Ninety Six National Historic Site

Ninety Six National Historic Site, located about 60 miles south of Greenville, SC, preserves the original site of the town of Ninety Six, SC. Established in the early 1700s, Ninety Six quickly became a thriving settlement and was an important strategic point for the British during the American Revolutionary War. The first land battle of the war was fought at Ninety Six in 1775, and the town was later fortified and served as a British stronghold until the end of the Revolutionary War. Ninety Six National Historic Site contains the remains of the original star fort that the British used to defend the area from a siege by the newly created Continental Army. The site also provides an in-depth dive into the history and culture of a place that was founded before the United States of America existed. 

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Things To Do Near Ninety Six National Historic Site

This site is primarily dedicated to preserving the history and culture that surrounds the town of Ninety Six, SC. The historic site sits on the location of the original town of Ninety Six, and RV travelers can enjoy landmarks rich in history. From fortifications dating back to the Revolutionary War to pleasant nature trails, Ninety Six National Historic Site has something that makes it worth everyone’s visit. 

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How To Get To Ninety Six National Historic Site

From Augusta, take Interstate 20 East to the exit for South Carolina Highway 230. Follow Highway 230 for 29 miles until reaching US 25 North. Follow US 25 until it intersects with Highway 178, and then turn left. After 3 miles on Highway 178, turn right onto Highway 248, and follow this road to the historic site. 

From Greenville, take Interstate 385 South to Exit 19 for South Carolina Highway 14. Follow Highway 14, and turn right onto US Highway 221 South after 14 miles. Follow Highway 221 for 16 miles, and turn left onto Highway 246. Follow this road for 9 miles to the historic site. 

The Ninety Six National Historic Site grounds are open from dawn to dusk daily. The park is busiest during the summer and during the annual battle reenactment in November. 


1103 Highway 248 S, Ninety Six, SC 29666

Fee: Entry fee $0

Ninety Six National Historic Site gives visitors an opportunity to learn about Pre-Revolutionary America in a hands-on way. The landmarks show the historical significance of the site, and visitors can get an in-depth look into the old town of Ninety Six. An RV trip is a great way to visit the historic site while taking in every opportunity for nature, history and exploration South Carolina has to offer.