Offer the Security Deposit Waiver Provide options to your renters when it comes to the Security Deposit

Security Deposit Waiver Description

The Security Deposit Waiver gives renters the option to pay a small non-refundable fee of $69 during check out, instead of a Security Deposit. The waiver provides coverage up to $1,500 for eligible covered damages toward the Insurance and Protection deductible and gives renters a low cost option rather than a large hold on their credit card. Your Refundable Security Deposit will still be available for renters to choose, if they’d rather have the hold on their credit card instead of paying the small, upfront cost of the waiver.

Security Deposit Waiver Value Proposition

More bookings

The Security Deposit Waiver allows you to offer renters a more affordable option, while ensuring your RV is still covered. *

Maintain control

Owners can enable or disable the Security Deposit Waiver at any time, on any listings.

Reduce friction

Offering the Security Deposit Waiver to renters can save you the headache of potential disputes.

The Security Deposit Waiver option can be set on each listing, so you still have full control to disable the Security Deposit Waiver at your discretion, if you’d like to just offer the Refundable Security Deposit.

The Security Deposit Waiver will apply to:

  • Cost to replace missing contents of the RV that is your property

  • Cost to cover physical damage claims under the insurance and protection coverage deductible

  • Cost to cover claims or repair to non-covered items such as interior cabinets, walls, furniture, and electronics

The Security Deposit Waiver does not apply to:

  • Any post trip overages such as; late return fees, cleaning or fumigation fees, fees to empty holding tanks, fueling, fuel or propane

  • Damage caused by pets if not disclosed and accepted by you, prior damage, or intentionally caused damage, or diminution of value

  • Road tolls, parking tickets, citations, fines, or other penalties for violation of law

  • Damage or loss caused by normal wear and tear or failure to perform regular or customary maintenance

  • Damage caused when the RV is used for the Burning Man Festival or other festivals listed in the Terms of Service. Reminder: Burning Man dates for 2024 are August 25-September 2. If you do not want to rent your RV for Burning Man, block your calendar for those dates. Other recommendations:

    • Increase your nightly rate for those days to decrease post trip payment concerns

    • Increase your Security Deposit

By providing renters the choice of selecting between the Security Deposit Waiver or the Refundable Security Deposit, you’re offering the flexibility so they can choose the best option for their trip. 

Note: Insurance and Protection is still required on every trip, unless commercial coverage is present.

* Up to $1,500 for eligible covered damages toward the Insurance and Protection deductible.