Security Deposit Waiver Flexibility to choose what’s best for you

Security Deposit Waiver Description

The Security Deposit Waiver is an option that RVshare provides to owners and renters. Each owner can decide if they would like to offer their renters the waiver on their listing(s). If they do, you will have the option to pay a small non-refundable fee of $69 when you book instead of the owner’s Security Deposit. The Security Deposit Waiver coverage for any damages is up to $1,500 for eligible covered damages toward the Insurance and Protection deductible.

Security Deposit Waiver Value Proposition

Defined costs upfront

Security Deposit refunds are at the discretion of the owner and are not guaranteed, so paying a known fee up front instead of the Security Deposit eliminate surprises at the end of the trip

Reduced risk

For bookings that may have a higher risk of damage (longer trips, trips with pets/kids), paying a set amount up front for Security Deposit coverage reduces the risk of out of pocket for unexpected accidents or incidents

Smaller cost for known amount

For renters who don’t want to tie up their credit card with a hold for the entire Security Deposit amount, paying a smaller and defined amount upfront frees up funds


  • You prefer not to have a large hold on your credit card for the Security Deposit

  • You want to limit your total out of pocket costs for the Security Deposit Waiver *

  • Traveling with children and/or pets

  • Taking longer trips

* The Refundable Security Deposit is refunded at the discretion of the owner and is not guaranteed


  • Any post trip overages such as; late return fees, cleaning or fumigation fees, fees to empty holding tanks, fueling, fuel or propane

  • Damage caused by pets if not disclosed and accepted by you, prior damage, or intentionally caused damage, or diminution of value

  • Road tolls, parking tickets, citations, fines, or other penalties for violation of law

  • Damage or loss caused by normal wear and tear or failure to perform regular or customary maintenance

  • Damage caused when the RV is used for the Burning Man Festival or other festivals listed in the Terms of Service

Select between the Refundable Security Deposit or the Security Deposit Waiver at check out. Insurance and Protection is still required on every trip and is a separate cost to you. This covers damages that may exceed the deductible and be taken out of either the deposit or the waiver.