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Driving north across the state of Texas on your Dallas to Denver road trip is a trip well worth taking. You will get to experience a number of different natural habitats and climates as you travel north. The Texas Panhandle features rocky formations, flat and dusty plains, and deep canyons and rivers. Upon entering the state of Colorado, you will begin to see majestic mountain ranges, alpine tundra, and forested peaks. If you have the time and inclination, there are multiple national and state parks to visit and any number of interesting attractions to experience.

Dallas to Denver Road Trip Itinerary

  • Trip Length: The driving time is 11 hours and 42 minutes and will take longer with any stops. This will be at least an all-day trip. If you have time to add any side junkets, then you can easily turn this into a memorable week or two-week road trip.
  • Mileage: It is 794.6 miles from Dallas to Denver.
  • Fun Fact: The mountain goats in Rocky Mountain National Park aren't originally from Colorado but were transplanted from Montana.

Nearby National Parks

A perk of taking any road trip is the ability to see some of America's natural preservation areas. There are two national parks that are located close to the route between Dallas and Denver: Lyndon B. Johnson Historical Park and Rocky Mountain National Park. 

Lyndon B. Johnson National Historical Park

Lyndon B. Johnson National Historical Park is a museum in Texas dedicated to President Lyndon B. Johnson. The museum tells his story, beginning several generations back in his family and ending with his death. The LBJ Ranch was his home and is his final resting place. There is a good amount of fascinating information and insights into his efforts, thoughts, and actions.

Rocky Mountain National Park

Rocky Mountain National Park spans the Continental Divide in the northern Rocky Mountains in Colorado. It is composed of alpine and subalpine environs as well as tundra, forests, lakes, waterfalls, and mountains. Within the park, there are more than 100 peaks that are above 11,000 feet in altitude, including Longs Peak that reaches a towering height of 14,259 feet. These mountain peaks surround Estes Valley and offer spectacular views into the valley. The vistas are accessible by foot, horses, and vehicles. The highest continuously paved highway in the U.S., the Trail Ridge, is a popular scenic route through the park. Visitors may see animals like deer, elk, bighorn sheep, mountain goats, coyotes, moose, beavers, marmots, and more. You will find many different types of trout swimming in the mountain streams. In the spring and early summer, there are meadows upon meadows of wildflowers.

Nearby State Parks

There are many state parks that lie along your Dallas to Denver RV road trip in the states of Texas, Colorado, and New Mexico. When you stay at a state park, you receive the benefits of well-maintained facilities and grounds, and you are also contributing to the preservation of these natural treasures. Depending on the types of outdoor activities that interest you, there is a park for you along your path from Dallas to Denver.

Cheyenne Mountain State Park

Cheyenne Mountain State Park is a little south of Colorado Springs and is one of the more popular parks in the state. The park includes part of the southern portion of the Colorado Front Range and contains 2,701 acres underneath the eastern side of Cheyenne Mountain. Visitors will marvel at the stunning transformation from mountain peaks to flat plains. The park has 28 miles of nature trails where visitors have a good chance to see a wide variety of wildlife. Amenities include a visitor center with interpretive displays, picnic areas, wildlife viewing, and campsites.

Palo Duro Canyon State Park

Palo Duro Canyon State Park contains the second-largest canyon in the U.S. The park is near the city of Amarillo, TX, and the town of Canyon. The park features unique and beautiful natural landscapes and vistas inside the 800-foot descent to the bottom floor of the 120-mile-long canyon. Visitors can hike along nature trails or drive along the paved road, and the park's amenities include historical sites, showers, picnic tables, hiking and biking trails, equestrian trails, and campsites. A popular trail is the Lighthouse Trail, a 5.7-mile in-and-out trail that includes Lighthouse Rock, an interesting denizen of the park. 

Dinosaur Valley State Park

Ages ago, dinosaurs made this area inside Dinosaur Valley State Park their home and left footprints in the muddy wetlands of the time. Today, you can step in their ancient prints and walk with their memories in the beds of the Paluxy River, just a short drive from Fort Worth. While in the park, you can follow dinosaur tracks, mountain bike, hike, ride horses, swim, fish, and paddle in the river. 

Along the Way

Along with all the national and state parks that are convenient to your Dallas to Denver road trip, there are also many other types of fun attractions and activities to see and experience.

Mount Evans Scenic Byway

You can end your trip in Denver by taking a memorable drive along the Mount Evans Scenic Byway, just 60 miles west of Denver. This is the highest paved road in North America and gains 9,000 feet in elevation as it climbs from the high plains of Denver through five zones of climate and up to the 14,264-foot top of Mount Evans. Mount Evans is one of the famous "fourteeners," which are mountains in Colorado that rise above 14,000 feet. Along the route, you will encounter Echo Lake, the Walter Pesman Alpine Garden with a grove of ancient bristlecone pines, and Summit Lake. There is also a trail leading to Mount Goliath that contains purple fringe, spring beauty, forget-me-nots, fairy primrose, and more along the paths. At the summit, it can be difficult to breathe because of the high altitude, but the view from the top is indescribable. 

Dallas Museum of Art

The Dallas Museum of Art was instituted in 1903 and now hosts over 24,000 pieces of art from all around the world. This collection is one of the largest in the U.S. and includes period art from Europe and also contemporary works. Admission is free to the public.

Six Flags Over Texas

You can get your thrill on at Six Flags Over Texas, a 212-acre theme park in Arlington that has more than 50 rides, entertaining shows, and unique attractions. The younger kids will love playing in the Looney Tune zone, and everyone else will line up, again and again, to ride roller coasters like Superman, Texas Giant, and The Joker. 

Main Cities You Will Pass Through

There are many large municipalities that are located directly on your route. These cities each have their own unique charm and features and would make a great stop on your road trip itinerary from Dallas to Denver. There are also many campgrounds near these cities if you want to stay a day or two at one in your RV. 

Colorado Springs

The city of Colorado Springs is a great place to stop over during your road trip from Dallas to Denver. Colorado Springs is a unique winter resort locality that is home to the U.S. Olympic Committee, the Colorado Springs Olympic Training Center, and the U.S. Olympic Museum. Visitors to the city often take in nearby Pikes Peak, a famous mountain landmark, and the Garden of the Gods, a park that features intriguing red sandstone rock formations. Pikes Peak RV Park offers a convenient place to stay while you are in Colorado Springs. It is close to Pikes Peak and the Garden of the Gods. You can also find various dump stations in the area.


Amarillo is located in the center of the Texas Panhandle and is next to attractions like Palo Duro Canyon, the American Quarter Horse Association Museum, Historic Route 66, the Cadillac Museum, and many other sites. Visitors enjoy the cultural establishments, the dining choices, and the singular boutiques and shops. The Palo Duro Rim RV Campground is only 18 miles from Amarillo and is close to many area attractions. You can also find convenient dump stations nearby. 

Wichita Falls

Wichita Falls is located in the heart of the Texas plains and is close to Dallas. Founded as an agricultural town, Wichita Falls is now known for its beautiful park system, cultural museums, and quaint attractions. Visitors will feel refreshed at Lucy Park, which is situated along a bend in the Wichita River. This park features a large duck pond, waterfalls, a swimming pool, and playgrounds. You will appreciate the family games and conveniences at the All Seasons RV Park that is located close to Wichita Falls, and there are also dump stations throughout the area. 

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Taking a road trip from Dallas to Denver in an RV is sure to be the trip of a lifetime. The diverse type of landscapes you will be traveling through is enough reason on its own, and when you consider all the sites you can see along the way, you will appreciate this opportunity to see America's heartland.

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