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Airstreams - The Classiest RVs

Have you ever seen an Airstream RV? Made with a distinctive silver cylinder shape, these RVs were chosen by NASA to shuttle astronauts to their launchpad, and were also used to move High-Ranking Air Force Officials!

If you’re looking to rent an Airstream RV, you can save up to 43% and browse thousands of different models by renting an Airstream RV Rental through RVshare!

Airstream RV Rental

Here at RVshare, we offer many different brands of RVs available to rent. With the number of different models we offer, it’ll be hard for you to not find what you’re looking for! This will make renting an Airstream RV a breeze for you and your family!

You will find real people (like yourself!) that are looking to rent their RVs to you at a great price. Some people will offer you better deals the longer you rent the RV for! This is a win-win situation; You get an extended vacation in a beautiful Airstream RV rental, and they get the satisfaction of knowing their RV is getting put to good use!

Like all things, there are pros and cons with Airstream RVs.

Pros of Airstream RVs:

  • They’re Affordable. If you’ve been renting Airstream RVs for a while and decide that you want to buy one, you can find a used one for as cheap as $10,000! Don’t forget you can always put it up for rent on RVshare during your inactive months! You’ll make a profit doing this, and someone else will put your RV to good use while you take a break. It’s a win-win!

  • They’re Durable. Did you know that Airstream RVs are built almost like airplanes? They have built-in aluminum panels that are riveted together to create a durable and streamlined structure. Get this: Airstream RVs can withstand sandstorms, hail storms, even snow storms! This is great news for those who love to travel to unique places!

  • They’re Aerodynamic. Airstream RVs have an aerodynamic design that helps them glide smoothly, even when facing heavy wind head on. Their unique cylinder shape actually helps the RV cut through wind, whereas regular square motorhomes have a broad flat surface that catches wind, almost like a sail. This feature makes them more enjoyable to tow, as well!

  • They’re Environmentally Friendly. Airstream RV chassis are made out of just wood, steel, and aluminum which makes them 100% recyclable!

Cons of Airstream RVs:

  • Weight Distribution: Forget to put the landing gear down while you’re unhitched and want to take a quick nap in the bedroom before you set up camp? Yikes! This will cause an uneven weight distribution throughout the RV and cause it to potentially, well, fall backward! Make sure you have your landing gear down when you’re not hitched!

  • Chilly During Colder Months: If you’re planning on renting an Airstream RV for the winter, you might want to consider taking it down South. While Airstreams have beautiful windows to look out at the falling snow, they lack heavy duty insulation. Perhaps the cold doesn’t bother you, though! If that’s the case, this would be perfect for you (and your family) to view the snow from your site.

  • Width: A lot of the older Airstream RVs are very small and narrow inside. It can sometimes be a struggle for two people to move around without causing discomfort to each other, let alone a family with children and pets. This will help the family get closer though, right?

Why you should Rent an Airstream RV

Minus the fact that these awesome models are used by NASA and the Air Force, why would you want to rent an Airstream RV? For starters, they’re super light! In fact, in 1940 a French cyclist named Alfred Letourneur decided to challenge himself by pulling an Airstream RV behind him on his bike!

Airstream Trailer Rentals are easy to come by on RVshare, too. The fact that you’re able to rent one for 43% off most market prices is just another great added bonus.

What a luxury Airstream RV Rental is

If you’re looking for something fancy to travel in, an Airstream Land Yacht might be the best choice for you. These Airstream rentals can sleep up to five people, have an abundance of storage and cabinets, and have enough counter space for those who love to cook! You’ll feel like you’re on an actual Yacht while traveling in one of these!

The Airstream Sport, in contrast, offers the same luxury feeling at half the size (and price). The Airstream Sport is able to sleep four, comes with a good amount of cabinets, and allows you the freedom that you crave while supplying you with the comfort you’ll want. If you are seeking luxury in the form of a camper van, we'd suggest a Mercedes Benz Sprinter Van.

Still on the fence on whether or not you want to rent an Airstream RV? Take a look at what these customers had to say about their experience!

“Great experience for us. We loved the RV, it was something we could rent but couldn't afford to buy. Can't wait to do this again.”-Jamie, Via: RVshare.com

“Great rental all around!”-Brit, Via: RVshare.com

Whether you choose to rent a luxury Airstream RV or not, know that you’ll find the perfect one for you at RVshare! With thousands to choose from, different renters to talk and work with, and affordable prices, you’ll be on the road in no time!