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Talladega Infield RV Rental - How To Get The Best Deal

Ready to watch the race of a lifetime from the comfort of your very own RV?

The Talladega Superspeedway is a racetrack in Talladega, Alabama, and is home to several exciting NASCAR races that take place throughout the year, like the Monster Energy CUP Series and the XFINITY Series. The track is actually longer than the famous Daytona International Speedway, and is the site where the fastest-recorded speed for a NASCAR vehicle was recorded. (That speed, if you’re curious, is just over 216 miles per hour!)

If you’re planning to catch a race at the Talladega Superspeedway, camping in an RV in the infield is pretty much the best option around as far as accommodations are concerned. Not only are you (obviously) right in the heart of all the action -- you’re also surrounded by tons of other super-fans, and cradled in the comforts of home.

But if you don’t already have a rig at the ready, you might be facing a bit of a race day conundrum. Where can you find an RV rental for the next big talladega race?

Talladega Nascar Race RV Rental Options

In researching rental options for your Talladega Speedway RV rental, you may have come across Trinity RV Rentals, which offers lots of convenient, all-inclusive packages for Nascar fanatics and race-watchers of all kinds.

These all-inclusive vacation packages from Trinity RV Rentals are designed specifically for fans headed to Talladega, and even include extras like camp setup and takedown, as well as an LP gas fill, clean linens and towels and an outdoor propane grill.

However, before you rent an RV from Trinity RV Rentals, or anywhere for that matter, it’s important to find reviews of the company and its customer service online. Trinity RV Rentals doesn’t have a presence on Yelp at the time this article was written, and some TripAdvisor questions mention they asked customers to wire money ahead of time, which isn’t without risk. Although they have a Facebook page, users have declined to review their service there, either -- or otherwise, their reviews have not been published for one reason or another.

Trinity RV Rentals in Talladega - Reviews & Prices

As mentioned, Trinity RV Rentals doesn’t have many reviews online to speak of. However, here’s one positive mention from a Facebook user named Tonya Reid:

“We loved staying in our trailer on turn 2 at TEXAS MOTOR SPEEDWAY this past weekend for NASCAR. Going back next year... great people and loved the trailer... Thanks Roger and wife”

If you’re looking for a NASCAR RV rental near Talladega, it’s true that Trinity is very close-by and convenient. They also offer lots of extras. However, Trinity RV Rentals isn’t cheap. All those conveniences come at a hefty price!

Although the exact price of your Talladega RV rental with Trinity will depend on the options you choose, you’ll always be subject to a $1,000 security deposit -- although this fee is entirely refundable. “Rates will vary pending your Motorhome or Entertainment trailer choices,” according to Trinity’s site, as well as “your Speedway destination and type of preferred camping site - infield "wall" sites or outside sites.”

“All rental rate packages will be developed for you exclusively,” the website goes on -- so you’ll have to contact them directly for an exact price.

RV Rental Talladega Nights

When you’re searching for RV rentals near Talladega Superspeedway, keep in mind that there are other options besides Trinity.

RVShare is a peer-to-peer marketplace where RV owners can list their personal recreational vehicles for rent when they’d otherwise sit empty and unused. Although they might not come with as many bells, whistles and extras as Trinity or other Talladega Speedway RV rentals, RVShare RVs do have one substantial benefit: They’re usually only a fraction of the cost of Talladega RV rentals from big, commercial sources like Trinity. That’s because private RV owners can afford to list their rigs for less, since they don’t have to deal with overhead business costs like big dealerships do.

That means you can create your very own Talladega Nights experience in your motor speedway RV rental -- and it doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg!

Compare RV & Camper Rental Options Near Talladega Alabama

While Trinity is high on the list of available options for RV rentals near Talladega Superspeedway, you might also rent an RV from other big rental companies in the area, like Southern Cruzin RV Rentals. If you want to drive your rental RV to Talladega from your hometown (as opposed to flying in just to camp), you can also check out RV rental facilities local to you.

Since camping in the Talladega RV infield is already subject to expensive entry fees, it makes sense to try to find the best deal possible on your rental equipment. You’d do well to shop around and make sure you understand all of your rental RV options. RVShare really is an option that shouldn’t be overlooked. While it’s not a traditional way to rent an RV, it’s affordable and also personal, since you deal with the RV’s owners on a one-on-one basis. That means you can rest assured that they’ll be personally invested in both your experience and the performance and maintenance of their RV!

Talladega Super Speedway RV Camping Info

The Talladega Superspeedway offers campers several options if they want to park their rig in the famous Talladega RV infield. Depending on what area of the infield you camp in, you’ll pay a different price tier. You’ll also be subject to different enforced quiet times, and only certain spaces are accessible to oversized rigs and those that require pull-thrus.

You could also consider camping offsite in the nearby Talladega area, and purchasing stadium seats for the race. But there’s nothing quite like watching the NASCAR vehicles zoom by from the comfort of your own RV’s roof or front patio, whether your RV is a rental or one you personally own.