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Going to New York from Houston will generally take you a few days, especially since there are plenty of sightseeing places along the route. The most popular way is via the I-81 and I-59. Because a Houston to New York road trip takes up a significant chunk of time driving, you need to plan everything properly. It is better to do this trip over the span of a week or two weeks to enjoy a full, immersive experience. During your journey, you can stop in cities like Lafayette, Chattanooga, and Philadelphia and stay overnight. You can even reroute to add the Great Smoky Mountains National Park to your itinerary; this road trip would be incomplete without the mesmerizing views and scenery that the park has to offer.

Houston to New York Road Trip Itinerary

  • Trip Length: 25 hours
  • Mileage: 1,636 miles
  • Fun Fact: New York has been called the most linguistically diverse city in the world, with more than 800 languages spoken within the city.

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Nearby National Parks

Some national parks lie on the route to New York, but many sightseeing places are on detours, especially in New Orleans and Tennessee. However, you'll want to take the extra time to check out these attractions. 

Jean Lafitte National Historical Park

Historical buffs will not want to miss the Jean Lafitte National Historical Park. Named after a smuggler who eventually became a war hero during the Battle of New Orleans, this historical park makes a good first stop out of Houston. It lies on the banks of the Mississippi River in New Orleans. As a preserve that showcases Louisiana's Mississippi River Delta region, it's home to more than 200 bird species as well as alligators and more. The 23,000-acre park actually includes six separate sites and a park headquarters. There's even a French Quarter Visitor Center operated by the park in New Orleans. 

Great Smoky Mountains National Park

The Great Smoky Mountains National Park spans over 500,000 acres that spread from North Carolina to Tennessee. Its beautiful landscape and scenic natural beauty cover are ideal for hiking escapades. If you do not want to go for a hike, you can camp in your RV while enjoying the setting sun and nature surroundings. The park includes various types of natural terrain, including streams, rivers, and different flora and fauna. At the highest point, the park elevation crosses 6,500 feet. Park rangers offer guided tours and put on special events all through the year. Since many tourists might have their eye on the park, it would be wiser to book the visit ahead of time. Adjust your plan to have three to four days to experience the park to the full extent. The Tennessee entrance to this national park is 47 miles from Knoxville. 

Nearby State Parks

During your Houston to New York RV road trip, you'll pass near several state parks. Since they fall near the main route, you won't have to worry about going too far off your route.

Village Creek State Park

Located in Lumberton, Texas, Village Creek State Park makes a good early stopping point as you leave Houston. You'll find fantastic picnic spots amidst thickets of trees. Village Creek, one of the few free-flowing creeks in Texas, flows through the park, hence the name. You can camp, picnic, fish, hike, mountain bike, swim, and enjoy Mother Nature at her finest. 

Tickfaw State Park

Tickfaw State Park, which is located nine miles southwest of Springfield, LA, provides a sanctuary to aquatic life and reptiles such as freshwater fish and alligators. If you bring or rent a boat, you can explore the Tickfaw River that flows through the park. There are some marshy swamps, but they have elevated hike trails to avoid any mishap. You can enjoy these swampy areas, along with its rare wildlife. 

James H. Floyd State Park

Located in Summerville, GA, James H. Floyd State Park boasts a beautiful countryside with lush forests. You can camp in the 560-acre park, go fishing in the freshwater bodies, and hike. There's also a child play area in the park. Less than an hour off your route, this park is an easy add to your itinerary.

Hanging Rock State Park

Hanging Rock State Park was created in the 1930s as a natural conservation project, but North Carolina later turned it into a state park. It has a camping capacity of 73 sites along with plenty of picnic spots. Because the park offers some great hiking options, you may want to stop here to stretch your legs and get some exercise. Some of these hiking trails have hidden waterfalls and creeks. Except for the CCC Trail, the rest are moderate to extraneous hikes. You can also enjoy mountain biking and rock climbing.

Along the Way

There are various points of interest along the way from Houston to New York. They range from historic buildings to theme parks. 

Louisiana Old State Capitol

The Louisiana Old State Capitol (also known as the State House) is a historic government building-turned museum in Baton Rouge, LA. Keeping up with the historically themed road trip, a stay at this mid-19th century building could be perfect for your itinerary. For a while, this building has served as a state legislature for the state of Louisiana. It also served as a prison briefly during the Civil War when the Union Army took control of New Orleans. Later, they abandoned the building after the building caught fire multiple times. Today, the museum holds special events throughout the year.

Biloxi Lighthouse

If you don't mind heading a few miles off your route, stop in Mississippi at the Biloxi Lighthouse. This city landmark was built of cast iron in 1848. It most recently suffered damage during Hurricane Katrina, but the lighthouse was restored and reopened in 2010. Guided tours are offered here daily. 


If you want to spend a day of fun enjoying roller coasters and other thrill rides, stop at Hersheypark in Hershey, PA. Originally an amusement park for the employees of the Hershey Chocolate Company, this destination still has plenty of chocolate-themed attractions. It's a great place for the whole family as Hersheypark also includes children's rides and moderate thrill rides.

Main Cities You Will Pass Through

While going on a road trip from Houston to New York, you will mostly go through vegetative plains, thick forests, and mountains. Some of the main cities you will pass in between will provide you with places to rest, eat, and sightsee. These are also great places to find campgrounds and dump stations.


Lafayette, LA, is the prime spot for resting a few days to enjoy some unique and mouth-watering Cajun cuisine. In addition to the many great local restaurants, you may want to explore some music venues, which often feature traditional and contemporary Cajun and Zydeco performers. If you want to go for this road trip in April, you can catch regional festivals and carnivals. There are some great RV campgrounds in and around the city too. Consider stopping at the KOA Kampground of Lafayette if you want to stay somewhere with a dump station.


Chattanooga is a must-stop destination for travelers interested in American Civil War historical monuments and places. You'll also find waterfalls, mountain railway historical places, an aquarium, city gardens, museums, and more in this city. Some of the top campgrounds in the area include Camping World of Chattanooga and Raccoon Mountain Caverns. You'll also find dump stations in the area.

Washington, DC

This road trip can be a fantastic opportunity for you to visit the nation's capital. You can also see the Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument, the Smithsonian and other museums, malls, art galleries, zoological parks, cathedrals, and more. Furthermore, it's easy to find RV campgrounds just outside Washington.


Baltimore houses many historical places, such as museums, monuments, libraries, and beautiful churches. Other than that, there are some great bars and restaurants you can go to while you stay there. Do not forget to try crab cakes, the famous delicacy of Baltimore. You can find the best local campgrounds and RV parks near the Baltimore Inner Harbor. Dump stations are available in the city and are a great way to sanitize your RV. 


Last but not least, the city of Philadelphia should certainly be a stop on your road trip. With the Liberty Bell, museums, historical parks, Philadelphia City Hall, and Philadelphia Zoo, you'll never get bored in the City of Brotherly Love. You can stay for the night at Philadelphia-area campgrounds and empty your RV at a dump station.

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