The fun doesn't have to stop just because you're getting older, and this campground is a testament to that mentality in all sorts of ways.

• Full hookups

• Laundry and shower facilities

• Wi-Fi connection

• Trails for both walking and biking

• Pool and spa

• Weekly bingo nights, poker nights, horseshoe tournaments and other fun community activities

• Game room

• Glass-blowing and woodworking shops plus quilting study area

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What to Do at
McFarland State Historic Park

Inside McFarland State Historic Park

McFarland State Historic Park is a lot more intimate and indoors than you're probably used to, but that doesn't make it any less fun to be there. First and foremost an educational experience, there's a ton to find out about the buildings that make up the park as well as the town surrounding it. Contained inside the former courthouse is a wealth of information and artifacts from the earliest days of Florence. You can find out the history of the buildings and how they changed over the years, including the time they were used as a German POW camp during the war. True to its name, McFarland State Historic Park does have a nice outdoor area for visitors to enjoy. The courtyard contains three picnic tables for people to use during the hours of operation, and there's even a grill conveniently located under a shade tree if you'd like to cookout.

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How to Get to
McFarland State Historic Park

McFarland State Historic Park's small size puts it in a very convenient location if you're looking to visit. From the middle of Florence, you can find it by heading to the corner of Main and Ruggles streets. You can use the nearby Heritage Park as a good indicator of where you're at, McFarland being on the southeast of Heritage.

When you get there, expect to pay nothing for entry as getting into the park is always free.

Entering McFarland State Historic Park

Park is closed Sundays

McFarland State Historic Park Admissions is free : $0.0

A trip to McFarland State Historic Park is sure to be an unforgettable event for the whole family. RVshare is happy to see people taking an interest in these kinds of amazing natural places. Whether or not you get an RV rental, RVshare would still like to be part of your trip in a small way. Send some of your great vacation pictures to [email protected] so that the team can see what you got up to and join in on the fun. RVshare could even feature your photos in one of its upcoming blogs.

Frequently Asked Questions About McFarland State Historic Park

What is the best time of year to visit McFarland State Historic Park?

Winter is the best time to visit the park. Located in the desert, the park’s daytime temperatures are extremely high during most of the year. Winter brings a break to the heat with daytime temperatures in the 60s and 70s.

What is the climate of McFarland State Historic Park?

The park has a desert climate with daytime temperatures reaching into the 100s during summer and 70 degrees in winter. The dry area creates a unique habitat that can be experienced very few other places within the United States.

What kind of wildlife can be found in McFarland State Historic Park?

Coyotes and mountain lions are the most abundant wildlife in the nature areas of this park. There are also several different ponds and lakes which feature many different varieties of fish, including bluegill, catfish, and walleye.

Are pets allowed at McFarland State Historic Park?

Pets are allowed in some places within the park. Pets are not allowed within any of the buildings in Mcfarland State Historic Park, but leashed pets are allowed within the wilderness areas.

Is McFarland State Historic Park accessible for disabled visitors?

Many parts of Mcfarland State Historic Park are accessible for disabled visitors. There are hard, wheelchair-accessible trails, and many of the historical buildings have ramps that the handicapped can use to enter.