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When you want to go traveling but you want to really get to know the place you're visiting, RVing is one of the best means of getting there. When you rent an RV, you have your hotel room and your rental vehicle all in one package. Additionally, small campervans for rent in the USA are usually affordable, especially considering that a rental will usually sleep more than four people. 

This guide will outline how a van camper rental can really benefit your travels.  

Rent a Camper

When you rent a camper, you're getting a lot of inherent conveniences. Specifically, these vehicles often include amenities like a bathroom, a fully operational kitchen, and beds for at least two individuals. In fact, many campervans will sleep up to five people, which will make the per-person rental price come down significantly.

When you rent a standard campervan, you can expect a fairly reasonable price. Throughout the country, these types of vehicles can run anywhere from $100 to $275, but this is usually dependent on how many adults will be sleeping in the van.

Also, the length of these vehicles can vary greatly as well. For example, a Winnebago Aspect will sleep four people and has a length of 29 feet. Another, more luxurious campervan like a Siesta 24SR will only be about 24 feet in length and will comfortably sleep five people in total. 

Remember, before you rent your van, make sure that the campground that you're staying at has accommodations for the specific length of your vehicle.  

The Features of RV Campervans for Rent

When you're planning on bringing a few travel companions, you can expect a few great features. Size is a major factor when you're considering your rental, so before you make a rental decision, decide what kind of camping experience you desire. 

That being said, there are definitely campervans that include a full shower and some that have showers where you can just spray off.

In addition to the other amenities, the kitchen can also vary when you consider renting a campervan. Some campervans don't come with a kitchen at all, and you'll have to cook out during your trip. These are cheaper, but it's up to you to decide if that's the kind of camping experience that you prefer. 

Also, the number of burners can vary based on the available space, so if you're the type to cook more than one type of food at a time, this may be a consideration that you'll want to think about.  

Methods to Find a Class B Campervan for Rent

So, where can you look for a Class B campervan? Fortunately, you've got options. 

Many campers rent directly from a rental company, and there are a lot of advantages to renting from a dealership or RV rental agency. The chief among these is that they tend to have furnishings that just about everyone can use when camping; you'll have a full bath, a well-equipped kitchen, and usually enough room for a few fellow travelers.

If you prefer not to rent from a company, there's recently been a boost in the amount of RV sharing sites out there. With these sites, you can take advantage of RVs that aren't being used because their owners are on vacation, it's the offseason, or the campervan is just collecting dust because the owners have lost interest. In any situation, if you prefer cozier accommodations, this is the way to go because these are usually furnished in a much more personalized way.  

Small Campervans

When you're out on your trip with a loved one, you don't always need a massive RV for your excursion. If you are just going for a trip with a significant other, you can always find a van that sleeps two people. These don't have to be sparsely furnished, and many times, you can even find ones that are fairly luxurious.

When you choose a small campervan for rent, it also has the advantage of being able to fit in many parking spaces, which means that you can take it to a wider variety of areas; just understand that parking spaces won't have water or electrical hookups. That being said, these vehicles are often very versatile and comfortable.  

Mercedes Campervan for Rent

When you hear the name Mercedes, there's an understanding of luxury, and campervans from this company are no exception. In fact, some newer models of Mercedes campervans were created in partnership with Airstream and are very comfortable and luxurious. In these vehicles, you'll find plenty of living area, nicer televisions, ranges that heat food evenly, and bathrooms with full features.

Standard Mercedes campervans can be found at many rental agencies and won't set you back too much. In fact, you can find them as cheap as $130 per day, which is very reasonable considering that this can be split among two adults. This means that you'll have some excellent luxury that's comparable to a night's stay at a nice hotel for only about $65 per person a day.  

VW Campervan for Rent

Nothing is more iconic than the Volkswagen bus, but Volkswagen campervans are very iconic as well. Camper hire for a VW vehicle can be very reasonable and, in many cases, sleep four people or more. In fact, models like the California can actually expand so that you have more sleeping space for all of your travel friends.

Pricing varies based on the area of the country, but the average Volkswagen campervan can be easily rented from around $120 to $200 per night, which is great considering that many sleep more than two people.