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When August rolls around, a quick vacation might be on the top of your to-do list. With summer RV rental deals, you can take an affordable trip before the kids have to go back to school. Considering the warm weather that August has to offer, this is the perfect time of year to enjoy a wide variety of fun outdoor festivals, concerts, and events.

Summer Camper Rentals

August is also an ideal month to find last-minute RV rentals. If you have not yet taken a summer vacation, perusing the August listings on RVshare allows you to enjoy some enhanced flexibility for your trip. You may discover that there are more RVs available for rent than you expected.

Once classes are back in session, which happens in mid to late August in many communities, you may be able to find some great back-to-school RV rental deals. Most families with children in school take their vacations earlier in the summer, so the campgrounds might be less busy in August. 

Families that own RVs may offer up their vehicles for rent once school is back in session. If you plan ahead with your rental arrangements, you could save a considerable amount of money on your rental.

It is a good idea to look for summer RV rentals each day. With a bit of diligence, you could catch great deals as soon as they pop up. RV owners may have changed their own plans, thereby offering summer RV rental deals that are difficult to pass on.

RV Rental August Events

When looking at your RV rental August calendar, consider pairing your travel plans with some of the top events of the month. The warm weather makes outdoor events enjoyable, so you could head to Maine during the first week of August and enjoy the annual Maine Lobster Festival in Rockland. If lobster is not your thing, consider traveling to Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky or Ohio for the World's Longest Yard Sale, which takes place along Highway 127 during the first weekend of the month.

The RV rental August weather is also ideal for exploring some of the many state fairs. States holding their fairs in August include Iowa, West Virginia, Minnesota and New York. These events feature tractor pulls, live bands, midway games, animal shows, rides and plenty of festival food.

After securing summer RV rentals for the month of August, you might also want to check out the annual Burning Man Festival in Black Rock City, Nevada. This is an artistic event held outdoors in an expansive desert landscape. If you prefer bikes over art, you could drive your RV to the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, which takes place in the middle of August each year in South Dakota.

Back-to-School RV Rental Rates

During the month of August, you may be able to find some great summer rental RV parks. While RV campgrounds often get busy during the spring and early summer, they start to empty out once August is in full swing. 

As families return home to take their kids or grandchildren back to school, this opens up more spaces in the RV camps. With more space, the rates tend to drop, making it an inexpensive way to enjoy a week away from home. This time of year is also ideal for those who enjoy more private campsites. 

To find great back-to-school RV rental rates in August, there are many options. You could do some searches based on your location, entering your zip code or city and putting in a distance range that you are willing to travel to pick up and return the RV. The wider the range you enter, the more likely you are to find some fantastic deals.

You could also search for back-to-school RV rental deals based on your desired amenities. If you enjoy a simple RV with a kitchen, air conditioning and plenty of storage, you will find that there are many options for your August getaway. 

Consider a search based on the size or type of RV. Remember, smaller Class B models will be more affordable than larger Class A motorhomes.

RV Rental August Questions

If you have never taken a camper on a summer vacation, it is a good idea to check out some RV rental August reviews. Because the weather in August tends to be hot in most places, you might want to read the reviews and see how the different air-conditioning systems and windows will enhance your comfort. You may also want to read campground descriptions to see about which sites offer shady areas or natural breezes that can keep you comfortable.

If you are new to the road-trip lifestyle, it is natural to have questions about renting an RV in August. For example, you may want to know which types of vehicles are best suited to a lake trip versus a visit to the mountains. 

Reading the reviews allows you to gain firsthand information from people who have already gone through the experience. The reviews also allow you to compare different RV amenities and features, such as GPS systems that can help you to find that great small-town festival in August.

It is also a good idea to make a list of questions about renting an RV in August. Once you have narrowed down your options, you could communicate with the RV owners and ask them the questions that you have amassed. The information provided by the owners could help you to make an informed decision about which RV to rent and where to go on your end-of-summer vacation.