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Renting a Pull Behind Camper

The time has finally come. You’ve been dreaming of the day your family can explore the country without being stuck in one spot. Hotel rooms are nice, but you’ve been anticipating the nature, the mobility, and the lower costs. You’re ready to rent an RV.

You sit down to do your research on exactly which class of RV suits you best and you’re soon overwhelmed with choices. One thing that’s consistent, though, is that pull behind campers keep catching your eye.

The truth is, there are many great reasons to rent a pull behind camper over a motorhome. We’re going to cover what some of those are, including different kinds, and then teach you how you can get the best model for the best price!

The Different Kinds of Pull Behind Campers

As far as pull behinds go, there are three main kinds:

Fifth Wheels - In the pull behind family, these are the largest and most luxurious available. Many have options for marble counters, stainless steel sinks and handles, porcelain flooring, and lots of technology. They can sleep anywhere between 4 and 10 people or more.

Fifth wheels are designed with a compartment that sits over the tow vehicle, giving them even more livable space, plus more storage room. They tend to be the most expensive of all the towable units, but you can get a very luxurious one for less than the price of a Class A. These are ideal for families who still want to feel like they’re at a hotel, even though they’re camping.

Travel Trailers - Sometimes known as caravans, travel trailers generally offer a nice place to sleep. They’re way more comfortable and safer than tents. Because they’re lower than fifth wheels, they are much easier to pull through tight spaces and take up less room when parked. Generally, they sleep between four and eight people comfortably, but larger ones can even sleep upwards of 10.

Travel trailers can be advantageous for families who are looking for almost the equivalent amount of space as a fifth wheel, without having to shell out fifth wheel funds. Smaller travel trailers also don’t require as heavy duty a tow vehicle.

Pop Up Campers - These are one of the smallest and least expensive classes of RV. Pop up campers can be collapsed for easy storage and transport and then released for use. They’re about 700 pounds and range from around 8 to 16 feet long, and seven feet in width. Don’t underestimate their size, however. Pop-ups can sleep between four and eight people, just like the previous ones.

Features that may be included are things like storage cabinets, refrigerators, exterior showers, microwaves, stoves, and much more! If you want to get as close to nature as possible while still RVing, these are a great choice.

Advantages of Renting a Pull Behind Camper

There are also some clear advantages of a pull behind camper rental:

Mobility is one of the biggest advantages to renting a pull behind. Unlike motorized RVs that can be a pain to take everywhere you go (let’s say to the mall), towables offer a solution. Because they are hitched to the back of a tow vehicle, all you have to do is set up camp and voila, you’re left with a regular vehicle to sightsee and run errands with!

Veteran RVers know how special it is to be able to have camp and car separated. What you lose in bathroom breaks, you make up for in freedom. When you finally make it to your campsite and you just want to run down to the store to get the ingredients to make smores, you’ll understand why it’s so special.

Savings are the other obvious advantage. Like mentioned earlier, to rent a pull behind with the same features and dimensions of some motorhomes will cost you a lot less. Savings don’t just come from the rental rates either. With pull behinds, you’ll also be saving hundreds on gas as the fuel efficiency is better than motorized units. Towable RVs are also known to be a little safer than their motorized counterparts as well.

Best Prices for Pull Behind Camper Rentals

Okay, you’re sold on renting a towable. You knew you searched for the right unit! But, what if you want to find the best deal possible on an awesome rig? That’s where we come in. RVshare is the world’s largest peer-to-peer RV rental marketplace and we’re proud to say that we offer the highest quality units at the lowest prices!

In order to locate exactly what you’re looking for, just enter in where you expect to be picking up the unit from. If you can come up with the expected dates that’s even better. If you can be flexible with them, then you’re in the best situation you can be in. Depending on when you want to rent, prices can be higher or lower and different units may be available. Just enter in the info and look through the hundreds of different options of small and large pull behind campers for rent.

Of course, in order to only see towable RVs in your results, you’ll need to do a little filtering. Just use the panel on the left-hand side to choose exactly which kind of units you’re interested in. You can filter them by expected number of travelers and rates from low to high.

As you search through, you’ll notice that the average rate for a fifth wheel rental is around $140 per night; much lower than the average for Class A RVs. The average rate per night for a travel trailer is right around $100. And the average rate for a pop-up unit is less than $100 with some at only $10 per night!

Final Thoughts

RVshare has the best selection of pull behind camper trailers for rent and we’d love to help you get the most of your next adventure by saving you the most money possible!