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When the doldrums of winter have you wanting to take a break from your usual routines and the gray skies, this RV rental March guide is designed to help you choose a fun and relaxing getaway. Whether you choose to visit one place on your March spring break vacation or you take a driving tour visiting multiple RV campgrounds, the change of scenery is certain to brighten up your spirits. Renting an RV is an affordable way to travel with a group for a spring break trip, too.

RV Rental March Weather

One of the most common questions for RV rental in March is what to expect with the weather. This is an important question to ask, especially if you plan to spend a lot of your time exploring the outdoors fishing or making a campfire. It is important to note that most RVs have helpful heating, ventilation and air conditioning that will keep you comfortable no matter what the weather is like outdoors.

In the Great Lakes and New England regions, March weather could change from one hour to the next. Snow is possible but so are temperatures in the 70s Fahrenheit. The northernmost areas can get windy, snowy or rainy during the month of March, so if you plan your stops well and properly prepare for the journey you're going on, you can have a wonderful time no matter the weather.

March is sometimes a rainy month in the southeastern and northwestern regions of the United States. In most cases, the rain showers last for a few hours, and then you can get back outside and enjoy yourself again. In the desert states, March is one of the months that is most likely to bring in rains that turn the sand into a blossoming oasis of growing plants.

The rain is a good thing if you are planning a fishing trip. The fish are more likely to bite on a day that has some rain showers. Occasional light rain is also good if you want to go bird-watching.

RV Rental Spring Break

Whether you are a student or someone in your family is, taking an RV trip in March allows you to visit somewhere warm and sunny, such as Orlando, Florida. Although the theme parks in Orlando tend to be busy in the middle and late parts of the month, a visit in early March could allow you to avoid the biggest crowds.

San Diego is a great alternative spring break location to take your RV rental to. The city's mild weather would allow you to visit the beaches, check out some of the theme parks or walk through the San Diego Zoo. You could also enjoy some of the year-round produce that is available and make a tasty meal at your campsite over the campfire.

RV rental March quotes will vary based on the time of the month and the duration of your rental. Early March is often less expensive to rent an RV due to the lower demand for rental vehicles. The RV rental prices will also vary based on the number of miles that you put on the RV, the size of the vehicle, its age and the amenities that it has.

Spring RV Rental

RV rental spring break locations allow you to relax on a beach or take in the sun at one of your favorite amusement parks. With an RV, you are not beholden to places with hotels or motels, so you will be able to visit a wider range of areas. 

If you enjoy nature and exploring the great outdoors, an ideal place to visit during the month of March is Palo Duro Canyon in Texas. The park has a wide range of campsites and facilities for electricity, water and showers. The Civilian Conservation Corps made stone cabins and trails in the area decades ago, and you can hike along the paths and take in some of the area's natural beauty.

You might also want to make a visit to the expansive Nehalem Bay State Park in Oregon. If you are traveling with children, the beach has rolling sand dunes and a playground for them to enjoy. During the month of March, migratory birds often pass through the area, giving you a chance to see them as they make their return to the northern climates where they spend their summers.

For an East Coast trip, try out the Assateague Island National Seashore, which is located near Berlin, Maryland. This area features wild horses that frequent the beaches. The beaches also have great waves for surfing, plenty of coves for swimming and plentiful shells that wash up onto the sand for adding to your collection.

RV Rental March Madness

If you are looking for an RV rental in March near me, this will give you plenty of time to secure a vehicle so that you can travel to one of the March Madness NCAA basketball games. Some good places to travel to in your RV for March Madness include Indianapolis, Chicago and Charlotte. These cities are often hosts to tournament games, but it is always a good idea to double-check the game schedule.

When you are planning to attend one of the March Madness games, be sure to reserve your RV and your campsite well in advance. Some of the universities hosting the basketball games even have special places where you can park your RV in designated campus parking areas. This would allow you to get as close to the action as possible, using your space to tailgate in advance of the game.

Going for an RV rental on March breaks to the NCAA basketball games could save you a lot on lodging and food expenses. The hotels in the cities hosting the games tend to go up in price and fill up quickly. Staying the night in your RV makes it more affordable to attend these exciting annual events.