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How Much to Rent a VW Campervan?

The cost of renting a VW campervan depends on the production year, the model, and the owner’s requirements. Most owners require it to be rented for a certain number of nights. Winter rentals are often less expensive than summer ones because there is less demand at that time of year.

In addition to your daily rate, a refundable deposit and insurance may be required. In many cases, the insurance can be added to your own auto insurance coverage. Other charges that can be added include excess mileage, excess generator use, and taxes.

Campervan hire is not difficult when using RVshare, and you can find a campervan that is priced to meet your budget and fit your needs. There are cheap campervans and more costly models depending on their features and location, and these offer you a wide choice of accommodations for your RV trip. 

Because winter prices are usually lower than summer ones, this can be great if you are planning a trip to snow country for a skiing outing. You can enjoy the comforts of home, stay close to the environment, and save over the costs of hotel or ski resort lodging.

You can hire a VW Campervan for a week, a month, or even longer. There are a number of VW owners will be happy to rent a VW campervan in the USA for your outdoor vacation. You can select the length of your trip when searching for a rental, which provides an excellent opportunity for planning your vacation down to the minute detail.

VW campervans come in a wide variety of sizes, which make it possible to choose one that will accommodate all members of the party. Being able to rent one that has special features, such as an electric generator, air conditioning, TV and CD player, kitchen with microwave, and other amenities can make the trip resemble a home on wheels.

It is extremely important when you rent a VW camper to make your reservation ahead of time if you want to use it in the summer or on a popular holiday like Christmas. At these busy times of the year there is a great demand for campervan rental, but with advance reservations, you can be sure the camper will be available when you need it.

Imagine, rolling along in your VW rental, visiting the many beautiful locations our country has to offer. The Grand Canyon will open your eyes to a magnificent spectacle of colors and formations, while a trip to Carlsbad Caverns will take you deep beneath the earth with beautiful stalactites that were formed thousands of years ago. Niagara Falls, Jamestown, Epcot Center and many other places are also interesting vacation sites.

Rent a Classic VW Campervan

Volkswagen first came on the scene in 1937 in Germany. It began manufacturing split-windshield Kombis, or campervans, between 1950 and 1967. Over the years, this original model has undergone various VW camper conversions to develop a number of innovations and exceptional models. 

The official builder of Volkswagen camper conversions is a company known as Westfalia, which has introduced various models since 1950, adding modern conveniences such as compact kitchens, microwaves, rear vision cameras and TVs. The model available today is a long way from the original VW campervan. Through the years, however, the basic concept of a strong, comfortable and durable vehicle has prevailed.

Volkswagen’s popularity spread because of American servicemen overseas who purchased and sent home Volkswagen campervans in the 1950s and 1960s. A few of these vintage campers are available for sale today, which shows the durability of the vehicle.

When you rent a classic RV campervan built with modern amenities, you can be assured of an easy-driving vehicle that offers the largest amount of comfort possible for such a small vehicle. This makes it important to always determine how many people the vehicle will accommodate. The usual number of passengers for the smaller models is two to four. 

Volkswagen Van Camper

What kind of a trip are you planning, and how many people are involved? Do you want to take your time and enjoy the sights, or do you want to go to only one destination? This will determine what kind of a camper you choose.

The amenities in the Volkswagen vehicle will depend on the year it was manufactured. However, the majority include a pop-top roof, folding double bed, insulated flooring and a kitchen layout. Some larger models may offer a sink, shower, refrigerator and other features. 

The second-hand VW camper vans for rent may feature some or all of the above comforts. This makes it important to look at the vehicles available in order to select one that will best suit your situation. A careful reading of the description will give you a good idea of its amenities and assure a happy holiday for all concerned.


When you rent a Volkswagen RV, you can be sure you have a vehicle that was specially designed with the comforts of the users in mind. Once you have taken care of the rental, you can concentrate on other aspects of the trip, such as the number of miles to travel each day, how long to layover in one spot, where to stop, and so forth. This will help you to get the most out of your VW campervan vacation.

Choosing the right vehicle when planning a trip should be your number one priority. Whether you rent a VW camper bus or rent a new VW camper van, it is important to choose one that will fit all the needs of its passengers. Search for your favorite amenities and browse listings to find just the right RV for your journey. 

When you rent from an owner, you'll be able to enjoy a well-cared-for classic on your holiday adventure.